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Complete Guide Of Using Backlinks As A Part Of Your SEO Strategy

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Backlinks are one of the main tools of the off-page SEO for your site. There are different types of backlinks, which affect the page ranking of a web resource. In this article, we will talk about link building and the main rules of search engine promotion with the help of internal and external backlinks building strategies.

Why Backlinks Are Important For SEO

Search algorithms on Google and other systems determine the relevance of the subject of the site to the search query through content and link mass. The more your site is linked to other Internet resources with a good reputation, the higher it is positioned in search results. This is done to ensure that only the most reputable resources to which other sites link are included in the top results.

All SEO linking strategies are aimed at increasing the number of sites with links to your web resource. A few years ago, it was much easier to do. Now the search algorithms have improved and using the mass purchase of backlinks in cheap directories will not work. You need to add SEO backlinks to pages with unique thematic content on relevant sites. How to do it? Read on!

Types Of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks:

  • Nofollow — links that are not indexed by search engines;
  • Dofollow — links indexed by search engines.

Proper SEO strategy involves using two types of backlinks in the promotion. However, the number and quality of indexable backlinks with the [dofollow] tag should be greater. A similar distribution was created back in 2005 when Google stopped indexing nofollow links. This was done to prevent site owners from spamming links in comments, chat rooms, and free directories.

Why should you use both types of backlinks in SEO? Nofollow links are very useful, although they are not indexed. For example, in many CMS (e.g., WordPress) this attribute is assigned by default to all user links. This makes it possible to successfully fight spam in comments because spam links with nofollow can no longer affect the SEO position of the site. The nofollow tag is also useful for marking links to various service pages: authorization, personal account, and any other pages. These are the pages that are not normally indexed by search engines.

How To Create Good Backlinks

There are a few rules for creating quality backlinks.

Consistency with the theme of the site.

Backlinks for your site should be published on other sites that are relevant to the topic. For example, you should only publish backlinks to your online plumbing store on sites with a relevant topic (e.g., a household or handyman blog). Backlinks will not be effective if you publish them without relevance to the topic.

Unique and interesting content.

You should get backlinks only on pages with unique, thematic, and interesting content. It is best to write a new structured text for each backlink. If the article or page will not be well indexed by search engines, the benefits of backlinks will not be any.

High site authority.

Choose carefully sites for linking. The pages of authoritative sites with high popularity have the highest ranking. The original Google patent states that authority is divided equally among all outbound links on the page. So if you have backlinks from two pages, and one has more outbound links than the other, all other things being equal, the link from the page with fewer outbound links gives more authority.

But is it that simple today? Probably not. Google has many patents describing different methods for determining the relevance of backlinks. In addition, internal links also affect page authority. You need to individually choose the sites for which you want to improve backlink profile. You can buy backlinks at Adsy service. As it is the easiest way to create backlinks fast.


Backlinks are important when it comes to ranking on search engines (such as Google). However, not all backlinks are equal. Their quality and usefulness are influenced by relevance, placement on the page, and other factors. To promote your site use the SEO tools taking into account the recommendations in our article. This will help your web resource to become more popular.

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