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How to build a website if you are cut with time and budget?

 Today getting online is easier than ever. More than 200 million active websites are available for users, that is why almost every company and even individuals have their website. However, it would be an expensive process to create an attractive and useful website. Building a website can cost as little as $5 per month with a website builder while hiring a web designer can cost more than $10 000. The total cost will depend on the level of hired professionals and apps for the website. Most of the money is spent on design, advertisement, and texts. If you are limited in budget, we have prepared some tips below on how you could save money.  

Choose a Plan

Once you have a great idea to create a website, the first few steps you are going to take is to find a domain name and to choose the best website builder, but first read reviews about them to select the best option. Most website builders propose a free plan or a plan with a free trial period. Therefore, if your budget is tight, a free plan can be the best solution for the first period. We recommend studying the best free website builders to choose the most appropriate for your website. 

The disadvantage of a free plan is the restrictions towards the amount of traffic and an absence of opportunity to install all the desired apps but you can upgrade your plan to a paid one at any time. Website builders vary in price and it will cost either 5$ per month or even $50 per month. You decide which plan is better to choose because it depends on the type of your business and the opportunities you need.  

Use an Existing Template

Firstly, a good way to build a website with minimum costs is to find and use a pre-made template. With the help of such templates, you can reduce and eliminate the money which you would spend on a designer or a web developer. You can find hundreds of different website templates for all types of businesses. For example, you can choose a WordPress platform with about a thousand templates. 

Reduce Total Amount of Website Pages

It is not necessary to perform tons of information for your client, especially if you are a small company or a start-up. Each page you build takes time and money, especially when you need to hire writers to create content as well as graphic designers to build an appropriate template for each page. The history of your company is interesting, but it is not necessary to write a lot of information about it. Write as simple as possible. 

Use free or low-priced services

The Internet is full of free stock photos, free photo editing tools, free infographic tools, website templates, and builders. Each of the mentioned tools can help you to create a professional-looking website without spending too much time and money. Thus, regardless of your industry or audience, you will be able to find the most appropriate design that suits all the needs and requirements. 

Find and Download Apps 

Apps are useful for the website and you need to install all the desired, almost all you can download for free but with limited functions. Search for what you need, choose an app, and then click “Add”. 

Website Content 

If you do not want to pay for a third party to build and develop your website, you can write the content and find the appropriate graphic and photos by yourself. Use the tips, how to write articles for website content to create interesting and useful content.

Optimize your Website for Search Engines 

It is significant to optimize the work of the website for search engines. To save time and money, you need to fill your website with the relevant keywords. Keywords are the words you need to use in Google for searching. Check the website links in order your website does not have broken links. Therefore, it would be great to do keyword research. 

All the tips to make an amazing website will be useful to cut your costs and time when building a website. Firstly, sign up for a free website builder. Secondly, it is necessary to customize a template with an appropriate design and style. Then, find and download all apps that will be essential for your business, choose free ones or the apps with a free trial period. Write an interesting description for the provided activity of your company as well as make your photos or find photos in free stocks.  

Do not forget to preview the finished version of a website. Thus, once you have added all your content and choose the domain name, it is the best time to get your website online. Most website builders provide this function and it is usually as easy as clicking a button.  

Publish the Website 

Always check changes to your website before publishing them. You need to be sure that your website involves correct spelling and grammar, all the buttons on the website work correctly. Also, we recommend checking the format and double-checking the functions on desktop and mobile phone screens.  

Do not worry if you want to change images or design but you need to publish the website because your time to publish is over, you can go back and make changes to your site at any time. Don’t forget about the mobile version, because a large number of people use Google to search on their phones.  


A website on a budget is entirely possible to implement. Now you are aware there is a variety of opportunities to build a website that will not only look professional but also will be useful and not as expensive as it can be. And if you’ve got a minimum technical background, you’ll be able to save even more!

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