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Web Designing vs. Web Development Companies: Scaling your Business Online

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In the era of digitalization, scaling your business online has become more of a need than just a desire. There are various ways a company can digitize their business, with the starting point often a website, web application, or even just a single landing page. 

Most companies hire specialists to build their website or app and the right partnership is crucial to the digitalisation outcome. The first step is often shortlisting companies that are a good fit to build a website or app. 

But should you be speaking to web design or web development companies? Business owners sometimes don’t distinguish between the two but there are important differences. Which is the right fit for your development project will depend on its characteristics.

John Adam, the Head of marketing at Munich-based nearshore web development company K&C comments:

 “People often confuse web design and web development companies or presume that they are the same thing. But while there is some cross-over, web design companies are usually specialists at aesthetically appealing, user-friendly websites”. 

“Web development companies also build websites and browser-based apps, which should also be well designed, but their focus is usually on more complex products with sophisticated back-ends. While they will also build the front end, their strength and focus is usually more demanding software architecture and engineering.”

Let’s take a closer look at the differences:

What Is A Web Design Company & Its Typical Roles?

If aesthetics and creativity is your priority for a website and you want it to look stunning but don’t expect much complexity on the backend, a web design company will probably be the best fit.

These companies have designers who have a special web designing oriented mindset which focuses on using the latest web design trends to give out aesthetically pleasing visuals on a website. 

These companies are mainly responsible for delivering a website with an amazing UX/UI friendly interface that’s not only simple, but also impactful. 

Just like any other domain out there, they also separate types of designers that are differentiated by the roles they carry. 

  • Managing the efficiency of the demanded features and the way will feel when he first visits the website is fully handled by the UX designers.
  • The creation of the buttons, slide down options, graphics, and every functionality that makes the website user-friendly is the work of UI designers.
  • There’s also a role that is responsible for checking out everything from aesthetic visuals to the efficiency of the website. At the same time, also ensuring that the whole website looks elegant and visually pleasing as requested by the client, that person is known as the visual designer.

These companies use software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch and other software for adding more and more aesthetic elements to it.

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What Is A Web Development Company & Its Typical Roles?

Whenever we talk about web development, there’s always a little picture that forms in our heads about these agencies. We’ll imagine that a web development company will be majorly inclined towards developing a website, then actually designing it. In reality, that’s not all it is about. A web developer is basically responsible for not only developing a website in the back-end, but also slightly gripping towards the designing part as well.

However, they’re more involved in working on creating more complex structural aspects along with functionalities with the help of coding languages. Those languages include everything from HTML, JavaScript to using PHP for comprehending a more dynamic and functional approach toward the website. After all, their work is to turn the design pages into fully functional lords of the websites on the internet.

A web development company has three types of web developers who are sorted to work on different aspects of the website. 

  • Developers that can work on the whole website including the front-end, debugging, back-end, and even database management are termed as full-stack developers.
  • Developers which are designated with the work on the visuals of the website like text, colour, styling, and more. They are known as front-end developers.
  • Developers which are designated with the work of managing functionalities and client side servers of the website are known as back-end developers.

Not only do these web development companies work with them closely, but they also work with designers to bring out the best in the given budget. 

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Major Entry of the SaaS Agencies into The World of Web Designing & Development

If you take a look at all the up-gradation and introduction in technology that has been introduced in recent years, you will realize that a lot has happened.

Obviously, it wasn’t just COVID-19 that was previously introduced to this world. Technologies like responsive page designing, cloud-based technicalities, automated chatbots, and much more than you can even imagine are out there. However, one of these turned the world of designing and development upside down. SaaS platforms came like a blow that took the competition to a level that the whole industry went through a huge change.

So, what exactly is SaaS? It basically stands for Software-as-a-Service. Saas is basically a licensing model in the software zone where the user subscribes to a particular type of service. In terms of paying out for these software services, things work similar to how we’ll pay for the membership of Netflix and Amazon prime; on a regular basis. Its services focus on providing web solutions like e-commerce platforms, Squarespace, and much more.

However, these agencies are usually inclined towards work along with a company that promotes web development more than designing. The reason is that their services need complex structural functionalities using the coding languages, especially optimized cloud-native structures, and a lot. It is something that can only be fulfilled by working with web development companies.

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Top 5 Merits Came Along With The Introduction Of The SaaS Platforms

Given below are some of the best changes that came along with the introduction of SaaS platforms in the Website Design & Development industry. Let’s take a look at them for understanding Saas involvement in a better way:

  • Improved access towards improved quality of the website for medium and small businesses.
  •  Enhanced web designs along with an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  •  Easier implementation of advanced features.
  • Improved management of the content.
  • More focused on improving user experience (UX).

These are some of the most common changes that have allowed SaaS platforms to not only give out an improvised UX but also streamline management of the features on the website.

Now, that you’ve passionately read and understood this informative piece of knowledge. You can finally call yourself the master who has become eligible for taking the most important decisions towards the digitalisation of the websites.

These recently introduced services do have the capability to transform the roles of every developer and designer in the industry. In addition, don’t forget to tell us about your views on this article in the comments section below.

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