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How To Cover Your Website Hosting Costs With Effortless Online Earnings

Let’s be honest: while paying for website hosting is typically not that pricey, it’s still a nuisance. No matter how successful a month you have, the rate stays the same, and it’s not really an expense you could cut if you decided to save more. But what if you could earn the little money you need online without investing any extra time or effort?

A passive income application Honeygain can help you in this regard. All you need to do is leave the app running on your computer and/or smartphone with an internet connection where it will share your excess internet bandwidth in exchange for a monetary reward. Honeygain is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

How earning with Honeygain works

To start making money with Honeygain, you need to create an account on the official website, download the app and sign in using your newly created account details. Your earnings are based on the amount of traffic you share, which in turn depends on your location, number of devices, and internet speed. It’s important to note that with peak usage of under 3MB/s, it doesn’t affect the experience of using the device or browsing the internet in the slightest.

Here’s how Honeygain works. As millions of people worldwide share their internet bandwidth, the company can create and operate a crowdsourced web intelligence network, which it can then rent its business partners access to. The profits are used to compensate the users for the amount of traffic they share.

Using a global web intelligence network enables these companies to gather publicly available web data they need for price aggregation, app testing, ad campaign verification, and similar business processes. With Honeygain, businesses don’t need to worry about running into geoblocking or bot-banning policies.

Safety matters

These days, staying safe online is a priority to businesses as well as users. It’s nice to see Honeygain understands that and puts a lot of focus into cultivating transparency, providing secure services, and adopting various safety measures.

Every payout request involves a mandatory multi-factor authentication step, the number of devices earning for the same account is limited to 10 to prevent fraud, and the support team uses an automated Anti-Cheat system to identify suspicious activities and ban bad actors before they get a chance to cause harm to either the network or its users. The team also puts a lot of effort into fighting fake apps that pop up online from time to time –make sure you download yours from the official website!

How much you can earn

From January 2022, you can choose one of two earning modes in your app – Honeygain or JumpTask. If you choose the Honeygain mode, you will make 3,000 Honeygain credits ($3) for every 10GB of shared traffic and be able to cash out in PayPal, Bitcoin, or JumpToken as soon as you hit 20,000 credits ($20).

If you go with the JumpTask mode, which was introduced when Honeygain partnered up with the remote work platform JumpTask, you will earn JumpTokens and not credits; the rate will essentially remain the same, but a limited-time bonus of 50% now applies, so you’ll actually make more than you would in Honeygain mode. You also won’t need to wait to reach any certain sum before you cash out, as no thresholds apply in the JumpTask mode.

There are also a few extra earning opportunities available:

  • Content Delivery (available on desktop computers in 41 countries) lets you earn 6 credits an hour on top of your usual earnings
  • Referral program gives you a daily bonus equal to 10% of your referrals’ earnings
  • Lucky Pot lottery for active users gives away prices of 10–10,000 credits every day
  • Weekly contests on social media offer thousands of free credits as prizes

A typical user with 2–4 devices can expect to make $12–18 a month – which isn’t much, but it’s enough to cover your monthly hosting costs and still have enough money left for a tall glass of frappe. Moreover, you’re not working to earn it: the app does everything for you while you spend your time working on your website or doing other everyday tasks.

Why spend your savings on website hosting when you can earn extra money specifically for covering these costs? Honeygain is a perfect way to cover your regular expenses without doing any active work. This way, you can concentrate on your actual tasks and keep on improving!





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