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How Geolocation Can Improve Your Online Dating Web Marketing

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Swipe Right! A phrase that had no meaning at all a decade or so ago but which now carries with it the promise of love (or at least a good date)! 

It’s projected that 23.8 million people used dating apps in 2018, with half of all 18–34-year-olds making use of them. And with so many people joining dating sites and meeting for serious relationships, it’s about time you ride the wave by creating your own dating platform.

Developing a dating app is a profitable investment if you know what it takes to market it right. Though it’s impossible to put a monetary value on love, there’s plenty of evidence demonstrating the demand for dating applications in the modern world. Income from the global online dating business is expected to increase from $1.225 billion in 2016 to $1.610 billion in 2022. But, if you’re going to start your site, be sure to back it with the right marketing strategy, and that’s when geolocation marketing comes into play.

The Use of Geolocation in the Dating Industry

With the help of location-based marketing, dating services may communicate with potential customers on a more personal level, both online and in person. After collecting this data, companies will better understand where and how their target audience likes to shop.

If you’ve used sites for adult dating, have you ever wondered how so many of your “potential” partners found their way to your feed? As it turns out, neither your taste in music nor your preferred mode of communication is the most important factor in the matching algorithm. It all depends on where you are!

According to studies, physical proximity is one of the most influential factors that contribute to attraction. In 1950, psychologists made a major contribution to the area when they discovered that relationships were “controlled in great part by physical and functional distance.” Simply put, you’re more likely to develop intimate relationships with others who are physically (or mentally) close to you. This phenomenon is known as the proximity or propinquity effect, and geolocation technology helps you take advantage of that when running a marketing campaign.

Geo-Dating on Mobile Devices

The use of geolocation in the adult dating industry is a growing trend. It has been used to facilitate online dating and as a way to help people find potential partners in their local area. Lately, it has gone mobile.

Businesses practice mobile targeting when they direct advertisements to specific mobile users. Marketers strive to make their ads time-, device-, and place-specific to counteract consumers’ natural aversion to them.

Ads on mobile devices can be targeted precisely when the advertiser uses a segmentation tool to specify the demographics and interests of their intended audience (when they enter a certain area). In the dating industry, you can utilize it to identify the users interacting with your platform. For instance, if you’re running an adult dating site, you can learn about the age group of your regular users and then create a marketing plan geared towards them.

Mobile marketers can now more precisely connect with their customers by using location data to send them tailored messages delivered straight to their phones. Taking a more specific advertising approach can help marketers get better results.

Social media platforms are an excellent illustration of mobile-specific targeting. However, in the context of online dating, the rise of smartphones and social media has created a new and efficient channel to communicate with your target audiences. You might use it to inform your potential customers about forthcoming features on your website. Or, you can quickly inform them of new pricing features specific to their physical location. 

Not only this, you can make it easier for targeted customers to complete in-site, in-app purchases, which is surely going to help you grow as a dating site. 

Increasing Geographic Location Targets

By taking advantage of geolocation features and utilizing GPS services on mobile devices, you can tweak your marketing strategies on the go. When you can identify your most valuable customers, you can create personalized ads for them. 

Making it possible for people to choose partners based on their physical proximity can directly increase the matchmaking rate. Sometimes, people want to meet adult singles in their local areas, even if they don’t seem to fit other search criteria.

With more users finding your site useful, you’ll be able to grow your customer base, which means your ads will be visible to a larger audience. This, in turn, is going to increase your revenue and make your dating business more successful. 

SEO Geo-Targeting

Another great benefit of using Geolocation marketing is focusing your attention on certain people. That’s where SEO geo-targeting comes into the picture.

Geo-targeting is “the process of delivering material to a user based on that user’s geographic location.” To rephrase, geo-targeting is how search engine optimization specialists connect with nearby users via organic search.

When looking to increase your marketing success, it will always be crucial to produce high-quality content. Reaching a large number of potential readers in a wide variety of locales reduces the likelihood that your information will be well received. With SEO Geo-Targeting, you may distribute more targeted messaging, and that can again help you increase traffic to your site and make it work better.

Pricing by Geography

The term “geographical pricing,” which is also known as “location pricing,” describes the process of setting different prices for your dating service in different regions 

If you employ a regional pricing approach, you can adjust your prices to reflect the specific needs of various regions and marketplaces. It’s tailored to meet the wants and needs of local shoppers.

You can create region-specific dating sites, and local SEO to target daters prepared to pay less with cheaper pricing plans. This way, you won’t lose them. And you can make more profit by increasing your prices a little in places where consumers place a higher value on relationships and matchmaking.

Monetize by Location with Local Ads

You can utilize real-time location data to make better-targeted offers to make your dating business work. This need not be constrained to a person’s actual location. 

Timing and communication can be influenced by location data as well. Analysis may reveal, for instance, that a consumer is more likely to interact with an ad while on the train or commuting; this information would be useful in deciding when to deliver the ad. 

The copy and art departments could potentially benefit from location data. Instead of using stock photos, your marketing team might use pictures of the city where your target audience lives. Messages that are read and understood are much more likely to be ones that are engaged with than those that are ignored, and these two factors have become increasingly important 


The fact of the matter is that starting a dating site is a great business venture, but to make it work, you need to know where your audience is. Geolocation is the way to make that happen. Using location-based data not only helps you make informed marketing decisions but also enables your members to find relevant matches with ease. Over time, it’s sure to help your business grow!

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