Constant Contact Review: A Reliable Email Marketing Software

Constant Contact is a popular way to develop a website, but is it worth it? This Constant Contact review lays out the pros and cons.

There are so many email services small business owners can use finding the right one for you can seem like a chore. Finding the right marketing tool can be hard.

Constant Contact has been in the e-mail marketing business since 1995. It has become a favorite among small business owners and enterprise corporations alike. It’s certainly a popular platform, but is it right for your needs?

Let our quick Constant Contact review tell you everything you need to know about this popular e-mail service.

The Basics

Constant Contact is an email marketing service that gives people the ability to send and track emails. Their reporting features give users the ability to see whos opening, clicking, and sharing emails to give people the data they need to improve their email marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing is their main service, but the platform also allows people to do social advertising, build websites, and make online stores.

Their most basic service package starts at $20 a month for up to 500 subscribers, but you can start with a free trial. Their basic package includes email marketing, analytics, e-commerce and online shopping, certain website features, and technical support.

The Pros

There are plenty of reasons why people choose Constant Contact over other platforms. Aside from its long history in the email marketing world, there are some key benefits that come with using this service.

Ease of Use

Overall, Constant Contact is a solid platform for small business owners to use to start an email marketing program. People have raved about its ease of use and how it’s a great way for beginners to learn the email marketing ropes.

Social Campaign Integration

People that do a lot of social media marketing should consider using Constant Contact. The platform seamlessly integrates with social campaigns and platforms, so it’s easy to tie your social media marketing efforts to your email marketing work.

Great for Events

If you run a lot of events or webinars, Constant Contact may be the best email marketing software to use. Unlike other platforms, they allow you to manage event registrations, invitations, and tickets in a unique dashboard.

The Cons

Every platform comes with its own unique benefits and downsides. There’s a lot to love about Constant Contact, but it does have its own issues you should be aware of.

Limited A/B Testing

A big part of modern marketing involves the ability to A/B test, and so far, Constant Contact has limited testing options. They only have A/B tests officially set up for subject lines. If you wanted to test anything else, you’d have to split your list and send out an entirely new campaign.

Limited Marketing Automation

Constant Contact does offer some degree of marketing automation. You’ll be able to do basic things like make trigger campaigns, autoresponder, and abandoned cart features (if you have a Shopify integration), but that’s it. Businesses that really want to lean into automation may want to choose a different platform.

Constant Contact Review: Good Platform With Slightly Limited Features

Overall, our Constant Contact review is pretty positive. The ease of use, number of features, and multiple integrations make this a great tool for anyone serious about getting into email marketing.

The only drawbacks are the lack of advanced features. Marketers that want to really focus on A/B testing and automation may want to try a different platform.

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