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How Content Creators Can Stay Safe Online

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Today more and more people try blogging as it’s the best way for creative people to earn enough money for a living by doing their favorite work. However, with the content you share growing daily, the risks of falling victim to some scams are also increasing rapidly. In the last few years, many people have been interested in learning more info how to track cell phone without permission, so you need to be aware of the common signs that you might be dealing with phone monitoring. And also, remember to follow the simple rules that will secure your online activities and reduce the potential risks in no time.

Use complex logins and passwords and two-factor authentification

Use unique passwords on social networks that you haven’t used to log in to other resources. This is a helpful habit since social network pages can easily be hacked. Using unique passwords for every website you use is a good idea because the most common passwords, like Qwerty, are easily guessable. Without a strong combination, you might fall victim to data thieves in no time.

The second most helpful thing you can do is to implement multi-factor authentication. Then you have to use a second digital device to confirm your authorization. Typically, it is a smartphone.

Don’t click on suspicious links

Even if a link that pops up promises something exciting and profitable, it’s better to avoid clicking it. If someone you know sends you a link without any comments, first find out what this is all about. Your friend may have been hacked, and fraudsters are now using his profile to send out malware.

Install antivirus programs

A virus is a malicious program penetrating your computer, laptop, or smartphone differently. It can not only interfere with work, for example, making inaccessible part of the permanent memory, but also steal confidential information: logins, passwords, and bank details. Also, you should know there are antiviruses to protect against viruses. Therefore, it is crucial to use them and update their databases periodically because malware creators launch new developments on the Internet now and then.

Update, update, update

Software always contains vulnerabilities, and attackers exploit those weaknesses in software code that become known. Security-conscious and responsible software vendors try to find and fix vulnerabilities in their applications as quickly as possible. The key to creating a quality program is paying particular attention to security issues. They need to be considered at the level of development of a new software product. For the user, this means constantly updating your software as soon as there is a new update.

Be aware of Wi-Fi connections

Many people use public Wi-Fi networks. With their help, you can connect to the Internet at the airport, store, cafe, and even in the park. But not all people understand that public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, and when using them, you need to follow some rules:

  • Don’t visit essential resources if you have to provide your username and password.
  • Update your antivirus.
  • Use only a secure connection through the HTTPS protocol. If the site address starts with “HTTP:” – do not open it.

All these rules must be observed because Wi-Fi is one of the most accessible ways hackers can break into devices.