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Are you tired of wrestling with your WordPress blog’s hosting technicalities ?

Well, there is already quite a lot that you need to keep on-point in order to generate revenue, so why waste valuable time on something that a hosting manager for WordPress can easily handle?!

So, who exactly is this magician?

We are talking about Kinsta, the most hyped WordPress Hosting Platform in 2020.

This service will take care of all your hosting and server-related activities at an exceptional speed as it utilizes the Google Cloud Platform. Also, in case of any hurdle, Kinsta’s support team, which they claim has expertise in WordPress, is there to figure it out.

However, it has a setback. It is a bit heavy on the pocket; its cheapest plan will cost you $30 per month. (before our coupon)

Despite this amount, Kinsta is everyone’s favorite hosting platform in 2020, and in the past 12 months, its client base has increased by over 134%!

The question is, is it worth this price tag? Can we find some interesting coupons ?

In order to figure this out, we analyzed its various features and decoded the jargon so you could understand it better. Let’s have a look at what we found!

How Does Kinsta Host a Blog?

Before we dive into the best features of Kinsta, let’s understand how it hosts our website, both in terms of hardware and software.

C2 Virtual Machines – The Hardware Technicalities

Does the word, C2 virtual machine, sound too techy to you?

Let us simplify it for you. C2 virtual machines or compute-optimized virtual machines are the latest addition to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Virtual machines (VM) are basically virtual files that behave like an individual computer. In simple words, it’s a virtual computer within a physical computer.

Now, what makes a C2 VM different from other VMs?

Its performance is better than other VMs by 40%!

Each VM has 60 CPUs with hundreds of GBs of RAM.

So, how does the utilization of C2 VMs provide Kinsta an edge over the other hosts?

Hosting on C2 VMs doesn’t provide Kinsta an edge; in fact, it takes this website hosting platform to a whole new level.

Your website will get its own individual VM, with the complete interconnection between its various elements, which ensures that data flows without any hurdles and reaches your customers faster.

Kinsta prefers to use the GCP’s premium tier network as compared to its counterparts that settle on the slower standard tier one.

For all those who are wondering how much difference does this makes, it improves the performance of websites by over 200%.

Yes, you read it correctly, your blog will perform 200% times better than others who are hosted on platforms other than Kinsta!

The Software Technicalities

As far as the software characteristics of Kinsta are concerned, two words play the major role, LXD, and LXC. Kinsta provides each website with LXC software containers, which are coordinated as such to provide the best results. Also, it uses LXD managed hosts.

To cut it short, every website has its specific container, which is complete with all the software requirements ranging from Linux to MySQL for the best performance.

One of the major issues with other web hosting platforms is that they host MySQL databases on a remote server, which increases the page load times. Kinsta counters this issue by hosting MySQL databases on the localhost.

Kinsta makes sure that you don’t lose precious customers and visitors due to downtime through live migration of LXC containers between the host machines managed by LXD. All you need to do is fill out the migration form and enjoy a smooth, downtime free migration to Kinsta from any hosting platform throughout the world.

This hosting platform also allows instant ZFS snapshots of whle containers, which serves as a complete backup of everything.

How Does Kinsta Optimize WordPress?

Conventional WordPress hosts lack website optimization, which results in slow website loading. Kinsta ensures that your site’s visitors don’t turn towards your competitors just because it’s taking ages to load. How does this web host achieve this level of speed and optimization? Let’s find out!

Google Cloud Platform’s Multi-Regional Deployment Mode

As we mentioned earlier, Kinsta uses one of the world’s best infrastructures, the Google Cloud Platform. They provide you with an option to choose 3 locations from 24 data centers spread throughout the world.

They are placed in such a way that the latency, which is the gap between a user’s action and a website’s response, is lowest. This means, your site’s visitors won’t have to wait for their orders to be executed. Everyone hates waiting for their desired page to open up!

This also helps in secure and speedy SFTP downloads and uploads.

Another great feature that comes free of cost while signing up with Kinsta hosting is the Amazon Route 53 DNS. The Anycast network chooses the fastest route between your website and the visitor to ensure maximum speed and fastest DNS search times.

This doesn’t end here, Kinsta joined hands with KeyCDN, which helped it in speeding up the process of asset delivery, i.e., images, CSS, and JS, etc. It also provides free bandwidth.

All these qualities when partner up with the exceptional software stack, you get yourself a lightning-fast hosting solution capable of tackling all types of traffic!

The fun doesn’t end here, continue reading to find out more about how it optimizes WordPress sites!

Full Page Caching at the Server-Level

In order to understand full-page caching, you need to understand caching.

Caching is the process of storing a website’s data in a location known as cache, a temporary storage location so that it loads instantaneously.

This definition pretty much explains the concept of full-page caching as well. It is simply the data storage of a complete page of a website. This storing procedure takes place when you load a page for the first time.

Kinsta provides full page caching at the server-level. This means your website data will be stored on a server so that it loads instantaneously when a visitor opens it.

In addition to this Kinsta has a built-in cache plugin, which is installed on its own when you sign up your website for its hosting services. This tool not only enables you to remove the cache, but it also removes it on its own.

E-commerce Optimization

If you have an e-commerce business, then you would be aware that such websites generate a ton of data, and thus, their functioning glitches more than other websites. In addition to this, they often come across requests that are uncacheable.

Kinsta tackles these issues by ensuring that there’s the perfect balance between top-notch performance and quick implementation of all the operations via various optimizations.

One of the best examples in this regard is speeding the customers’ check-out experience by automatically going around the cache when either of these two cookies, woocommerce_items_in_cart or edd_items_in_cart, are detected.

New Relic Performance Monitoring Tool

Although Kinsta is pretty secure and works like magic in terms of hosting, unforeseen glitches might occur. Keeping this in view, they have something in place which ensures that if any error happens then it’s tackled within a few minutes.

We are talking about the New Relic Monitoring Tool, which performs 720 daily uptime checks (one check every two minutes) to monitor and counter problems such as hacking or others associated with coding, themes, database queries, third-party plugins, and external calls.

You can do all this and much more by simply adding the New Relic key to your dashboard!

PHP Workers

For all those who are wondering what PHP workers are, they execute your website’s coding. This means, the more the merrier!

Keeping this in view, Kinsta provides additional PHP workers to every site so that it could fulfill multiple requests at once.

However, this would cost you some coin because you’ll have to sign up for a higher plan.


Another feature that plays a major role in ensuring that your website doesn’t go down when there are sudden surges in traffic, termed as auto-scaling, is the provision of isolated software container technology.

As we explained in our software and hardware technicalities, each website has its own container. When there’s a surge in traffic, the VM assigns hardware to the container based on the need of the time. This helps it in tackling the unexpected influx of visitors without compromising on website loading.

How Does Kinsta Make a Website Secure?

There are various ways in which Kinsta ensures that hackers stay away from your website. These comprise of active and passive measures such as monitoring your website 720 times a day. In addition to this, they have a DDoS attack detection mechanism for stopping cyber-attacks.

However, if somehow, a hacker manages to enter malicious content into your network or takes control of your website, you can easily roll it back through your Kinsta dashboard, thanks to their 2-weeks backup creation policy.

These backups take place automatically on a daily basis. If you aren’t satisfied with this frequency, then you can opt for hourly backups as well. All you have to do is buy an extra addon!

A few of the other precautionary features include:

  • Hardware firewalls are accompanied by strict software.
  • Two-factor authentication restricts unknown logins
  • An IP is banned on more than 6 failed login attempts in 60 seconds
  • Kinsta will fix a website for free in case of any hacking incident
  • Only encrypted SFTP and SSH connections are supported
  • Presence of free Let’s Encrypt certificates on the dashboard
  • Password strength
  • Application of WordPress minor security patches (not core)

How is Kinsta Pricing?

As we mentioned earlier, Kinsta isn’t cheap. Their pricing starts at $30 per month for their starter pack and goes as high as $1500 for their enterprise-4 package.

Let’s have a look at what does each of their packages include:

Package Name Cost/Month Features
Starter $30 1 WordPress install
25,000 visits
10 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Pro $60 2 WordPress installs
50,000 visits
20 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Business 1 $100 5 WordPress installs
100,000 visits
30 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Business 2 $200 10 WordPress installs
250,000 visits
40 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Business 3 $300 20 WordPress installs
400,000 visits
50 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Business 4 $400 40 WordPress installs
600,000 visits
60 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Enterprise 1 $600 60 WordPress installs
1,000,000 visits
100 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Enterprise 2 $900 80 WordPress installs
1,500,000 visits
150 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Enterprise 3 $1200 120 WordPress installs
2,000,000 visits
200 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN
Enterprise 4 $1500 150 WordPress installs
3,000,000 visits
250 GB disk space
Free SSL and CDN

All of these packages are accompanied by free migrations and hack fix guarantee.

So, how should you choose a plan?

You should keep these three things in mind while choosing a Kinsta plan:

  • How many websites or blogs do you plan to host?
  • What is your sites’ monthly viewership?
  • How many PHP workers do you require?
  • What offer has an interesting coupon (yes a good kinsta coupon should help you make the final decision, we all are on a budget)

If you aren’t sure even after analyzing these three things, then consider these tips to arrive on a decision:

  • If your website or blog is new, then go for the Pro package. Kinsta allows you to switch your plan at later stages.
  • If you are moving your website from another host to Kinsta then filter out the bot traffic because this hosting platform takes viewership into account. You can do this by using DNS-level filtering such as CloudFlare.
  • If your website is already a leader in its niche and attracts high traffic, then you should contact the Kinsta team to help you with choosing a plan.
  • Kinsta provides discounts on the yearly package but we suggest that you test it out first with a monthly plan. After all, it’s quite heavy on the pocket!

Is there any coupon code for Kinsta ?

We don’t have any exclusive coupons for Kinsta.

Our final Verdict for Kinsta Web Hosting Services

Keeping all the features and facilities in view, Kinsta, for sure, is worth the money and hype.

All in all, if you use WordPress and got the money, then you should definitely give it a shot. Its power will surely force you to stick with it!

However, if you aren’t keen on Kinsta due to lack of funds or any other reason, then you can always opt for other options such as Hostinger or BlueHost, but it won’t take your blog to new heights as Kinsta would!

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