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How To Budget For Website Redesign

With customers spending more time on the internet and beginning their search for products or services online, websites have become a necessity rather than an option for businesses. Having a good website can help your company generate better leads and grow your customer base.

Companies that have websites may need to redesign them from time to time. The main reasons for redesigning a website include the need to rebrand your business, attract more leads, enhance user experience, and increase organic traffic.

Importance Of Budgeting For A Website Redesign Project

Although redesigning a website may seem complicated, planning and budgeting for the process extensively in advance can make the load lighter.

Having a clear budget for your site redesign project enables you to raise the funds you need to finance the work. Companies can borrow funds from lenders to finance their projects if they can’t raise money internally. If you need financing for your website redesign project, check Credibly  to secure a small business loan.

If you plan to redesign your website, here are four ways to budget for the project:

Craft A Redesign Strategy

One factor that determines the cost of redesigning a website is strategy. Before you start developing details for your new website, clarify the purpose. In doing so, you consider what your visitors will get from your site. Be clear on why you need to redesign your website and what you want to achieve before meeting with your designer.

Website strategy includes the features that your website should have. It includes what you want the new website to do and what your users need it to do. A website redesign strategy should also include the content management aspect.

If you want the website design agency to help with this, you need to include the cost in your website redesign budget.

Determine The Size Of Your Website

Your website redesign budget will also be affected by the number of web pages you want on your new website. Ideally, the more pages your website has, the higher the cost of redesigning it. However, the price may reduce if the web pages have reusable elements replicable across the site without designing them afresh on each web page.

Although you may opt for a sophisticated design to appeal to your audience, having a solid strategy can keep your costs low. Better still, you can make your site redesign budget reasonable by opting for a clean, simple, but modern design.

Decide The Site Functionality Features You Want

Customization of website functions is the other factor affecting your website redesign budget. Often, designers cost web design projects based on the features’ complexity and the time required to get the job done.

Some aspects of site functionality that may push your website redesign budgets include personalization features and the choice of self-selection tools like live chats. Some companies opt to build their self-selection tools, which is a less costly option.

Other site functionality aspects that may influence the cost of your website redesign project include membership portals that allow specific people to view certain pages. If you want to sell products or services on your website, you’ll need to add e-Commerce functionalities.

If you decide to add third-party integrations to your new website, you’ll need to include the cost in the budget as well.

Consider Content Development Costs

When redesigning your website, you need to allocate resources for developing content. Whether you decide to outsource these tasks or create content in-house, you need to factor the cost into your budget.

Consider costs relating to creating web content, review, and content implementation. When budgeting for copywriting services, consider the number of pages your website will have, as most copywriters charge an hourly or per-page fee. Content implementation involves posting written copies on your website.

If the website agency you’re working with doesn’t offer these services, allocate resources for hiring someone else to do the job in your website redesign budget. The other content-related aspect to include in a website redesign budget is content review services to ensure the information posted on your site is free of grammatical errors.

Further, budget for video and image editing services if you plan to post visual content on your website.

Final Thoughts 

A website is a sales, marketing, and customer service tool for any business company. If you realize yours isn’t performing these functions effectively, it’s time to redesign it. Although the website redesign process may be tasking, preparing a comprehensive budget can make the process easier and more fruitful. If you plan to redesign your website soon, apply the four tips discussed above in the budgeting process.

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