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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Sending Out A Newsletter To Your Customers

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In 2020, there are so many digital marketing strategies that you can choose from. Some businesses like to focus on social media marketing while others stick to influencer marketing. Of course, email marketing is also extremely effective and if you have a solid newsletter going out to your customers each month, you can really improve your conversion rates.

If you haven’t yet sent out a newsletter, you could be missing out. Below, we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should consider sending out a newsletter to your customers this year. Read on to find out what these are.

They Can Drive Sales

Did you know that by sending out a newsletter to your customers, you can drive sales? This might not be something that is immediately obvious but over time, you can encourage your customers to visit your site and catch up on your latest offers through the newsletter. According to reports, people who make purchases through email marketing campaigns will spend more 138% more than others. If you want to drive sales, this might be the strategy for you.

Staying Connected

This year has been very hard to deal with for many people and some businesses have struggled to stay connected with their customers. While it is possible to connect with customers through social media channels, email newsletters can also be very effective. In your newsletter, you can update customers on your business and let them know about any updates. They will feel much more connected to the business through this and will be more likely to purchase again.

They Are Easy To Create

If the idea of creating a newsletter to send out to your customers every month sounds a bit daunting, we completely understand. Many people think that newsletters need to contain a lot of writing and require experts to design the graphics. However, you will find that there are plenty of free newsletter templates that you can use that makes things much easier and cost-effective. Once you find your design, you’ll be able to get your newsletter out easily each month.

Creating Interesting Content

While many of your customers might solely buy your products because they need them, others might be more interested in the company and the people who run it. Often, if you can position yourself as a bit of an expert on your industry, you can attract customers to your site and encourage them to buy again. Think about creating a section in your newsletter that focuses on new topics each month. You could also create a guest column to include and this would encourage customers to read the latest instalment. Newsletters can be very effective in this way.

Analyse Potential Customers

Another reason why you should consider sending out a monthly newsletter to your customers is that they can help you to analyse your database. It could be that your email list is made up of everyone who has ever made a purchase on the site but are these people likely to buy something again? When you send out a newsletter, you can analyse its performance and figure out which customers are valuable and which you can avoid in the future. Are they clicking through to the site? Are they even opening the email? All of this information can be extremely valuable when it comes to making those sales.

Pushing Offers

Finally, you should start sending out a newsletter to your customers because it can allow you to push your offers easily. It is important to note that your newsletter shouldn’t be solely made up of offers, it should also inform and entertain your customers. However, when you can find the right balance, you can include those offers and even offer something a bit more personal to your existing customers. Think about the kinds of offers that you can include and make them obvious within the newsletter. Customers shouldn’t have to search for them – include them in banners and make them clickable so that they can go directly to the site and make that purchase.

Consider Sending Newsletters

If you haven’t yet tried out a newsletter with your existing customer base, you should consider this today. There are so many advantages to sending out a newsletter and once you start sending them regularly, you can boost your sales and engage with your customer base. Remember to use the right kind of email marketing software and try out some free templates if there are any that suit your brand.

This kind of marketing strategy is both easier and more effective than you might already think so don’t forget to try it out this year and watch those sales come through.

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