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The Top Considerations When Hosting a Company Awards Ceremony

Award ceremony

A company awards ceremony is a great way to recognize your employees and celebrate their achievements. It’s also an opportunity for you and your team to build camaraderie, which can increase productivity.

The entire process of hosting an awards ceremony may take some time and effort. But with careful planning and organization, you can pull off an event that everyone at the company will enjoy.

Here are the top things to consider when hosting a company awards ceremony.

1. Venue

When choosing a venue, it should be appropriate for the event and your attendees. For instance, you’ll need a large enough venue to accommodate the number of guests. It should also be accessible for all attendees and fit within your budget.

Location is extremely crucial to hosting a successful awards ceremony. You’ll need to choose a central location and functional venue close to your guests.

A venue should also create a good impression on your guests. Therefore, taking the time to research will add value to your decision before committing.

2. Trophies

You might feel tempted to purchase plastic kiddie trophies at the dollar store. However, you want your award ceremony to reflect professionalism.

Additionally, you want to avoid making it something you’re rewarding them with by making it feel authenticated. Whether you give away plaques or crystal trophies, they must be professionally inscribed with the winner’s name and the category.

3. Audiovisual

Audiovisual (AV) is essential to engaging attendees throughout the event. Consider the equipment — such as projectors, screens and microphones — you can use to help your employees connect more during the ceremony.

These devices can provide a better, wholesome experience during the event, which is excellent for providing exciting entertainment.

4. Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker is a great way to start the event on a high note and get everyone engaged. As the host, you will have the task of introducing your keynote speaker — an important moment in the ceremony.

Therefore, it’s essential to introduce them in the most appropriate way. You can present them as a friend, colleague or someone who has been instrumental in building your business.

You can also build excitement by describing their accomplishments and why they’re relevant to your audience. For example, it could be your organization’s CEO or someone who has made great strides within the company.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

Make sure you know who will be the keynote speaker and what time you’ll need to introduce them. Consider the podium set up for the speakers, microphones and monitors and how long each speech will be. That way, everything goes as planned on the day of the event.

5. Catering

When planning an awards ceremony, you’ll want to consider the food, as it can be an integral part of the event. There are many considerations to make when it comes to catering:

  • What food will you serve? Think about the type of food that would be appropriate for your venue. It would help if you also considered the types of foods attendees would enjoy.
  • How much food will you need to serve? Do you want to offer food throughout the ceremony or only at dinner time? Remember that during award ceremonies and other events where people celebrate accomplishments, it’s acceptable for people to eat more than usual.

Overall, consider having enough variety available. That way, everyone can find something they like.

6. Swag Bags

Swag bags are always a hit when done right. They can easily feel like empty gestures. But with the right amount of thought and planning, you can create something that will make your guests’ day.

Here are some things to consider:

  • What should you include in the swag bags? Ensure you have items that will be useful for your employees or clients. For example, you could fill the bag with company-branded merch and insulated coffee mugs.
  • How would you distribute them? When designing a swag bag system, plan how many bags you’ll need to hand out at the event. You can do this by looking at the number of tickets you’ve given away.

7. Themed Decor

When it comes time to decorate, be sure to stick with your theme. You should incorporate it into every aspect of the ceremony. The decorations should be consistent and appropriate for the venue.

They should also align with the event type and your brand identity.

Consider everything from table settings and invitations to signage and music playlist. A themed awards ceremony will ensure the guests know what they are getting into before arriving at your event.

It will also solidify their expectations regarding how they might spend their evening at your event.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment can take many forms, so you have to make sure you plan accordingly. A video or slideshow is an excellent way to keep the atmosphere light and fun. But if you want something more interactive, consider a game show or trivia contest that involves everyone in the room.

Live bands are also popular for company award ceremonies because of how much energy they bring to the event.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever form the entertainment takes, it should work well with other aspects of your affair — from food and drink choices to seating arrangements — to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

9. Ensure the Event and Awards Have Meaning

It’s not enough to give away an award — it needs to have some meaning to the winners and should make them feel proud.

This is where you need to have your audience in mind. What makes them feel proud and excited? What would make them want to invite others to this event?

Once you understand what your audience values, you can create an event that is meaningful to them. When considering which categories your awards should have, consider researching similar awards in your industry. This will align with your audience’s values and make the occasion a memorable one.

10. Make the Set-Up Easy for People to Mingle

A company ceremony is an excellent place for people to network and get to know each other. Therefore, you should set up your venue as mingle-friendly as possible.

For instance, you can set up bars and tables to make it easy for everyone to chat without having to shout over each other. A large centerpiece on a table may be stunning, but it could block people on one end from talking to people on the other end.

On the other hand, rectangular tables could be too long and keep attendees from speaking to one or two people for the night.

Additionally, consider the way the rooms are set up. They should allow for a free flow of movement. That way, attendees feel unrestricted from one corner for the entire evening.

Create a Memorable Company Awards Ceremony

Remember that the success of your event depends on careful planning. It’s important to consider every detail, from the venue to the catering and entertainment. When you take care of all these details, your company will be able to enjoy the ceremony knowing everything went off without a hitch.