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7 Most Popular Types of Websites in 2022 With Examples


On the Internet, there are almost 2 billion websites. That is more than the human eye can see when looking up at the stars in a starry night sky. Even though this could seem a little daunting, a straightforward technique can help make this situation more accessible. It is known as classification and has been used for ages in all facets of life.

You merely enable yourself to better grasp and familiarise yourself with the current websites by categorizing them into several categories. That would also make it easier for you to distinguish between them. It will also be quite helpful in determining which of them is best for your objectives. This article’s main goal is to support you in completing this task.

We have chosen to offer you the popular websites 2022 types, even though there may be other criteria that can be used to classify the various types of websites. We also provide some examples of websites and best practices for each type.

LMS Website

One common category of a membership website is an LMS (Learning Management System) website. They concentrate on offering online education to their users.

These websites for online courses may be run by established educational institutions, training facilities, or independent instructors. On a single topic or a range of topics, they offer online courses, tutorials, tips, tricks, videos, etc.

For instance, Coursera.org is a well-known custom LMS development platform that provides adaptable, reasonably priced, and career-relevant online learning. And it applies to both people and businesses all across the world.

Some LMS sites charge for their courses, while others offer free courses. However, a few expensive online course providers are kind enough to offer a few free trials.

Some LMS sites charge for their courses, while others offer free courses. However, a few expensive online course providers are kind enough to offer a few free trials.

It has been noticed that these e-learning platforms have benefited many students as a result. And the reason for that is that you can quickly access them from any location to learn about your interests.

The following are some of the top LMS websites available:

  • Coursera.org
  • W3Schools.com
  • edX.org
  • Open Yale Courses

If you wish to manage an LMS website, WordPress makes it simple web design to do so. WordPress LMS plug-ins and LMS themes are widely available. You can easily create the e-learning site of your dreams by using them. You get to encourage folks to pursue online learning as a result.

Business Website

A company website is one of the most successful website sorts that companies build to reflect their brand online. A business website often tries to inform visitors about the firm’s products and services while promoting them. These websites consequently establish a solid internet presence for their company.

The term “business websites” refers to a wide range of websites with a business purpose, such as eCommerce sites, commercial blogs, and other websites. As a result, some websites can be classified as both business and eCommerce websites or as both business websites and blogs.

Consider Microsoft.com as simple website examples.

This website serves as both an online store and a business because it allows readers to purchase the things it sells through checkout options and instructional and promotional content.

The credibility of the company is increased by having a legitimate business website. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to believe in businesses and commercial organizations with a strong internet presence than those without.

Now, look at some of the most well-known company examples of websites that will motivate you.

  • Microsoft (Technology business)
  • World Financial Group (Finance consultancy)
  • Chicago French Press (Coffee and tea business)
  • Ladies Get Paid (Professional course for women)
  • Forbes (Business news and blog Site)

eCommerce Website

E-commerce websites are, without a doubt, the most successful website straightforward approach to making money from protect your website. These websites serve primarily as online shopping directories designed to facilitate the online sale of goods to consumers. E-commerce websites have a shopping cart and a mechanism to make a purchase using a credit card, PayPal, or another payment gateway for marketplace development. These websites can serve as standalone stores or add to blogs or business websites.

E-commerce websites have grown in popularity mostly due to their dramatic improvement in recent years. Nowadays, almost every trustworthy CMS provides tools or plug-ins for online sales. WordPress must provide WooCommerce, an adaptable open-source plug-in made exclusively for online sales of goods and services. WooCommerce has a big advantage over other systems in that it can be fully customized to meet unique business requirements.

Most likely, you’ve already used an online store. Several of the examples of websites online stores are:

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Tmall
  • Elegant Themes

Personal Website

A popular and well-liked type of website for individuals and families who want to document various life events is the blog. When WordPress developed 17 years ago, its purpose was to act as a system for producing blogs. We are all aware of how WordPress eventually developed into a sophisticated CMS capable of supporting a wide range of web content. WordPress is still the most popular website and well-known blogging platform, from individual bloggers to sophisticated brand-building teams.

On the Internet, there are still millions of blogs. A blog’s primary tone is one of information, and it is simple for one or many people to keep it current. Blogs can be made on various topics, including cooking, travel, sharing memories, beauty, and other topics. We suggest keeping your blog honest if you wish to create one. Personalize it, and be sure to fill it with original stuff. By doing so, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and draw in more new customers.

Here are some different types of website.

  • Matt Mullenweg
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
  • Kristi Hines

Educational Website

Websites that are specifically designed to provide students with instructional materials and information are known as educational websites. They are portals for offering online courses or an educational institution’s internet presence.

Information from educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities is available on their websites. Details about the organization, its programs, notices, schedules, outcomes, personnel, etc. Visitors and students can access the website to find the necessary information.

These days, almost every educational institution has a website. The different types of website are listed below.

  • George Washington University
  • Smith School
  • University of Chicago
  • Ashoka University
  • University of Toronto
  • Kathmandu University

News/Magazine Website

Online news is published through portals on news and magazine websites. They have proven quicker in providing readers with local or international news.

News websites typically cover politics, the environment, current events, upcoming events, sports, etc. Unlike entertainment websites, which only cover amusing occurrences. However, occasionally there might be a fusion of news and entertainment websites.

Websites for news and magazines are developed by well-known media companies like newspapers, TV networks, and FM radio stations. It enhances their current offering. At the same time, others are left to their own devices.

These websites make money through adverts and paid subscription models.

Here are a few well-known news outlets and simple website examples.

  • The Washington Post
  • BBC
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Time
  • CNN
  • Fox News

Podcast Website

A podcast website offers a selection of digital audio files that visitors may easily download to their devices. You must have a podcast website to strengthen your brand if you produce podcasts.

So, a podcast website is a resource for listeners to learn more about you and your program. And these trending websites are currently becoming fairly popular. Since many people are interested in hearing the most recent news, learning new things, etc.

Additionally, users can connect with others who share their interests. So, from a podcast website, fans can gather and search for whatever they need to know.

Here is a list of some well-known podcast trending websites so you can get ideas for launching your own.

  • 99% Invisible
  • The Beerists
  • Talking Sopranos
  • The Smarter Sales Show
  • The Athletic Perspective


We listed the top 7 categories of trending websites that are developed daily around the world. The best part is that WordPress can be used to create any of these kinds of websites. And it can fit your budget and is completed quickly. You must determine which form best suits your requirements. Whatever type of website you decide to create, make sure it will benefit your audience.

From there, you’ll need further planning and study to ensure you’re using the finest strategies for developing your internet presence. The future success of your business depends on having a most popular website that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

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