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How to Buy Ads on Google Ads?

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One of the effective ways to bring relevant traffic to your website is through Google Ads, which was formerly known as Google AdWords. That’s because this is the largest and most-used online advertising platform worldwide! When you advertise on Google, then your brand has the potential to reach millions of people.

But where can you start? Read on to see how to buy ads on Google Ads and begin reaching your goals.

Google Ads are like an auction, though it isn’t like the regular auction, as your ad campaigns’ quality and relevance are taken into account. Meaning, the playing field will be for everyone and not just those who have the most money!

That’s why you need to learn how to buy ads on Google Ads effectively, as budget isn’t the only thing to consider. There are keywords, goals, target audiences, among other aspects to look into.

With that in mind, here are the steps on investing in Google Ads:

Create a New Ad Campaign

Before anything else, log in or sign up for a Google Ads Manager account. Once in the platform, navigate to your “Campaigns” tab, found on the left-hand vertical menu. From there, select the “Create” button on the upper left part of the screen, and click “New Campaign.”

Know Your Marketing Goal and Campaign Type

 Once you’ve clicked “New Campaign,” the next step is to select the marketing goal and ad campaign type. There are six marketing goals, which are:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Product and brand consideration
  • Brand awareness and reach
  • App promotion

You may also select no goal guidance.

There are three choices in Google search ads (leads, sales, website traffic) and six goals, all with its own use. Once you have selected your goal, you have to choose your campaign type. Click on “Search”, which creates text ads that will be displayed in Google’s search results.

Select the conversion point, which is how you want to achieve the advertising goal, with options given depending on the goal you selected. You can choose multiple options.

Create a Campaign Name

Next up, create the campaign name and select the advertising network. The name will only be visible for you, so create a name that can easily be identified among your other ad campaigns. Afterward, select the advertising network, either search or display.

 Select the Audience Targeting Settings

 You will then be prompted to put your specific audience targeting preference, based on their locations and languages. You can also input more specific audience settings, like interests, demographics, and affinity audience. This can help narrow down your target audience to get relevant traffic and not have to pay as much, if you choose pay-per-click advertising.

Set the Budget and Bidding

 What’s great about Google Ads is that you have the choice to set your daily budget so you won’t go overboard. There isn’t any minimum required daily budget, though a good start is $10 a day.

After that, select the bid strategy, selecting the ad interaction type to focus on. I recommend usng conversions, or you can also choose among clicks, conversion value, or the impression share.

Set Up Your Ad Extensions

 There will be additional lines of text below the ad, and it’s best that you take advantage of this, as it gives your ad more real estate and provides users with value, making them more inclined to check out who you are and what you have to offer.

Fix the Ad Groups and Keywords

 Once you’re done putting in all the campaign settings, set up your ad groups, which are grouped by your product or service, using shared sets of keywords.

Select the keywords, which google will suggest based on your site’s content. They’ll show you the popularity of the keyword so you can make your choice on what keywords to target. Also, select negative keywords for Google to know when your ad shouldn’t be displayed.

Write Your Ads

 Finally, write your Google ads, which is how the ad appears on your Google search resutls. Write two headlines and a quick description. Make sure this is eye-catching and interesting, drawing people in and motivating them to click your link.

Use your relevant keywords, state what you offer, give a reason to click your ad and end with a clear call to action. You can also include a promo for people to be more enticed!

Confirm and Launch the Ad Campaign

 After everything, you’re now ready to confirm and launch your new ad campaign. Review your ad and campaign details to make sure everything is perfect. Also make sure that you have the start and end date set correctly, as well as your payment information.

And you’re done! Monitor the ads to see its progress and optimize it as needed.

Wrapping It Up

When you’re considering to spending money on ads to reach goals for your brand or business, Google Ads is a great area to start in. Being the most popular website and search engine worldwide, advertising on there can definitely give you the exposure you need. However, you need to buy your ads correctly and come up with a good campaign!

Hopefully, you were able to understand how Google Ads works and where to begin purchasing ads from this article. Now, get going and begin reaching goals now!

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