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How Can A Student Start Earning Money With Good Web Design Skills?

College students often have time free in their calendar and that’s reason enough to start a side hustle. One can have two benefits from this – add experience to their kitty and make some money to handle part expenses individually. Usually, these side hustles must be selected based on one’s skills and hobbies.

Web design is one such domain to explore and land small projects that can help them get on to the practical side of the business and create design solutions for companies or individuals.

Create a portfolio 

The first step to landing paying clients is to create an impressive portfolio of work done in the past or displaying skills you are equipped with. In the design domain, all you need to put across is your creativity and imagination to create meaningful design solutions for a prospective client.

On the other hand, a prospective client will look for possibilities to work with you, given your skills match what they are looking for. If you’re an experienced designer, then the portfolio is where you must display all your great work, which will help decide a fair remuneration for your services. A fresher can start by signing up on platforms to learn graphic design for free.

Upgrade existing skills 

Design is a highly competitive and creative field and that requires you to be on top of new software and design skills. To begin with, focus on your strengths and weak areas to establish the kind of projects you are equipped to take up. Alongside, identify areas that need more learning and parallelly work on brushing up the required skills for high-quality web design jobs.

Collaboration is the key to successful projects and if you feel you need to hire someone to do your assignments, just go for the best. I choose Writix to do my assignment for timely completing assignments and to ensure good grades in college. As a student, you will have to deliver good quality work and if you’re looking for someone to do your homework or do statistics homework in particular, you need professional help to get the desired grades and performance. This will also help you focus on your paid web design projects and deliver quality at college and work.

Intern with design houses 

Look for paid internships with leading design houses and offer your services in exchange for learning and lessons from their teams. Your summer and winter breaks are an ideal time to spend working at your choice of companies and coming out with more knowledge and learning at the end of a term.

Another great benefit of internships is that while they help you learn the skills and practices followed at work, you also get a chance to prove yourself and your skills to be able to secure a full-time job with the same organization in the future. Make contacts while you intern, and go back after you’ve completed graduation to discover more about the design field.

Freelance your way 

Freelancing is an extremely flexible and independent way to work and secure money individually for your web design solutions. You can pick and choose projects according to your schedule, skills and also decide a basic fee you’d charge for your services. As this is at your discretion, you can decide to drop taking projects around examinations or accept multiple projects in months where classes and projects are easy to manage.

Look at freelancing portals that offer several projects open for bidding. Bid, place your requests and upon discussion with the prospective clients, you can decide to take up the projects that interest you.

Get creative and blogging 

The extensive use of web platforms has given rise to independent blogging. All you need to start is some ideas, a system, and an internet connection to put your voice out there. If you are a design enthusiast, then start a blog where you talk about the various design tools and elements, projects, and gigs to the readers.

Blogging also helps brush up on other skills while you create your niche in the design space. However, you must remain consistent and your blog must be in line with your design vision. The initial return may be zero to little in the blogging domain, but regular engagements can help land brand integrations and collaborations to increase profits and an identity.


Start with the ideas in mind and continue to learn skills as the web design world is dynamic with fast-changing interests and demanding solutions from clients. Stay consistent in learning new tools and make use of the platforms available to connect with fellow designers on chances of collaboration. Look around in college and see if you could find a partner to help you create meaningful and effective design solutions.

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Brandon Kryeger works for a digital agency that serves international clients and his role to manage their content requirements. He’s a brilliant writer and his blogs and academic papers are something worth reading. Besides his work, he’s crazy for his dogs and, in his free time, plays with them and grooms them.


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