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Tips to Promote a Website on Social Media

Nowadays, an online business promotion significantly depends on your social media efforts. The same applies to any blog or website that a writer or entrepreneur wants to promote. Social media provides a significant ground for developing communities and attracting new audiences.

If you want to know how to promote a website on Facebook or any other social media platform, this article will give you some essential tips to facilitate your strategy.

Website and Online Business Promotion: Platforms to Use

Before all, a marketer or website owner has different options before them. Your choice of the leading social media should depend on the platform’s focus and functions. Let’s check the most common ones.

  • Twitter can be a good choice for educational content or the ones that foster discussions. That is why many journalists and writers use it to promote their articles. Notably, it has some ad limitations, making it suitable for creating your audience but not quickly enlarging it.
  • LinkedIn is a network for professionals and experts. Thus, if you are a SaaS business or provide B2B products, this social media can give you opportunities for organic growth. Interestingly, many things would depend on your expertise and networking efforts. Besides, LinkedIn has powerful ads features allowing you to spread information effectively.
  • Does promoting your website on Facebook work? Yes, it still has certain advantages. Before all, if your audience is older than 40 years old, then choose to promote website on Facebook. Besides, it offers good opportunities in terms of targeting and local marketing. However, be aware that it is hard to get organic reach there.
  • The particular platform is effective if you engage with your audience a lot and offer entertainment. It is suitable for e-commerce websites to share their news or products. Also, you should have a strong content production for it to work. Moreover, you need a large ad budget because the ads, even though being efficient, can be costly there.
  • Other media: At the same time, you have TikTok, which is excellent for viral content; YouTube, which is great for video marketing and educational content; and Pinterest, which many clothing or retailer brands use to sell goods.

One can call them social promotion websites. However, your choice to promote a website on social media should derive from the specialty of your business. Twitter and Instagram can be a good fit if you are a blogger. If you have educational content, then LinkedIn or Twitter will be a match. The focus on news and entertainment contemplates that your online business promotion should be held on Instagram or TikTok.

In terms of online business websites, LinkedIn is great for the B2B sector, while Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are for B2C brands due to the ads’ reach and large audience.

How to Promote Website on Social Media

When you know which media you will use, you should think of the universal tips that will allow you to get traffic to your website and not just be visible. They refer to online presence, usage of lead magnets, engagement with the audience, and application of social selling. The particular pieces of advice help you set your strategy right:

Create a confident presence first

Any attraction of traffic and generation of leads starts with the image and recognition. Thus, you should develop a long-term strategy under which you would build your pages on different social media. It will add to the creation of an online presence.

Moreover, it is also a question of trust. Thus, before you post a new website social media post, make sure that you explain who you are, show your values, add links and prepare your audience to click it. The first followers of yours can be your friends and colleagues. As soon as you get your ground, you can write to influencers and start different contests to attract people.

Foster the use of lead magnets

It is crucial to attract new visitors to your website. How to do it? You should use lead magnets, the valuable pieces that leads are considered worthy of subscribing to or following. The lead magnet can be a guide, an e-book, and personalized content that will be communicated via targeting ads.

Moreover, the brands use lead magnets to get people’s emails for email marketing campaigns, and you can simultaneously promote your website and get new subscribers. That way, you can maximize the attraction of traffic to the website.

Nevertheless, if you decide to use lead magnets for getting emails, remember that it is vital to check the validity of emails. For B2B leads, you can check the following email verifier: It is likely to help your email campaign avoid deliverability issues.

Start a discussion in groups

At the same time, you can use groups to insert links to your website and generate traffic. If you have a site to promote and have an interesting link that might be valuable to a particular audience, why not show it to them?

For instance, you have a shoe company, and you or your marketers know things about its cleaning. Your knowledge and expertise allow you to participate in the discussions and even start ones.

Under this scenario, you can find and join a group on Facebook or LinkedIn regarding the area you can help your clients with. After you find one, you can look up the issues in the group and provide a solution. Start with straightforward advice. If you manage to start a fruitful conversation, then find an occasion to insert a link to your website or blog with even more info. In the end, look for groups relevant to your niche and share your content there.

Apply video marketing

Nowadays, online business promotion requires you to produce content that will be exciting, engaging, and informative. Notably, the videos are usually made with these characteristics in mind. The attention span of users decreases, and the use of stories told in videos can help you be interesting.

Such an approach will need you to use YouTube and TikTok as the primary channels as they are created for such type of content. They offer hashtags and advanced algorithms to recommend your videos to specific groups. If you do some tests, you will be able to reach your audience effectively. Moreover, you can repurpose video content on other social media if you have an online presence across different ones.

Social selling matters

Do not forget to apply social selling techniques when you promote websites on social media. Online business promotion there is concerned with three concepts: expertise, networking, and relationships development. Expertise means credibility and offers value, while networking allows you to gain more reach, coverage, and followers.

Lastly, the relationships are vital for the image and the return of the audience not only to your page but to your website. Therefore, when you plan to promote a website on Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure you apply these concepts.

Collaborate with opinion leaders

For sure, you can achieve great coverage by using targeted ads. Nevertheless, if you develop good relationships with opinion leaders on social media, they can help you with advertising your website. In this regard, many apply influencer marketing. However, paying for such coverage is unnecessary; you can just provide value and seek partners.

For example, you can tag people when publishing posts, starting a discussion and evoking a response on LinkedIn. You usually do it as a gesture of appreciation for the materials, the research, or the opinion you use. However, if your relations are good and you have an extensive network, you can freely interact with them.

In your next new website social media post, you can tag some experts you know and ask them to comment, share, or give their opinion. If they find the post to be exciting, they can repost it or publish it on their page, bringing you a significant boost in traffic and recognition.

Another option is to use opinion leaders as influencers and pay them. You can write them in DM or find email from LinkedIn. It is all about your ability to negotiate that can result in greater visibility, SEO backlink addition, or attraction of new leads.

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