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WPBees Review – Are Their Services Worth It?

WPBees Review

WordPress is the best and famous open source Content Management System on the market today. Most website owners prefer it due to its flexibility, ease of use, and adaptability. In fact, WordPress sites tend to rank higher than others in search engines. If you do not have plenty of time or expertise to keep on top of your WordPress site improvements, hiring experts at WPBees is a great option.

They have a team of skilled WordPress developers that are passionate about what they do. The WordPress pros will work with each client to identify their when development and designing needs to ensure the best results. They will look after your website to fix the issues. They also maintain, improve, and update your website. This saves your time and effort each month. Moreover, it allows businesses to focus on essential business tasks – like boosting profits, building a huge customer base, and growing business.

The bonus part is that even if you have an in-house web design team to build the user-interface for your new website, the company works with your designs and turns them into a fully functional WordPress site. To know more, read our in-depth WPBees review.

About WPBees

WPBees is a web development company based near Liverpool, England. It is specialized in rendering a wide range of services ranging from WordPress Customization, Security, Maintenance, Performance, Support, and Webdesign.

Important Details

  • Site – https://www.wpbees.com
  • Established Year –2009
  • Location – Near Liverpool, England


  • Flexible and affordable plans
  • Multi-level WordPress developers
  • Proven track record of profound experience
  • Quality assurance
  • Increased site security by implementing industry best data security measures
  • WordPress Support and maintenance tasks are done for you

Signing Up at WPbees

Getting started is easy at WPbees. You need to follow just three steps:

Step 1: Head to the website https://www.wpbees.com and click on the get started button.
Step 2: Now, you will see a form where you need to add your name, email, website, telephone, and other details.
Step 3: Click on contact WPBees.

The adroit team is promised to deliver state-of-the-art innovations that meet the client’s demands in less time. Therefore, WPbees members do not need to worry about anything. Moreover, if the company experts work on the project, they ask for 50% payment upfront.

Upon completion, the leftover payment is invoiced and paid within 30 days. The bonus part is that even if you change your mind in the middle of the project, it’s also a no issue for WPBees. They negotiate fees and terms for the next project. Members will get a full or partial refund of their money if the project breaks down within the first 30 days.

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

If your WordPress site is using any custom plugins or Woocommerce, then it would need a hands-on maintenance plan. There are two WordPress Website maintenance plans offered by WPBees to its customers. Each one of them is created to fulfill the unique requirements of diverse segments of the industry.

£40 Hands-off WordPress Maintenance

It is the perfect plan for those that want their Wordpres site running well and updated.

£120 Hands-off WordPress Maintenance

This Hands-off WordPress Maintenance is ideal for those that want to save money and time when it comes to WordPress development because it blends development hours every month and handles minor site updates automatically.

Remember, all the plans are highly flexible, and members can scale them accordingly in a hassle-free manner. You can pick the plan that fits your business needs well and keep your site fast, secure, and running smoothly.

Customer Support

WordPress Bees offer excellent customer service to its members. You can get in touch with the skilled and friendly representatives by emailing them at [email protected] or fill out the contact us form. However, they do not offer phone and Live Chat support. I have found their customer support really impressive.

Pros and Cons

Below is the list of WPBees pros and cons:


Access to a Pool of World-Class Designers

WPbees team of WordPress web designers has more than a decade of experience and possesses great knowledge. They follow a proven design methodology to impart great appeal to your site logos, graphics, and designs. The seasoned designers also increase the development time and lower the costs incurred for the web design task significantly.

Moreover, the team ensures that everything is done in a transparent and professional manner through strict adherence to company ethics. The broad knowledge and seamless execution process ensure that you get the ideal solution according to your requirements at a cost-effective price.

Bespoke WordPress Development

In a world of fierce competition, it is tough to argue the advantages of bespoke website design. If you want bespoke development for your WordPress site, it is also possible with WPbees. When you pick a custom-tailored option, members can pick a team to create the site for them.

The expert WordPress web development team in-house closely works with the top freelance web designers to help you get professionally designed and mobile-optimized WordPress sites for your business with the highest levels of perfection.

Customers can report a flaw and get it fixed by skilled programmers speedily. Their Bespoke site solutions help you create the experience that your customers value the most and will return for more.

Great Support and Maintenance

WordPress Bees offer great WordPress support and maintenance. The skilled team conducts daily website updates to ensure that your site is working as it is, and most importantly, it fosters conversions.

Moreover, whether you require Adhoc amendment to the existing content of the site, blend WordPress with MailChimp, or help with updating of site content, the team does it all in no time.

Automated Backups

WPBees experts take backups of your WordPress website so that they are prepared for anything. So if the worst happens, you do not need to begin again from scratch. This ensures customers have no more stressful nights worrying about their website.

Offer Great Security

WordPress Bees also offer excellent security to WordPress site owners. It includes Brute Force Protection, IP Tracking, Malware Scanning, and Force Secure Passwords.

Screencast Training

If you forget how to do something or need to share some instructions with your team members or client, the company also offers bespoke click-by-click screencast training for the WordPress site.

Moreover, the company will walk you through your new site to show you how to update and manage the features of your new WordPress website.

Increase Site Speed

The professional team smush and optimize the site coding at every step of web development to boost the speed of the WordPress site.

Tons of Resources Available

Whether you are looking to increase your website ranking, speed up your WordPress site or fix broken links, WPBees has free of cost e-books available to help you out.


No Phone and Live Chat Support

We did not find any telephonic and live chat support on the WPBees site.


Who Can Use WPBees Services?

  • Bloggers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Marketing teams
  • Editorial teams
  • Web design agencies

Can WPbees Fix Hacked WordPress Site?

Yes. Pros at WPBees get back your hacked website within two business days. They also increase the security of the site to prevent further attacks.

How WordPressBees Boost Speed of My Site?

WPbees professionals use image optimization, make improvements to the website code, and use premium WordPress plugins to boost the loading speed of WordPress websites.

Does it Matter What Webhost I Am Using?

When the web host is offering you superb service and offer WPBees good access, there will be no problem. WPbees work with diverse WordPress hosting providers. So if you are looking for a new WordPress host, you can get in touch with the WPBees team. They will suggest you a good host depending on your budget.

Does the Company Offer SEO?

Yes. WordPress Bees also an expert SEO team that completely reviews your WordPress site and helps you accomplish your SEO goals in no time.

Can I Run Plugin My Premium Plugins If I Cancel My Maintenance Plan?

No. If you cancel your WPbees maintenance plan, you cannot run the plugins.

Does WPbees Run Theme and Plugin Updates On a Daily Basis?

No, WordPressBees operate theme and plugin updates every week.


WordPress Bees is a great platform that can help you increase the visibility of your site quickly. If you need help updating, maintaining, fixing, or completing your WordPress site, WPBees is an excellent option.

Skilled developers and designers have the skill and expertise to work on a project of any size. Their aim is to offer to provide cutting-edge solutions of superior quality and value at cost-effective prices to the clients. WPBees pros also go the extra mile to ensure that all WordPress websites are tested well before delivery.

Whatever your business needs, the expert team works with you to get a beautiful and secure WordPress site. After conducting an in-depth review, I found their experts really good and friendly. I have hired WPbees experts for my WordPress web design, and the talented team has offered me incredible outcomes in a short time period. Get started on WPBees today to get technical help and WordPress support for your flourishing business.

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