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7 Advantages of an Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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Picture this: you’re relaxing on your comfy couch, watching your favorite Netflix show while eating the meal you’ve been craving for all day long. It hits the spot just right, doesn’t it? Especially after a long day at work when all you could think about was this moment right now.

The pandemic took a lot from us. Going out to dinner was no longer comfortable, chatting with friends at a long table with a big spread was no longer attainable, so, the advantages of an online ordering system are pretty clear.

On the other hand, restaurant owners also faced challenges in the past years, and reinventing businesses was the only way to stay away from hanging the CLOSED sign on the door. Everything had to be managed well, and you had to get creative and flexible with restaurant promotions and deals customers couldn’t refuse, all the while keeping the food quality and services you offer in tip-top shape. So, we must admit, an online ordering system is convenient for both sides, pandemic or no pandemic.

Here are 7 ways that the restaurants benefit from customers ordering food and drinks online, straight from their location:

1. Encourage customers’ brand loyalty by saving them time

Dressing up, driving or calling for a cab, waiting for your order to be ready – all of these take time, and in the world we’re living in, time is the most precious resource we have. Especially when customers are in a rush or don’t want to leave their house, ordering online comes in handy. All they need to do is pick their favorite dish, choose a nice drink, and enjoy their meal after the driver rings the doorbell. As for restaurant owners, you don’t have to deal with clients directly or for a prolonged period of time, which can help you save money and a lot of energy. With GloriaFood, the online ordering system is simple to setup, and even easier to accept online orders straight from your own smartphone or tablet. Confirm the order, prepare the food, deliver it on time and get ready for the next orders.

2. Making real-time adjustments to your menu  

As a restaurant manager, you      know the hassle and effort it takes to change the menu. When the design is finished, and you sign off on everything, there always seems to be something else: a missing dish or product, a typo, or even price mistakes. With online ordering, these problems disappear. Using a restaurant menu builder gives you the chance to modify things in no time, and allows you to change your mind. You can use free stock photos from the wide variety offered by GloriaFood to make the menu attractive and ensure your clients press the order button.

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3. No investments in advertising

When you implement an online ordering system, you will be saving more money by cutting extra costs on advertising, ad-space, and third-party delivery apps. This, of course, works when you have a strong social media presence, and making it a known fact that your restaurant offers an online ordering system by also building a user-friendly website. This doesn’t have to be too complicated. The main rule is to post high-quality photos and keep the menu up to date. You can try a restaurant website builder, which you can generate within seconds with GloriaFood (see for yourself) and is also effective when it comes to sales and attracting new clients.

4. Keeping up to date with the latest trends

For most users, the comfort of using their phone and having a nice meal delivered is priceless, so why not give your food customers this opportunity? More than a trend, ordering food online has become a necessity, especially when running from one place to another and being unable to give a call or stop for a break. Moreover, customers get irritated when waiting for more than 5 minutes for their food- but we have the solution. Restaurant owners can keep customers satisfied if they enable them to order ahead their favorite meals while booking a restaurant table. What’s better than having your dinner served moments after getting seated at the table?

5. You can reach many more clients

The number of tables and sitting places in a restaurant is obviously limited. But the internet has this great quality of being limitless and open to everybody. This is a thing you can take advantage of as a restaurant manager because you won’t need to refuse a group of people when you are at full capacity. By ordering online, you can better manage your time so you can please everyone. As long as you stay true to your clients and give them the best service and an accurate delivery time, your business will be booming and you will be able to monitor your success by studying detailed reports and statistics provided by a free online ordering system.

6. You will be able to build a client profile

Nowadays, knowing how to attract clients is a very important thing. With Gloria Food, your clients are your own – getting customers via ordering platforms means that restaurant owners will most likely never get access to the customers info. Collecting data has become a necessity for most businesses. If you have many one-time customers that for one reason or another haven’t placed a second order, our “Encourage second order” campaign is perfect for you. It helps you build customer loyalty by turning one-time customers into regulars. 

7. Your restaurant becomes more visible

Usually, people in the neighborhood know your brand, and can maybe recognize the owner of the restaurant too. Implementing an online ordering system will allow you to expand your reach in even more than neighboring areas. Think about it, people all over the city will have a chance to order from your place once they see you online. You can use the heatmap function from GloriaFood to know where your customers are and promote your business offline, through flyers. It is the best offline advertising for your restaurant, with little to no costs.

8. Sell your foods even when you’re sleeping

Restaurant owners can sell food even while they sleep by enabling the Scheduled Orders feature. This allows the customer to place an order even when the actual restaurant is closed, and they can schedule their preferred pick-up time during open hours. 

New challenges, new opportunities

One thing is clear: every crisis is a challenge that makes those that overcome it much stronger. The pandemic was an opportunity to come up with different alternatives to our usual ways of living, from working remotely, to online school and to ordering food online instead of going out.  A web-based ordering method is a way of keeping close to your customers while delivering high-quality services. Stay connected and present, especially when your clients need it most.

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