How to Showcase Seasonal Sales on Your Website


Bringing new and returning customers to your website requires sharing fresh content and on-point offers. Seasonal sales help online retailers move stale inventory and showcase new arrivals.

Seasonal sales are a great way to keep content fresh on your website. People often look for items within the season they need them, so putting up sales for a holiday a couple months in advance is a smart move. Same goes for seasonal products that people use in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

Pay attention to when local stores put out things for holidays and seasons and follow their lead as much as possible. Big box retailers such as Walmart or Macy’s have teams of market researchers able to figure out the best timing for seasonal sales.

How to Ramp Up Online Sales

Around 80% of people who say they’re dissatisfied with a website go to a competitor’s page. The longer one keeps them on a website, the more likely they are to buy from that retailer. Once a business gets them on their website, they need to move them through the sales funnel and take them from a shopper to a buyer.

Seasonal sales offer one way to not only bring new traffic to a page but turn leads into customers. Special offers pull in different audience segments a business might not otherwise reach, too.

Here are some fun ways to showcase seasonal sales on your website for maximum exposure. You’ll also find a few examples of sites doing showcases extremely well.

1. Sell Old Stock

One way to reach new customers is to offer old stock at a steep discount. Most people have heard of loss leaders at grocery stores. Use a similar concept to draw people to your website. Ideally, they’ll buy more items to get free shipping or whatever other perks offered for a sale of a minimum amount.



Kohl’s features a clearance event at the end of each season. They also stack savings with additional coupons–card holders get more of a discount. In addition to those perks, if one buys from them now, they can earn cash back for later, bringing foot traffic back to the website or a local store at a later date to use up the Kohl’s Cash offers.

2. Start a Ticking Clock

Create a sense of urgency in shoppers by letting them know how much stock is left on sale items or how long they have left to place an order before the sale goes away.

When people feel they might miss out on something if they wait, they’re more likely to visit a website or take part in a discount. Ramp up the urgency in a prominent location. For example, “Only one day left to take advantage of the biggest savings of the season.”

3. Highlight Discounts

People love to save money. Sometimes they need to see a comparison of how much they’re saving. For example, you might list the regular price and then list the current sales price. A site owner could state the amount of money saved or a percentage, depending on the audience.

renewal by andersen


Renewal by Andersen replaces doors and windows. They show how much customers can save on every window and door and an additional savings and encourage site visitors with a call to action to “claim offer.”

4. Use the Hero Area

What is the first impression the site makes on visitors? The hero image is an excellent place to showcase seasonal sales items and new arrivals. It’s the first thing people see when they land on a website and sets the tone for the rest of the customer’s journey through the site.

Make any product images linked so visitors can click on the items they see and like and go directly to the page to add to their shopping carts.

5. Offer Bonus Products Surrounding the Season

Your seasonal sales may not be deep discounts at all, depending upon your industry. For example, you might sell items to help people through the weather or to enhance their experience with your product or service.

genshin impact


Fandom offers seasonal bundles frequently. Not only can players get a slight discount on game coins but they might get some bonus digital goods to enhance game play. Even if a company sells all digital items, the owners can still tie sales products to it and showcase them on a site.

6. Segment Audiences

Different types of buyers appreciate various sales. When a business creates buyer personas, they can segment the audience and guide them to the best offer for each individual. The personalized nature of the offers makes conversions more likely.

While the initial work of segmenting sales is a bit more than having a single sale, the increased number of orders may be worth the additional effort of separate landing pages. One might wonder why they should spend all that time. Split test both options and see which gets the best response. While most segmented offers have better responses, every audience is different.

What Sales Should You Showcase?

Only site owners know what sales their customers respond best to. Once you’ve figured out the timing and exact offers, it’s a matter of testing placement and figuring out what colors and wording grabs users’ attention. Spend some time today creating a list of seasonal offers for the next quarter and experimenting with how to present it in the most appealing way possible.