4 Things To Know About Weglot Translation Software

When creating your website, you want to make sure that it is accessible to as many people as possible. This is where Weglot comes in. Weglot is a translation software that allows you to quickly and easily translate your website into multiple languages. 

What Is Weglot, And How Does It Work? 

Weglot helps you translate your website into multiple languages, instantly. It works by scanning your website for content and translating it into the desired language using a first layer of neural machine translation. It then displays the content under language specific subdomains/subdirectories and adds a language switcher for your website visitors to select the language of their choice. 

Weglot also provides tools to help you manage your translations. You get full editing control over your machine translations, so you can choose to make edits and only display the quality of translation you’d like. 

You’ll also get access to a number of translation management tools, allowing you to create translation rules, exclude certain pages from translation and assign translations to teammates/translators. Overall, Weglot is a powerful tool that can help you reach a wider audience by making your website available in multiple languages. 

Here are four things to know about Weglot: 

Weglot Is Easy To Use 

When choosing a translation software, ease of use is an essential factor to consider. Weglot is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that anyone can understand. The software is also easy to add to your site, meaning you won’t need the input of your developer/IT team and you can get started translating your website in minutes. This allows you to manage your website translation project within your marketing team. 

Perhaps most importantly, Weglot makes it easy to manage your translations with features that allow you to edit, review, and approve changes and assign translations. That’s why usability is an important consideration when choosing translation software as it reduces your need for internal resources, allowing you the time to focus running your business. 

Weglot Integrates Seamlessly With WordPress

If you’re a WordPress user, chances are you’ve been looking for a way to translate your site into multiple languages easily. Look no further than Weglot. Weglot integrates seamlessly with WordPress, allowing you to quickly and easily translate your site. There’s no need to adapt your theme or worry about translating 3rd party  plugins – Weglot will work with your existing WordPress site. 

Supports Over 100 Languages 

When choosing a website translation software, an important factor to consider is the number of languages supported. Weglot supports over 100 languages, making it one of the most comprehensive translation software platforms available.

This means that you can quickly translate your website into any language, giving you access to a global audience. And because Weglot offers both machine and human translation, you can choose the level of accuracy that best suits your needs. 

Weglot Is Multilingual SEO Ready

When translating your website, you also need to think about other important aspects of going international, such as how to get found in your new markets.

Not only does Weglot translate 100% of your website, it also ensures a number of multilingual SEO aspects are set up in the background. This includes giving you language subdomains/subdirectories, translating your metadata, and adding hreflang tags to signal to Google what language your website is in. 


There you have it – four things to know about Weglot, a website translation software. If you want a way to quickly and easily translate your site into multiple languages, Weglot is the perfect solution. 

With Weglot, you can reach a global audience without hiring a professional translator. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with their 10-day free trial!

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