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6 Significant iPhone Apps For Graphic Designers

Are you a graphic designer or consider becoming one? You can do what you love and earn decent money. This area attracts creative people, those eager to learn and master new trends, techniques, and tools. And though nothing prevails over your personal knowledge and imagination, technologies do simplify the designers’ lives. 

One of the advantages of the modern lifestyle is the opportunity to get the tools at hand whenever you need them. Just put your iPhone out of your pocket and get a powerful computer with countless options. For designers, it also means they can work any time and anywhere. 

Make a quick sketch, compile a collage, try a new effect or brush, and do plenty of other things when you are suddenly inspired. Most graphic designers have dedicated apps on their iPhones. And we’ll be glad to recommend the best graphic design apps for the iPhone. Stay with us to read this article! You may find your favorite tool. 


Sketchbook is an unconditional leader among the graphical apps for iOS. This app equips designers with a set of features to draw from scratch and polish every detail. A neat UI with excellent tutorials makes it easy for all users to master the Sketchbook properly. 

The collection of various brushes lets you explore different techniques and draw in different styles whenever the inspiration strikes you. 

The app is compatible with iOS from 11.0 and higher. 

Price: Free.

Assembly Graphic Design & Art

Assembly: Graphic Design & Art is an application with a focus on vector design and a highly functional image editor. It lets you work with predefined shapes – combine them, cut out, intersect, and join them together. The tool supports PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF formats and can convert these files. The results can be saved in iCloud, so you can easily synchronize your projects across your devices.

The Assembly Graphic Design & Art is perfect for creating various stickers and logos. In this area, it is definitely one of the best graphic design apps for iPhone, with a robust collection of shapes and fonts. 

The app is compatible with iOS from 13.4 and higher.

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is a popular drawing application adjusted to make realistic sketches. The distinctive feature is that it gives you the experience as close to physical drawing as possible. Digital brushes perform the same way as physical brushes on paper, and you can control the pressure level for precision. 

If you want to use ready images in your project, you can import them from a camera or scan some documents with a faxing application. Many users install such apps. They can do much more than just help you learn how to fax from an iPhone – there are scanners, importing and exporting options, e-signatures for better security, and others. Tayasui Sketches allows you to export ready drawings as PNG files and organize them in folders. One more helpful feature is saving/sharing sketches across devices through iCloud.

The app is compatible with iOS from 11.0 and higher.

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Logo Maker Shop: Creator

Logo Maker Shop: Creator is a specialized tool that uses iPhone graphics to let you make logos. Considering the value of logos in brand promotion and management, you can see why this app is in high demand. 

Another excellent quality is that this solution suits beginners due to its robust collection of logo templates (1000+ various templates). Like other iOS graphical designing apps, this one supports saving and syncing your works through iCloud. The results can be exported as high-resolution PNG files.  

The app is compatible with iOS from 11.0 and higher.

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Pixelcut: AI Graphic Design

Pixelcut: AI Graphic Design is another example of the best graphic design apps for iPhone. It focuses on polishing images. This tool includes a fully-functional photo background editor to ensure an attractive and professional look for your images. It is important for selling products on Instagram, Shopify, and other platforms 

Professionally-designed templates, numerous options for photo customization, shadow controlling, background remover, and a collection of fonts help you create elaborate visual representations of your items. 

The app is compatible with iOS from 13.0 and higher.

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop needs no introduction – this Adobe product remains one of the most popular photo editors and graphic design solutions in the world. The Express Photo Editor for iOS is a handy editor meant primarily for making collages. 

A variety of effects, borders, texts, and other editing features let you create impressive collages easily. One of the popular features is caricature presets helping you transform your images to turn into caricatures. Photoshop Express Photo Editor is a practical solution for both beginners and experienced specialists, offering plenty of means to explore your creativity. 

The app is compatible with iOS from 41.0 and higher.

Price: Free (Photoshop Express Monthly – $4.99)


There is no doubt that even the best graphic design apps for iPhone can’t replace the powers of the professional designer’s laptop, but they can be a life ring quite often. It comes in handy when using several apps in conjunction, especially for freelance designers. Accepting orders, scanning the invoices and receipts (and any other documents), and faxing them with some Fax App between the client and the performer can all be done on iPhone. AppStore has lots of such solutions. 


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