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8 Low / No-Code Website Builders To Try In 2023

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Anyone who’s looking for a way to build your own website or blog quickly and easily should consider using a platform which lets you build an online presence with little to know experience of coding.

Thankfully, there are plenty of low-code and no-code website builders out there that make it super-straightforward to set up your site in no time. Here are some of the top options you should consider trying.


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution, Subbly is worth a try. It’s designed specifically for subscription businesses, so you don’t need any knowledge about coding or web development in order to get started.

You can choose from dozens of ready-made subscription website templates that fit different types of businesses, customize them with drag-and drop widgets, and add features like payment gateways without any technical expertise whatsoever. Subbly also provides hosting services, so there’s nothing else to worry about once your site is live.


SquareSpace is another great option if you want something robust but easy enough even for beginners who don’t know anything about coding or web development tools.

It offers several pre-constructed templates with beautiful designs, as well as powerful features like search engine optimization and ecommerce solutions built right into the platform itself.

You can also add custom code snippets if needed, making SquareSpace one versatile tool for ambitious website owners.


For those who really want something simple yet visually appealing, Wix could be just what they need. This cloud-based platform has tons of templates available which can be fully customized using drag & drop interface without having any prior experience in web design at all.

Not only that, but Wix also allows users to create their own online store complete with a shopping cart feature giving them more control over their business than ever before.


The popularity of WordPress is hard to ignore, so when talking about building websites quickly & easily it’s very much worth considering.

With thousands upon thousands free plugins available, as well as tons of custom themes, WordPress offers almost limitless customization. It’s also got its own website builder which lets you quickly set up a simple site without needing to be an expert in design or coding.

It’s worth noting that there are two distinct versions of WordPress out there; the commercial .com iteration and the open-source .org equivalent. The former is the one to visit if you’re looking for an all-encompassing site building experience, complete with hosting packages and so forth.


HostGator is a great option for those looking to build an online presence in less time and with minimal effort. It offers dozens of pre-made templates that are ready to go, so total novices won’t be overwhelmed.

Also worth noting is the powerful feature set available via HostGator. Like its closest rivals, you’ll get baked-in abilities for things like SEO and online shopping. And of course if you don’t want to mess around with using a separate hosting provider, HostGator can take the reins here as well.


GoDaddy is another popular choice when it comes to creating websites with no/low code builders. It offers plenty of bespoke tweaking options, as well as features like drag & drop widgets which make putting together the perfect site an absolute breeze even if you’ve never written a single line of HTML.

GoDaddy provides hosting services too, meaning that after setting up your website all there’s left for you to do is launch it and watch the visitors roll in.


Weebly makes building websites the opposite of taxing with its simple yet powerful drag & drop interface. You can choose from dozens of beautifully designed themes and tinker with them however you’d like without needing any technical know-how or experience whatsoever.

Furthermore, Weebly allows users to create their own online stores, giving them more control over their business than ever before. If you’ve dreamt of selling goods and services online, this is one of several swift ways to jump on the ecommerce gravy train.


Last but certainly not least, Ionos offers plenty of features such as custom domain names, email accounts, SSL certificates and more making this another great choice for those looking to get started on building their very own website in a matter of hours.

With Ionos, users can select from hundreds of different templates all tailored towards different businesses, industries and niches giving everyone something that suits their specific needs.

Final thoughts

It’s useful to be discerning in the website builder you choose, because if the platform you select is suited to your needs then it will take less time to get the results you desire.

For instance, while the multipurpose site builders mentioned above are fine for all sorts of projects, selecting specialist tools like Subbly if you’ve got a particular market niche that you’re targeting makes more sense.

Pricing can also vary, even at the more affordable end of the market, so if your budget is tight then don’t be afraid to compare costs closely.