Format Online Portfolio Review

31 July 2021
Format Online Portfolio Review

Are you looking forward to building a personalized and highly proficient website to represent your work and garner more business without spending too much money? is an exceptional option. Whether you want to create a website for restaurants or product launches, Format is an all-purpose website builder specializing in the niche of online portfolios or showcases.

It manages to pack some great built-in features – from blog to SEO that make even the beginners create and grow their dream site with ease. The best part is you do not need knowledge of coding to create a professional online portfolio. Read our unbiased Format review to know more about this website-building platform.

About Format

Format is an easy-to-use online photography website founded by CEO Lukas Dryja and CPO Tyler Rooney. It comes with intuitive tools to showcase visual artists’ work and grow their business.

Important Details

  • Site –
  • Established Year – 2010
  • HQ Location – Toronto, Canada
  • Twitter – Format
  • Facebook Page – Format


Here are the excellent features of this platform:

  • Simple-to-use online builder
  • Free and customizable professional templates
  • Focus on copyrighting and privacy
  • Impressive Template Selection
  • The great website editing application
  • Capture new clients with SEO tools
  • Built-in Blog Platform
  • Lightroom and CaptureOne integration

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans on Format depend on whether you have selected the service for portfolio or workflow.

For Portfolio

  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Premium

For Workflow

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Premium

To know more about Format pricing, visit this link.

How to Get Started on Format?

Are you a beginner and want to create your first portfolio? Try the free trial of Format! The company is a one-stop shop to showcase your work. And if you can’t understand where to begin your journey, we are happy to help. Follow the below eight simple steps to build your online portfolios:

Step 1: Sign In

Log in to your Format account and tap on the “Get Started” option.

Step 2: Choose A Template

Choose a theme for your website or portfolio.

Step 3: Curate your work

Now, decide what work you want to include in your online portfolio and upload the images according to your choice fully. You can directly choose from Adobe Lightroom or CaptureOne, and even import from Format or DropBox.

Step 4: Explore Theme

As You know, your theme determines the look and layout of the website. Format offers 50+ themes per your professional photography, art, design, wedding photography, fashion, and video. You can Preview your site with different theme types, including a basic plan to test out a new look.

Step 5: Customize your Site Design

Use the Design Editor to modify the website’s appearance like font, color, logo, and more.

Step 6: Give Your Website a Title

This is a crucial step. So be alert and give your site a title and upload a custom logo.

Step 7: Edit your Contact Page

Contact page is the most visited page on the website. Personalize this page with your information so that customers can get in touch with you easily. You can also link your social media platforms.

Step 8: View Site

Now tap on the “View Site” button from the left side of the page to get an idea of your website look.

Pros and Cons

Let us dive into the pros and cons of this platform that we have concluded during our review:


  • Ease of Use – Format is built with simplicity in mind. The whole user interface is simple and a handful of setting that you can easily access.
  • Mobile-Responsive Templates – Format has over 60 themes in diverse categories. Each template is unique, free, mobile responsive, and can be used for different purposes. They offer high design flexibility to the users. Therefore, you can easily find a template that fits your needs well.
  • Powerful SEO Features – Format also offers tons of robust Search Engine Optimization features, blog posts, and products.
  • Blogging Function – No matter you want to add blogs or not to your website, Format offers you blogging options. The blog editor is very simple and can add text, images, and videos without any hassle.
  • e-Commerce Integration – The integrated e-commerce platform is another reason to sign-up at Format. Whether you want to sell digital goods, services, or even physical products, Format provides everything you require to make it a reality.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Format comes with a pleasant surprise of a few SEO options. You can easily change the title, add alt text to your images, and control the URL. Plus, you can connect your Google Analytics and even add keywords.
  • Social Account Integration – Format allows integrating social media accounts to popularize and curate your portfolio and your brand name in the industry. The platform has plenty of functionalities that you might need to design a commercial portfolio.
  • 30-Days Money Back – At Format, there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee in every account except the monthly subscription. Due to any reason, if you’re dissatisfied with the service, members can request a complete refund within 30-days of contract activation/renewal.
  • Security – Format has excellent security features to safeguard the website from cyber/DDoS attacks. Users can even activate an SSL certificate for the site.
  • Client Proofing – Format pays great attention to private content and therefore offers its clients a proofing section. In this section, you can share private client proofing galleries, enable file downloads, view client reviews, watermark your images, and more. Client verification sections are hidden from those who do not have access rights.


  • Limited Blogging Option – Format blogging options are very basic, and all you can do is write text, add images and video. Plus, you cannot have reader remarks on your blog post unless you join Disqus.
  • No Phone Support in Free Plan – The free plan does not allow its members to get immediate or telephonic support.
  • Exclusivity – With Format, you can only build portfolio websites. If you decide to create something else, you might have a tough time.
  • Confusing Customization – Format template customization collection is powerful. But because of plenty of options, one can get confused easily.

Customer Support

There is 24*7 help from Format Experts for the Format account members. Their response time is good, and they usually reply in a few hours.

However, the help centre is well structured and has different sections with a detailed description of every action you need to take in the system. There is also a keyword search here. Whether you need the help of a customer specialist with troubleshooting or resolving any issue on the site, the trained representatives here are not sure to disappoint.


Is Format Legit?

Format is a well-reputed and legitimate company that offers safe website building services to its members.

Can I Use Format for Free?

Yes, the company has a free plan also that comes with the basic functionality. Your plan stays free for 14 days, but after that, you have to upgrade your account. Format free trial plan is the best if you want to get familiar with the editing interface and test its different features.

What Kind of Business Site Can You Make with the Format Platform?

Format can be used to make the following sites:

  • Print Marketplace
  • Workflow
  • Online Portfolio
  • Photo Storage

What Are the Format’s Competitors?

There are other competitors that you can take benefit of if you want to build a website using regular content like:


Who Cannot Use Format?

Format is unsuitable for those trying to build a different online business, blog, or a more serious eCommerce store.

Is it hard to build a website with Format?

Format is a simple website builder and comes with the only options that you need for creating beautiful online portfolios.

Can I Modify the Source Code on My Site?

Yes, you can modify your website’s CSS or HTML code. This online site builder offers customers the flexibility to tailor their site design by changing the source code.

What technologies does Format use?

Format uses various technologies for its website, including Crazy Egg, CloudFlare, React, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and more in its tech stack.

Can I Cancel My Plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. If you have a problem, you can contact Format’s Customer Success team at any time. They will do their best to solve the problem together. For a full refund, cancellations for an annual plan must occur within the first 30 days.


Format is a well-known name in the e-Commerce space. As per my review, it’s not a powerful site builder on the market, but it has tons of stunning themes and templates that make it easy for you to create a modern website in a few easy steps.

It also has an excellent service if you require to optimize your website for better search engine performance. This site builder also has feature-rich plans at decent rates.

If you want your online presence to showcase and sell your work, it’s your time to take one step ahead and try My overall rating is 9.0 out of 10. Sign-up for free today to build your website!