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6 Things To Look For in the Top Web Hosting Services

When it comes to finding a web hosting service for your business’ website then it can quickly become strenuous as there are various options available that you can choose from. Many services tend to use technical jargon that is difficult to understand by a non-tech person. This can distract you from the essential features that the hosting company may be missing and focus on the non-essential features. With so many options available online, how do you find out which option is better for you? In this article, we will discuss 6 things to look for in the top web hosting services.  


If you’re new to the world of web hosting services, then you must make yourself familiar with the jargon. Uptime refers to the percentage of time when your website is up and available to your visitors. This is why, before you commit to any hosting service, you must make sure to take a look at the uptime. It is one of the most important features to consider. The closer it is to a hundred percent, the better. Great hosting companies offer a high percentage of uptime. For instance, Verpex offers 99.9% uptime. They may offer you other services such as an uptime guarantee. A good hosting service that offers an uptime guarantee will compensate for your loss while the website was down and may even offer free-of-cost services to make up for the lost time. Your web hosting company may even provide you with duplicate servers within one data center that ensures if a server is down, the duplicate server goes up to make sure that the uptime is not interrupted. There is also an option of duplicate servers within multiple data centers that keeps servers in various locations in the country or even continent so that if servers of one area are down due to a natural disaster or mishap, the uptime isn’t interrupted and the website keeps running. This way your website will remain available regardless of the situation in one area. 


When it comes to creating a website, speed is an essential factor that must be considered. Today, people have thousands of websites at their fingertips that may be offering them similar services as your potential website. If your website takes a long time to load or if its functions are too slow then it may cost you some potential customers. It is extremely important to opt for a web hosting service that offers the highest speed possible to all the websites they are hosting. Great web hosting companies utilize servers with SSD (solid-state drives) to access data, which are much faster than traditional hard drives. They also keep a limited number of sites on a shared hosting server to ensure that all websites have access to the available resources and that they operate at a fast speed. These companies also employ caching to quickly load the website as it preloads the unchanged parts of the site


It is common sense that security is extremely important when it comes to protecting the important company data and the information of your customers. It is essential to go for an efficient hosting company that employs security measures to protect your website against any cyber-attacks. Many efficient hosting services provide Cloudflare integration that offers security on top of other useful features for your website. A good hosting service prioritizes your privacy and safety. Regular malware scans will be automated by the best hosting service to ensure that your site and the other sites are protected against viruses. Malware can not only cause your website to shut down, but it can also use your website to spam your customers and even launch cyberattacks on other websites. This can seriously damage your website’s reputation and may even harm your ranking on Google. Automated malware scans will make sure that you do not face any such challenges. 


Great companies offer efficient customer services. Hosting companies are no different. Getting help when you need it the most, and getting it quickly is important. This is why great hosting companies offer live support to help you with your urgent matters as quickly as possible. You will be assigned a support person who will try to resolve your issue right there and then. A great hosting company has systems that require you to submit tickets which are then resolved by the support team. There is also an option of priority support available, where you can pay to cause your ticket to move above others so that your issue would be prioritized. There are many databases and tutorials available that can help you look up the solution yourself. You can also try asking others for help on the community forums where other kind website owners may address your concerns.


If, God forbid your website gets hacked and you lose your crucial data and information, what will you do? As much as we wouldn’t want this to happen to us, there is always a possibility of a cyberattack, server failure, or fire. This is why, when looking for a hosting service, you must opt for the one offering automatic backups. A good host would make a copy of your website and regularly update the content database while saving this information on another server.If your hosting server does not offer backups, then you must look for ways to make your own copies. 


You must carefully consider the quotas or limits offered by the hosting services that you are considering. You must try to look for options that provide unlimited quota at a reasonable price to help you maximize the resources. This includes the storage for your website’s database, files, codes, information, website traffic, data of your customers, subdomains, FTP accounts, and emails. There are many wonderful web hosting companies that are offering unlimited packages at a reasonable price. Make sure that you opt for the one that does not put a limit on the resources available to you. 

Deciding which web hosting service to select for your small business can overwhelm anyone especially when there are so many amazing options available. However, after reading this article and considering the list of features mentioned above, we are certain that you will be able to select the best hosting company for your website. The uptime, speed, quotas, support, and security are extremely important features that must be considered when selecting a hosting service for your business website.

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