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SuperMetrics Review

Are you looking for an excellent reporting automation tool for PPC, analytics, and SEO? SuperMetrics is the right option. It allows the Analytics team and marketers to independently collect all the important information from different platforms to their important business tools such as Google Sheets, Excel, etc. Once users get all the data organized on one document, they can quickly perform calculations and build charts/reports.

It saves a huge amount of effort and time every week. The biggest benefit is that there is no fee for the basic set up and users need no programming skills to use this software. Please read below our SuperMetrics review to know more about it.

About SuperMetrics

Founded by Mikael Thuneberg, SuperMetrics is the must-have business analytics tool for online marketers. It helps them solve your data visualization and interpretation issues by bringing all the essential metrics under one roof for quick analysis.

The marketing data provider also takes the information from various accounts linked with the same platform.

Important Details

  • Site –
  • Established Year – 2013
  • HQ Location – Helsinki, Finland
  • Twitter – Supermetrics
  • Facebook Page – Supermetrics


Here are excellent features of SuperMetrics:

  • Tailored dashboard
  • Scheduling and automation of sales and marketing reports
  • Seamless data import and sharing with other team members
  • Forum support
  • Powerful data filters
  • Data blending cross-platform
  • Search engine marketing
  • Data analytics and mining

How Does SuperMetrics Work?

Business reporting and analytics sometimes become tough. But in this digital world, businesses need to compare their efforts and outcome to beat their rivals. Collecting data from diverse sources and blending them into graphs and visually pleasing reports manually can consume a lot of time and effort.

SuperMetrics is an add-on tool build to allow users to make data-informed decisions to drive their business’s growth. It means you need to link it to the reporting platform such as Google Sheets, Excel, or others to integrate their data.

When this is done, it allows members to organize information better, save a lot of time/effort, and make helpful reports for their clients.

Here is how to get started with SuperMetrics on Google sheets:

  • Step 1: Head to and press start a free trial.
  • Step 2: It will direct you to the Google suite. Hit the install button. Once installation is complete, complete the sign-up form to set up your account.
  • Step 3: Now, create a Google sheet and then Add-ons. Choose Supermetrics from it and launch the software.
  • Step 4: Once done, you will use all the features using the side panel. You can choose the data sources you need to build reports, tables, charts, and graphs. You can even link any social account with the tool and run queries associated with it.

Pricing Options

SuperMetrics offer different rates for every product. But usually, the pricing of entry is quite low. To see the prices for Excel, BigQquery, and other products, go to

Pros and Cons

Here are the points we liked and disliked about the Supermetrics:


Suite of Multiple Products – No matter you need data for the ad hoc reports or internal dashboards, Supermetrics can help. There is also a suite of product options to choose from for the members. They can pick depending on what they want to do with that information. It includes:

  • Supermetrics API – Supermetrics API is a quick way to feed all the marketing information into the data stores and business intelligence tools without any programming knowledge.
  • Supermetrics Excel – This feature lets users analyze and manage excel files in a single place. The files run seamlessly on both desktop and online versions.
  • Supermetrics Uploader – It pulls data from diverse sources and transfers it to Google Analytics.
  • Supermetrics for Google Sheets – This tool makes it simple to manage reports on Google sheets.
  • Supermetrics for BigQuery – It allows members to connect all their information to Google BigQuery quickly.
  • Supermetrics for Google Data Studio – It combines all the information from all the marketing software into a Google Data Studio. You can even compare data and reports from the other platforms.

Build Accurate Reports On-the-Fly – This is where this marketing analytics software shine. Marketing analysts can query the information sources, get the data they require instantly to build reports speedily using all the charts and data comparisons.

Excellent Usability – Supermetrics interface comes equipped with useful features. When you require information from Google Analytics for a particular industry, you do not need to remember the segment name exactly. The software offers you a drop-down menu where you can easily choose the niche you want to enter.

Integration with Famous Marketing Platforms – This reporting automation tool allows the integration with 40+ famous marketing platforms. A few of the options include SEMrush, Facebook/Bing Advertisements, Moz, and Google Analytics.

No Manual Importing of CSV Files – The sidebar feature in Supermetrics allows the users to get metrics for tons of websites in few seconds. They need to add the needed information, and it collects the data automatically for you. It not just saves plenty of hours but also boosts the presentation quality.

Track Performance Using Robotized Dashboards – Supermetrics members can use automated dashboards to ensure high client satisfaction and return of investment. They can even set automate alerts for performance and other metrics. It warns users automatically when the performance goes below the expectation. It helps users take necessary action on time than later.

Scheduled Refresh and Emailing – With the Google Sheets add-on, marketers can create and update multiple reports for their clients daily with much ease. The Scheduled Refreshing and Emailing feature allow you to update all your data within no time by scheduling queries daily. It means you do not need to press the refresh button in the open file again and again. Moreover, you can even share the outcome by scheduling emails to important people.

Ready-to-Use Reporting Templates – This marketing data engine also has tons of ready-made templates (more than 30). You can pick the template you want depending on the report style and metrics to generate Excel reports speedily. After doing this, you only need to add the keyword, metrics, or splits (for which you need the data).

14-Days Free Trial – Supermetrics also comes with fourteen days free trial of one product in the suite. If you love them, you can continue accessing the features without the requirement of a credit card.

Track Ads Spend Daily – If you are in the online advertising sector, tracking ad spend regularly is essential to get boosted returns. Once the SuperMetrics garners all the data, use the data validation option to see daily ad spend for every client. It helps users control the advertisement spending effectively.

Best Affiliate Program – This all-in-one reporting software has the highest paying affiliate program. You can refer your buddies, family members, or digital experts to SuperMetrics and grab 20% recurring commissions from subscription buying.


Tricky to Set Up – The initial setup of this Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool is challenging to set up. It takes some time to master queries.

Lack of Storage – SuperMetrics does not have the option to store information. All the information it collects is a result of direct queries on the source.

No Editing Report Feature – This product does not come with the feature to edit reports.

No Real-Time Data without Refresh – SuperMetrics members cannot get information in real-time without scheduling a data refresh.

Customer Support

SuperMetrics customer support team is responsive and ambitious about keeping their members cheerful. You can contact them via email at [email protected] or by calling on the (367)908-984 number. Members can also fill out the contact form to get a reply to their questions.


Who Can Use SuperMetrics?

This software is helpful for the following people:

  • Analytics team
  • Content and digital marketers
  • SEOs
  • Agency
  • Business owner
  • Customer service, BI, and product teams

But Supermetrics is not suitable for companies that require more complicated business analysis, insights, and recommendations.

What Are Supermetrics Alternatives?

Supermetrics is a famous business intelligence tool customized to meet the unique needs of online marketers. But there are also other great alternatives of this multi-channel reporting tool like:

  • SEMrush
  • Autopilot
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub
  • Funnel
  • Adobe Analytics

Does this Business Intelligence Software Come with Money Back?

At present, there is no money-back guarantee to the Supermetrics users. If the members want to cancel the payments already made, they’ll not get any refund.

Can Users See All the Queries They Have Made?

Yes. You can find all the queries you have made in the Google sheet within the Supermetrics Queries tab. This tab is hidden by default. You can make it visible by Add-ons > Supermetrics and Manage Queries.


If you’re in the hunt for the full-blown business analytics and reporting software that works seamlessly with other tools, look no further than Supermetrics. This versatile tool collects insights from several sources to allow users to create and conduct online marketing, web analytics, and social media.

I have been using this reporting software for six months, and my overall experience is superb. So, if you are running campaigns on diverse platforms, Supermetrics can be really helpful to review information.

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