Why Your Brand Should Host a Conference in 2023


Have you ever thought about hosting an event in your industry to increase name recognition and network with other people? Hosting a conference is an excellent way to engage your customers and understand how others approach various processes in the business world.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought most major in-person events to a complete halt in 2020 and even through last year. However, as we move into 2023, many people are returning to in-person events or fully understand how to best embrace online ones. It’s an excellent time to plan your next conference.

Why Should Companies Host Events?

Business Wire recently estimated the Conferences, Concert and Event market will hit $399.88 billion by 2027. There’s a reason why so many companies want to host their own events. Not only does it give you name recognition but it puts you in charge of the topics people talk about.

Excellent reasons to host conferences in 2023 include a variety of factors.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

One of the top reasons marketers cite for hosting events of all types is to increase name recognition. When your name is at the forefront of the conference, people will be curious about what you offer as a company.

Brand authority is vitally important in today’s highly competitive world. You’ll be seen as an expert just by hosting other experts, workshops and putting everything together.

2. Automate Processes

Some people shy away from planning a conference because of all the logistics. However, you can now automate a lot of the repetitive tasks of planning a conference. Using manual event logistics management can be a nightmare. However, using automated processes saves time and speeds up registrations, placements and even scheduling.

A small team becomes stronger and more efficient with the right planning tools. You can even manage speakers and sessions. Today’s software is perfect for hybrid events where you need to offer recordings and online chat sessions.

3. Connect with Customers

Hosting a conference gives you an opportunity to connect with your top customers. Host private events for those who spend the most with you throughout the year. Make sure you meet and greet everyone, even the small mom-and-pop shop that just started ordering small quantities to carry in their store.

If you sell a product that people buy over and over, such as something consumable, offer samples so people can try the new things coming out before they hit store shelves. Ideally, your brand event will generate a ton of buzz for your business.

4. Connect With Industry Peers

You’ll need to reach out to experts in your industry to find people to speak or present at your conference. You’ll connect with people you might be able to partner with later. Each individual has a specialization. You can learn a lot just from chatting with them and learning more.

Spending time with others in your industry can also inspire you to try new things. It’s exciting to talk to industry experts trying cutting edge solutions and new technologies. It makes you want to experiment and try new things as well.

5. Celebrate Top Employees

Hosting a conference also gives you an opportunity to connect with your employees. Doing the same job every work day for years becomes tedious for even the most dedicated worker. However, when you break up the monotony with a special event and call them up for awards and recognition, you keep things interesting. You also give them some motivation to strive to be even better than they already are.

Since around 25% of jobs will be remote by the end of 2023, hosting an annual conference gives you a chance to gather people from all across the globe who work from home. Create some team building for when you can’t all be together. Give them a free weekend to truly enjoy getting to know their coworkers and escaping their everyday routines.

6. Refine Your Target Audience

You probably already have an idea of who your typical customer is. You have analytics to pull from, customer calls with details about them and maybe even a survey or two. You can dive a bit deeper if you talk to them in person and brainstorm the ways your company can better serve their needs.

The more detailed your buyer personas are, the better your marketing efforts will be. When you develop a new product, you’ll understand the needs of your customers much more fully. Spending time with your customers is one of the top ways of figuring out what their pain points are and how you can solve them.

You’ll also identify problem areas in your business. Customers love to share what they don’t like about your brand. Host a forum and ask for feedback or meet one-on-one with your top customers and ask them what you can do better and how you can keep their business. The individual attention might be what the client needs to stick with your brand instead of turning to a competitor.

Are You Ready to Host a Conference in 2023?

Holding a conference in 2023 is a bit different from the conferences held pre-pandemic. Today’s planners need to be aware that some people still feel uncertain about attending public gatherings. A hybrid event is likely your best option to ensure you don’t leave anyone out. You’ll also expand reach to those who can’t afford to travel or have other commitments.

It’s time to return to events that work so well to expose your brand to new customers and keep you in the forefront of current clients’ minds. Hosting a conference is a great way to start off 2023 and move into the post-pandemic phase of the business world.