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DIY vs. Professional Web Design

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In this day and age, not having your website for your business is an ample missed opportunity. An excellent online presence not just leads to more sales. It also translates to better branding, visibility, and much more on your end.

The truth is that it’s pretty easy to create your website. Platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, and Wix allow you to do so in just a few clicks.

A website is essential for businesses, big or small. As you would with having a house built, however, it’s best to leave jobs like these in the hands of professionals.

There are advantages and disadvantages to DIY and professional web design. You might want to read ahead if you’re still unsure about which is best.

DIY Web Design

You can design your website easily thanks to intuitive platforms and loads of templates online. Of course, your output entirely depends on what you’re capable of. If you’re a beginner when it comes to web design and development, it’s hard to expect to create an effective and engaging website.



The biggest advantage of DIY web design is that it’s a lot cheaper than professional work. Web development platforms like WordPress have free plans that you can take advantage of. However, if you want more storage, better security, and access to better themes, you’ll have to spend extra money.

DIY web design is a good way to test the waters of how lucrative having your own website can be.

Results At Your Own Pace

Professional web design takes time.

If you want to see results in real-time, then you’re better off going with DIY web design. The results of your work can come instantly. What’s better is that you can see the output in real-time, which means you can adjust as you see fit.


Output Quality Is Limited

As we’ve said, the quality of your work will depend on what you’re capable of. Not everyone has a keen eye for design. Additionally, not everyone has the skills to design and develop a website as well.

When you’re paying for professional services, you’re paying for quality. If you’re opting for DIY web design, you’re relying on your skill alone.

Cookie Cutter Designs

Web development platforms come with a wide variety of free themes for your website.  While easy to work with, these themes are basic at best.

This might not seem like a major disadvantage but consider this – your website won’t be unique. Hundreds, if not thousands, of websites could be following the same template. It would be near impossible to establish a unique and memorable branding for your business with basic templates.

Time Consuming

Creating a website is fast, but the maintenance work and the time you’ll take to constantly change up design isn’t. It’s wasted time that you could be putting elsewhere.

Eventually, you’ll realize that your efforts are going to waste, and it would be better off if you invest in professional services instead.

Professional Web Design

Web design services are abundant online. Just make a few clicks, set up an appointment, and you’ll have people to work with in no time. Like with DIY web design, this has its own set of pros and cons.


Make Your Business Stand Out

Professional web designers don’t use basic templates to create your website. This is a good thing as this means they are capable of creating a design that helps you stand out. This helps with branding too.

Smart And Effective Design

There are lots of factors that affect the success of a website, one of which is the design.

A website that’s well designed should easily direct visitors to other pages within the platform. It should also lead them to click on the CTA.

Professional web designers have trained for years to understand what it takes to create an effective web design. It’s something that you might not be capable of using basic templates.

Have A Mobile-Responsive Design

Mobile traffic accounts for 54.4% of global web traffic. What this means is that it’s important to have a website that translates well to mobile devices.

Websites that aren’t built for mobile viewing load slowly – if they even load properly at all. Most free themes on web development platforms don’t consider mobile-friendliness. With that, you could end up losing visitors and potential sales along the way.

A professional web design service will help you get a website that runs well on both mobile and desktop devices. This maximizes your reach by tapping into both types of users.



The most significant disadvantage of professional web design services is that they are costly. You can spend upwards of $3,000.

Of course, this isn’t just a simple business expense. It’s an investment for your business and its growth. Small to medium-sized businesses will find it difficult to spend this much on a website. However, they should still try to consult and get a quotation from agencies about the actual pricing.

It Takes Time

A professionally built website can take as long as 14 weeks from start to finish. It’s a lengthy process involving scheduling, UX testing, and the initial launch. If you’re hoping to get a website up and running quickly, you’ll need to pay extra to get it expedited.

We highly suggest planning ahead so your website will get up and running in time.

Web design is more complicated than it seems. If you want an effective website for your business, it’s best to go for professional web design services immediately. While pricier, the merits that come with professional work are too valuable to pass up on.

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