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Website Analytics: what are the free tools ? 

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What is Website Analytics?

Website Analytics means analysis, measurement, and reporting of website data. It is used to optimize web usage and know about the performance and status of a website. It is also used for market and business research, and for accessing and improving the performance of a website. 

Web analytics applications help organizations know the results of broadcast advertising or traditional print campaigns in such a way that they can analyze traffic changes to their websites after launching an advertising campaign. Web analytics mainly gives information about the number of web page views, general site visitors, and sales of a website. 

Best Free Tools For Website Analytics 

Here are some best tools for website analytics which you can use without paying: 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools for website analytics. It is completely free. You just have to put the Google Analytics code into the HTML of your website and this tool will then provide you a proper report of multiple things including the number of visitors on different web pages, amount of time which they spend on your website, and all the actions they take through your website. Google Analytics will even tell you whether a web visitor shares web content on other platforms or clicks on an ad. When the report is completed, Google logs save that for future use. 


SimilarWeb provides deep insights for the website. You can easily get insights on different competitors and also do general research by utilizing its homepage search tool. 

If you need to get some information about other websites to improve your content then this tool will be perfect for you. It can compare your content with other site’s content, show which web pages of your website are performing well, and which aren’t, and also show where visitors are coming from. 

By choosing this option, you will be able to know the actual value of your marketing work and you can also know about the web pages of your website which are not making progress.

PageSpeed Insights

Your website might load pages at a slow speed even with a good internet connection. In this case, you will not get several visitors due to the slow speed of your website. 

PageSpeed Insights is a free Google tool for web analytics which allows you to analyze the loading time and performance of a website easily on mobile phones as well as desktops. 

Your website might become slow due to several factors like poor server optimization, network latency, or huge file sizes. PageSpeed Insights tells the main reason behind this matter and also gives you multiple suggestions about how you can resolve such issues.  


Once you download this tool, you can directly host it on any server. Piwik provides several unique features like easy keyword searches, visitor maps, and event tracking. The things which make it different from its competitors is its unlimited data storage and high rated mobile application.

You can easily see all of your website details on its dashboard. Piwik also indicates which content is performing well and which one requires more improvement. 

Its self-hosted version is completely free and it also offers a free trial of 30 days for the premium account. 


Most of the people don’t know that spammers, hackers, and bots visit their web pages and misguide web page views by hiding the real traffic reports. 

PaveAI is very expert in removing such fake website traffic from the analytic results to provide a clear report. 

PaveAl integrates with Google Analytics. It will be a great option for you if you want to analyze your web traffic accurately. 


It is very difficult to know about all of your website analytics in minimum time. Cyfe makes it easy by allowing you to analyze all your web details at a single platform with the help of several different parameters.

It helps monitor website analytics, marketing level, social media details, and web sales. Its pricing starts from free and goes up to $29 per month.

Visual Website Optimizer 

Visual Website Optimizer or simply VWO is an A/B testing tool. It provides many options to test different textual, and graphical on-page elements. You can record visitor sessions through its live user recording feature for the playback analysis. It helps you discover errors that appear anytime throughout the day. It provides a free trial of its website analytics services and for using it forever, you will have to pay a little bit.

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