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Webdesign-inspiration.com is a free inspiration gallery for UX designers, marketing teams and entrepreneurs (basically, any web design project owners). Our editorial team selects and presents the best web design ideas and inspirations. (Updated daily)

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At Web Design Inspiration, we want to make it easier for you to bring your new website or app to life.

In the 21st century digital world, simply having a website is not enough. Your website needs to stand out from the crowd, engage your audience, and allow your visitors to easily identify what you want them to do. Whether your website is generating leads, is an eCommerce platform, or merely providing visitors with information, it’s vital your site is the best it can be!

Designing and building a website to fit your objectives can be expensive and time consuming. That’s where we come in!

At Web Design Inspiration, we provide you with a wealth of ideas to help you get started with your next website or app design.

Whether you’re a designer yourself and are looking for the spark to create something for your next client or are trying to launch your first business website on a limited budget, we have a design for everyone.

No matter your industry or the type of website you need, we have a design to cater for you!

We publish fresh and creative new websites to our collections every day, ensuring that whenever you need design inspiration, you can get it from the hottest and most up to date websites out there.

Whether you’re looking to build a small website or an enterprise level platform for your business, our mission is to help you make it happen, as quickly and as stress free as possible!


Our collections of designs can be used by anyone, regardless of your experience level, where you work, what you do, and your seniority level in your business. Check out the tabs below to discover how our designs can help you depending on your role and what you’re looking to achieve from your next website.

User Interfaces Inspirations for UX Designers

If you’re tasked with creating the user experience (UX) design elements of a website and are anything like us, you’ll want to have access to a huge audience and be able to test every single part of your design as much as you can. While this is the ideal scenario, the truth is it’s very rare we get that luxury.

However, by using our collection of web designs to inspire you, you can find your spark from sites proven to deliver an outstanding UX, then tweak the design to fit what you need, whether you’re an in-house, agency, or freelance UX designer.

Give yourself a better foundation for delivering a memorable UX, whatever industry you’re in!

UX Design Inspirations for Agencies

If you’re a web design, development, or digital marketing agency, then you might have clients all over the world in a variety of industries. When it comes to suggesting new website designs for your clients or pitching design projects to them, it pays to have access to as many potential design options as possible, and for those designs to be at the cutting edge of modern design and following the latest trends that users and search engines love.

With Web Design Inspiration, you have thousands of design ideas at your fingertips that you can adapt and tweak to your clients’ needs, helping you do a great job and making your agency a success.

If you’re looking for website designs to refresh your agency’s online identity, we’ve got you covered there, too!

Webbesign inspirations for Developers

One of the best (or must frustrating) things about being a developer is undoubtedly dealing with people who assume that because you’re skilled at building a website, you can design one, too.

That may already be the case, but if you’re a developer looking to help your clients with design, our website could be a real gamechanger for you. Why not use our collection of inspirational web designs to offer solutions to your clients without needing them to go through lengthy and expensive design projects first? Then all you need to do is build it for them!

In-house developers can also use our designs to come up with solutions to design issues and roadblocks, making it easier for you to make your website work better!

Web Design Trends for Design Students

Design qualifications are immense fun to attain but require a significant amount of work and creativity on your part. Whether you’re completing a general qualification or are doing a design course about something specific such as web design or user experience design, having all our chosen design ideas at your fingertips can be a massive benefit.

Whether you simply need to come up with a specific style of design or need to produce a case study of how to effectively use contrasts and calls to action, you’ll find designs that can help you on your way to top marks!

Get started browsing our web designs today and get inspired for your next study project!

Website design ideas for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is incredibly exciting, not to mention incredibly demanding on your time. As such, you probably don’t have the time to spend hours talking to designers or managing developers to ensure your website is 100% how you want it. If you’re a prolific entrepreneur, you might even find yourself needing to build several websites at a time!

That’s where we come in! With our collection of web designs, you can easily put your hands on the ideal website for your needs, whether you’re looking to rebrand a current business or need something to help you launch a new venture.

Get your time back to focus on growing your business by taking inspiration for your website designs from ourselves!

New Websites Inspirations for Founders

Started a new business, or got a fantastic idea but not the first clue about how to communicate your idea and sell your products online? If that sounds like you, then we’re exactly the website you’ve been looking for!

At Web Design Inspiration, we appreciate that millions of people around the world have the potential to start amazing businesses. We also know that many of them won’t know the first thing about web design or have the budget to invest in a costly design and development project.

Whether you have an idea for what you want your business website to look like or need inspiration on starting everything from scratch, including your brand identity, use our designs to help you with whatever you need!


Finding inspiration for your next website design isn’t just about saving time and money on your next design and development project. Of course, you do enjoy those benefits, but you can also take advantage of a wealth of additional features and opportunities to ensure you get the exact style of website to meet your needs.


We know that when browsing through our website, you’re not simply going to find one design and decide that’s the one for you. It wouldn’t be smart to take that approach, either. Instead, you’re more likely to spend time gathering your favourite web designs before deciding on the one you want to use.

But, with so many designs to potentially choose from, how do you know which one is best?

This is where benchmarking comes in, allowing you to compare your chosen designs against each other, not to mention against your current website, if you have one, and your competitors’ websites that you want to make sure your site is better than. Whether you want to compare the design styles used, the use of color, or get an idea of the effectiveness of the available calls to action, we’ll put you on track to decide with confidence on the right design to meet your needs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Design trends, features, and what search engines look for in your website can all change quickly.

At Web Design Inspiration, we’re always on the lookout for the freshest and most relevant designs to help you stay ahead of the curve and your competition when it comes to the appearance of your website. While you shouldn’t look to update your website too often, if you’re not refreshing your online identity every two to three years then you’ll quickly fall behind the latest trends and soon have a site that looks tired and outdated.

By using our collection of designs, you can get inspired by the latest design trends in your industry or by designs related to specific types and styles of website.

Stay ahead of the curve and create your ideal website with Web Design Inspiration!


Who is Web Design Inspiration designed for?

Our website is for anyone who is looking to build a website or app and needs inspiration when it comes to taking care of the design. Whether you’re a design agency with clients across a variety of industries, a freelance developer looking to expand your horizons, or a marketing manager looking for inspiration for an in-house redesign, you’ll find loads of fantastic ideas, right here.

How do I use one of the designs I find?

You don’t need to do anything in terms of dealing with us! Once you’ve found the design that is going to inspire your next website or app design, you’re free to go away and use it! Talk to your developer – or find the relevant template if it’s something like a WordPress website – about what you want, make the tweaks you need, and you’re ready to go!

What types of business can use one of your web designs?

Any business can use our collection of web designs to get inspired. If you’re not sure where to start, you can search for designs used by other businesses in your industry, then improve them to make your site stand out and be even better! Simply find your industry in our filters and take a look at what the leading brands in your niche are already doing.

How can I search for suitable web designs?

You have several options when it comes to finding suitable website designs for your business. While you’re free to just browse our site or check out our Editor’s Picks, we’ve also arranged our collection of websites by website type, style, industry, and color, to make it easy for you to find the perfect website to match your needs.

What if you don’t have any web designs suited for my business?

We’ll definitely have a web design for your business! If you find yourself looking through the relevant category for your industry but don’t see anything you like or that you think will fit your brand, don’t worry! Who says you have to use a design used by another business in your niche? Doing something different may even make it easier for you to stand out against your competitors!

What are the Editor’s Picks?

Our Editor’s Picks are a collection of our favourite and most recent designs, brought together in one place! If you’re looking for your new website or app design to be at the forefront of your industry and want to maximise use of the latest design trends, check out our Editor’s Picks to see what’s happening!

How do I save my favorite designs?

Seeing lots of designs you love and want to keep track of them? Simply create an account here at Web Design Inspiration, and you can save your favorite designs, add them to lists, and share them with your team if you need to collaborate when making a decision on your new design. All our designs are also clickable so you can visit the live website to look around and share with your team.

Can I make changes to my favourite design to suit my brand?

Of course! Our collections of designs are simply here to inspire you, and we wouldn’t expect you to simply take your favorite, put your logo on it, and use it in 100% the same way as another business! When choosing your design, you should already be thinking about how you can tweak it to fit your brand and the changes you’d like to make for it to feel like it 100% fits your business.

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