MOO Custom Design Services – Honest Review

MOO Custom Design Services – A Detailed Review

In this modern world, your business card is still essential. It not just showcases your brand but also conveys vital contact information about your business. Thankfully, there are plenty of top sites that print high-end custom business cards without breaking a bank in the process.
If you need business card printing and design services fast, MOO is a great option.

What sets it apart is its high-end card stocks, up-to-the-minute website design, luxurious packaging, and unique offerings such as multiple pictures printed within one order. It also comes with awesome business card templates that help business owners with no design background design and prints impressive business cards in minimal time. The company also provides discounts for companies that have 10+ employees.

Besides the business card printing option, Moo also offers other products such as postcards, stickers, flyers, note cards, letterheads, invitations, and much more. You just need to hit a different product tab and update the essential details. Several days later, your MOO products will arrive at your office doorstep. Furthermore, the company also Moo spends a lot of time and effort, making the customer experience great. Here’s a Moo review to give you details of everything you need.

About Moo

MOO is an online London-based company that specializes in superior-quality business cards and design services. It has hundreds of thousands of satisfied and happy customers in 190+ countries. With a wide variety of specialty cards, you can build oval, round, or even mini business cards in no time.

Important Details

  • Site –
  • Established Year – 2004
  • HQ Location – London, England
  • Twitter – MOO
  • Instagram – MOO


  • Custom design services
  • Easy ordering and management of accounts
  • 24*7 support

MOO Specs

  • Starting Price for 100 Business cards – $39.98
  • Pro Design Services – Not available
  • Cost-effective shipping – $5.50
  • Recycled Paper – Yes
  • Different Designs in One Order – Yes
  • Same-Day Pickup – No
  • QR Code Generator – Yes

How to Use Moo Printing for Business Cards?

Moo provides four sizes of business cards – Moo, square, mini, and standard. Moo size is longer than the standard size. After picking the paper type and shape, you have two choices for starting your business card design.

Method 1: Use Downloadable Moo Template

If a stylish business card design is more essential to you than price, then Moo Template is the perfect fit for you. To design your business card using Moo Template, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Pick a suitable downloadable Moo template. There are around 100 templates that you can pick from. You can even search by the industry for business card examples. Moreover, the company locks into that design to a vast extent.

Step 2: Create your own card using their design editor. Just upload a business logo and all the details you need on the card. Users can even alter the background layout and color.

Moo also checks whether your business card will have white edges or blurred images and fix that before you go to print.

Step 3: Finally, pick the quality and quantity of business cards.

Method 2: Upload a Design of Your Own

To design your business card using your own design, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a new Moo account using Facebook or add email and password. Start uploading a full card design on your own. It will accept PNG, JPG, and GIF formats (and PDF for mini-cards and business cards).

Every Moo product comes with a recommended size, and the company print in CMYK. The recommendation for business cards is 1039 * 697 px at 300 DPI, but the minimum accepted size is 332 * 223 px at 96DPI.

Step 2: Now, you will see all the images in the proper orientation on the next screen. There is also an option to click a picture and view the Photo Enhanced version side by side. After choosing Photo Enhancement, you will find options to crop, zoom, or reject images.

Step 3: Add a message on the inside of the business card. You can even edit text color. There are also 48 different fonts available.

Step 4: Now add print and a logo image to the back of the greeting cards if required.

Step 5: Then, hit the next button to bring up a selection of envelopes to go with the cards.

Step 6: Finally, pick the total number of cards you want and add everything to the cart. Make a payment for your business card printing service. You will receive your card in the email. The company also offers you an excellent carrying box for storing your business cards.

Note: If you get issues with your printed card design, you can work with them to get your Moo order reprinted.

Ordering Your Business Cards

When your card design is ready, it’s now checkout time. All you and your team need to do is pick a template, tailor it with personal information, and re-order.

MOO offers a two-hour window to make alterations after you have placed your card order. How speedier you want your business cards to affect the rate. Economy shipping is just $5.50 and takes two weeks. If you order cards from Staples, you can avoid the shipping costs altogether by choosing them up at a local branch store.

Customer Support

Moo has a skilled, courteous, and friendly team that can talk you through the diverse service options. They are ready to Live chat Mon – Fri: 5:00 am – 7:30 pm (EST) or take a call at 1 (401) 519-7216.

You can even email your questions to them at [email protected] I find their customer service really great. The support department responded to my queries promptly.

Pros and Cons

Below are the Moo advantages and disadvantages:


  • Dedicated Account Management – Earlier, you need to spend several hours ordering Business Cards. But with Moo, you do not need to. MOO Business Services offers you get a dedicated Account Manager. It will help you upload your print designs and then make your first purchase on your behalf.
  • Fantastic Card Templates – Gone is the time when you need to order business cards from a print shop near you. Moo also comes with plenty of templates for all of their products. This helps you to design the desired business card in no time. Moreover, each template can be personalized with a modern look.
  • Customization in Design – Moo users can even completely customize the design of the business card. You can choose the type of material printed on, type the size, and other cool things like having round edges. Furthermore, you can even choose from several coatings to add an excellent finish to your card, including gloss, matte, and UV spot finishing. If you want, the team can create custom templates aligned with your company’s branding.
  • No Watermarking – Another biggest advantage of signing up at Moo is that it does not watermark your business cards even when you get free ones.
  • Great Shipment Packaging – Each shipment comes with the Moo Promise and a boilerplate pledge to ensure each customer loves their order.
  • Tons of Deals – The company also renders many deals with services like Facebook and for free business cards.
  • Printfinity – Another benefit of MOO is that it has a Printfinity option. It lets you build a set of cards with multiple alternating images on diverse business cards. Few of the templates even include pre-built back-side pictures for your card to get the benefit of Printfinity.
  • NFC Business Cards – Near field communication business cards let you transfer your contact data, business site, and sales information to your customers’ smartphone or tablet by just tapping the card.


  • Costly – Many people find Moo design and printing services costly, but you get what you pay for.


Who Can Use Moo?

Moo is excellent for large-sized companies looking to streamline their print ordering process.

What Are the Best Moo Alternatives?

Below are the top alternatives to MOO:

  • GotPrint
  • Vistaprint
  • Printfection
  • PaperCut
  • UPrinting

Why Choose Moo?

MOO Business Services blend dedicated account management with hassle-free online ordering platform and design services. It is a complete bundle for businesses looking for more brand control while saving stress, time, and money in the process.

Will I be Offered Training on the New Platform?

The first time you log in to the Moo platform, the company will show you a tour explaining each service. In case you want the tour again, just head to the ‘Help’ section, and from there, you can restart it.


If you want high-quality business cards that stand out from your competitors, consider Moo today. It is the most modern online business card service that allows you to streamline your print orders. This helps them to save more time to do what they love. Everything provided by MOO is paper-based. Their basic paper is of superior quality – 16pt thickness.

It features the slickest designs, downloadable templates, and the potential to use multiple graphics in a single order. Whether you are building a card from scratch or using one of its pre-designed card templates, you will get an impressive experience. My rating for Moo is 95 out of 10. Try Moo Business Services today for all your print needs.

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