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8 Tips to Build an Outstanding Web Developer Portfolio

8 Tips to Build an Outstanding Web Developer Portfolio

When you are a professional web developer (The website developer), you are up against any website-creation challenge. But, developing a productive and yet artistic website portfolio for your own isn’t something you’re familiar with. So, the question arises, what is a Web Developer Portfolio? In short, web developers portfolio is a profile you create to present your skills, experience, projects, and even your bio to potential clients and employers. Let’s go through these 8 Tips to Build an Outstanding Web Developer Portfolio:

Own a website

Create an excellent website for the apparent reason (Because that’s what you do and people will hire you for).

You want to let everyone know precisely what you do the instant they visit your main page, and here are several techniques to make that happen. It hardly takes visitors a few seconds to figure out what you can create for them.

Show your specialties’ & services you can offer

If you create websites for small businesses, say that. If you’re passionate about Ruby on Rails, let your clients know.

You want to clarify what you do and specialize in your design or web developer portfolio since design or built positions can vary. Again, making your specialities highlight helps attract potential clients.

Add relevant vital skills

Adding relevant skills to your portfolio will help you grab the exact kind of client base that you are looking for. Essential skills may be the framework you work on, special tools, software, etc.

Put efforts into the design

Creating a clear and brief online portfolio/resume design is essential. Whatever you desire it to, as long as it looks elegant and reflects who you are. But if you are more into design than development, it becomes even more beneficial. It’s not just about the layout and perfect sitemap and navigation of your site but also the UI and engagement. People are likely more attracted to great visuals.

Keep it simple

Most website visitants don’t like clutter and absolutely won’t be reliable to paddle through it to discover what you’re contributing. A clean portfolio design or your resume should appeal to you as well.

It will undoubtedly appeal to your site visitors. A clean layout will testify to your skills and work ethic, and if you feel it’s needed, you can forever use the color combination; font and texture in a way that will make your character stand out.

Attach social media profiles

social medias portfolio

Consider using GitHub, but you should also make sure you attach to your LinkedIn profile (make sure it’s updated!), and if you have an immeasurable reputation on the position as an active user, linking Stack Outlet is also a good idea. Do not attach non-professional social media accounts.

Don’t Include too Many Samples

Add around 8 to 10 websites you’ve developed on display and say that’s more than sufficient. After around ten website samples, people will stop scrolling, which is particularly significant Intel when you’re attempting to catch a prospective client or employer and keep their engagement.

Make your contact visible

Making your contact visible will be the last step. Let’s presume that the visitor likes your work and wants to make a contract with you. Your contact details are the thing he/she will look for.

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