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Connectio Review : The New Facebook Ads Targeting Helper

connectio reviews

Facebook advertising is an excellent marketing strategy for businesses to boost visibility and sales. If you are looking to automate and optimize your Facebook ads, look no further than Connectio.

It is software designed to make your Facebook marketing efforts smarter. The suite of tools helps find profitable audiences on Facebook, automate campaigns, garner leads, and hyper-smart re-targeting. It let you earn more money and stop wasting efforts on the wrong audience.

This rewarding software is available to every Facebook advertiser and user. The bonus part is that you can check out the case studies and testimonials on the website to know how powerful this tool is. The website claims that Connectio can boost the revenue Per subscriber up to 243% and convert Ad campaigns into ROI profit machines. To know more about this Facebook software, check out our in-depth Connectio review.

About Connectio

Connectio is a Netherland based company that offers a suite of the most powerful Facebook™ marketing tools available to businesses and enterprises of any size. It has created many such tools to help Facebook users to improve their experience. The company also regularly updates its tools and comes up with innovative solutions to smarten up the advertising process.

Important Details


  • Ad Automation and optimization features available
  • Best suite to boost FB marketing
  • Connect as many Facebook pages as you desire with no restrictions.
  • Case studies available
  • 7-day free trial
  • Pick a time frame that would post just relevant content.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Filter post types you desire to promote

Connectio Product Offerings 

Connectio provides five major products to advertisers and marketers. Each of these has its own use. But they have one common goal – turn your Facebook Ad campaigns into profitable ones. Let us discover each product individually.

Connect Audience

Connect Audience is software that coordinates between your Facebook ads manager and your subscriber list. It let users see their contact lists as customer Facebook audiences. It allows them to segment their email lists depending on the subscriber’s behavior.

This eliminates plenty of steps of segmenting and retargeting your audience. It enables users to grow their revenue by 156%. ConnectAudience tool just requires you to register to your FB Ads account, build a PowerPixel, and add it onto your site.

  • User-friendly software
  • Sync your email and Facebook marketing
  • Ensures seamless integration with your Facebook account and autoresponder
  • Boost ROI
  • Quick targeting

Connect Leads

ConnectLeads is the best software to take lead generation to new levels. It works by linking your Facebook Leads advertisements to your email CRM. It allows users to grab email addresses when a user clicks on the ad.

  • User-friendly software
  • Automation and customization
  • Works within Facebook
  • Real-time analytics and insights in an intuitive dashboard.

Connect Retarget

Connect Retarget is a comprehensive tool that runs your retargeting campaigns depending on how users act on your site. This allows users to boost their retargeting ventures in no time. The bonus part – it works seamlessly with WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, and other similar sites.

  • Anyone can use it with ease
  • Multi-platform support
  • Give your ROI a big boost
  • Filter specific audience

Connect Explore

ConectExplore is an analytics and interest-gathering tool for Facebook Advertisements. It goes beyond the 20-30 interests that Facebook offers and reaches new audiences. It aims to target niche interest groups to market products.

The software operates directly via Facebook API. This means that all the search results are pre-verified by Facebook. ComnectExplore also eliminates the requirement for split testing by displaying which interests offer superb results in real-time.

  • Easy audience search interface that offers a list of potential targeting areas.
  • FB Ads management via API
  • Adds interests directly to the ad manager in one click
  • You can even ‘layer’ interests for high-precision targeting
  • Automate most of the split testing chores
  • Compatible with a broad array of languages


ConnectAutomate is an intuitive and beginner-friendly tool to automate your social media marketing campaigns. It also monitors every post you publish on your Facebook page and dives into your system to see the posts with the highest engagement and turn them into ads on auto-pilot. This way, users can spend their effort and time on the right posts to boost their brand following and sales.

  • Quick and easy set up
  • You can even tailor the experience to suit your taste
  • Great automation features

Connectio Pricing

Different Connectio products offer two billing cycles –monthly and yearly. It includes:

Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
ConnectAudience $47 $297
ConnectLeads $47 $197
ConnectRetarget $47 $297
ConnectSuite $97 $697

Remember, users are not locked into any contract. It’s worth investing in ConnectSuite. It is an all-access package that offers you each of the products to boost your Facebook marketing journey. The biggest benefit is that you can get 30-days of free access to the award-winning ConnectSuite.

Start using Connectio now

Device Compatibility with Connectio

Desktop Browser App Android App Windows Phone App iOS App Apple Watch App

Being a cloud-based solution, it is compatible with any device that possesses a browser. This means users can leverage the power of Connectio’s software no matter wherever they are.

Customer Support

Connectio customer help and support are impeccable. The reps are happy to answer any queries that customers might have. Members can contact the skilled representatives by sending an email at [email protected]. But we find no phone and live chat support on the website.

Apart from this, there is a comprehensive set of FAQs for newbies to clear their doubts. I checked Connectio customer service myself and found it impressive. The team replied to me pretty promptly

Pros and Cons

Let’s explore Connectio pros and cons:


No Installation

This cloud-based system does not require any installation or download. There is even no compatibility issue as well. The users require a device, Facebook account, and internet connection to get started. The suite also uses a power pixel to include your own site for future re-targeting of ads.

Smooth Interface

Connectio interface is simple, so it does not require users to possess a special set of skills to operate. It can help anyone become an expert online marketer in no time.

Easy to Use Products

Each Connectio product is easy to use. The menus are user-friendly, and the dashboards are intuitive. This allows even newbies to start leveraging the powers of the tools to boost their business.

Automated Social Media Campaigns

If you are frustrated with spending a big budget on managing your Facebook advertisement campaigns, it’s time to switch to Connectio today. It automates all your social media campaigns and sells effectively.

Furthermore, users can also get connected to the software to save hours

determining what is wrong with your ads. Users just need to set rules, and Connectio will manage everything else to boost conversions.

Seamless Integration

Another biggest benefit of the Connectio software is its ability to integrate with 50+ top online marketing platforms. The most prominent integrations of Connectio include AgileCRM, ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, ActiveDEMAND, arp Reach, AWeber, click funnels, and others.

Hyper Targeting

Connectio allows users to target clients and customers easily. Organizations can even target their customers based on their likes and dislikes using their Facebook data and activities. It offers them a great edge over the competitors and boosts ROI on the marketing campaigns.

Secure Marketing Channel

There is no problem with data leakage with Connectio. It is because the security protocols used by the software are stringent. Also, Connectio is completely compliant with Facebook security standards. This allows advertisers and marketers to prevent data breaches and hacking.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you find any Connectio software not meeting your expectations, you can get in touch with the team or a complete refund within 30 days of purchase.


No Mobile App

There is no mobile app for Connectio software.

Limited Customer Support

There are limited customer support options on Connectio site.


Who Can Use Connectio?

This FB ad management tool is best for:

  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners

What Are the Best Connectio Alternatives?

Top alternatives to Connectio include:

  • Upfluence
  • Boosterberg
  • SMhack
  • WriteAnalytics

Is There Any Connectio Mobile App?

No. The website does not mention anything about Connectio mobile app.

What Happens When I Cancel the Suite?

Members can cancel the Suite at any time. But as long as you cancel it with 30 days of purchasing any Connectio software, you won’t be charged extra money.


If you are serious about boosting your Facebook advertising game Connectio is a great choice. It is the most effective software to promote Facebook advertisements and make more attractive Facebook ads. This FB ad management tool is determined to render high-quality services to its customers. Furthermore, seamless integration also goes a long way in boosting the overall efficiency.

I am an e-commerce business owner and using this software for the past year to sell my different online products. I found Connectio really great, and my overall experience is wonderful. My rating for it is 9.7 out of 10. I highly recommend you to join it today and take your Facebook marketing to new levels.

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