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Macbook Tips for Website Designers

If you are a web designer, having a reliable computer should be one of the priorities. Macbooks are one of the best choices out there at the moment. They are sleek, reliable, and, despite being expensive, offer pretty much everything that someone who has to work on a computer would need.

However, you may be one of those people who are looking for a new computer, and switching from Windows to macOS can be a bit tricky. Not to mention that the work is calling, and you do not have enough time to learn using a Mac naturally.

There is a way, though. You can take a proactive approach and get to memorize your new computer aspects while working. The tips below are an excellent reference that you should follow. Create your strategy around them, and you should be good to go.

Tip #1 – Make Sure There Is Enough HDD Space

One of the first things to remember is that new Macbooks come with solid-state drives. They have replaced hard drives to boost the overall performance of computers.

At the same time, SSDs do not provide the most storage, and you may be one of those people who like to keep data on the computer. If so, you will need to make some adjustments to your computer file management strategy.

For starters, get in the habit of regularly removing temporary junk like caches and old backups. Keep tabs on downloads and email attachments as these can accumulate pretty fast.

Lastly, if you are a fan of movies, music, or TV shows, use streaming sites like Netflix or Spotify to consume your media instead of keeping the files on the computer. 

Tip #2 – Get Rid of Distractions

A cluttered Macbook desktop is similar to a messy desk, except that it also hinders the laptop’s performance.

The desktop should be clutter-free. You would be better off keeping files in another location. This way, you will have fewer distractions that disrupt the workflow.

Notifications are another form of distraction. You should be aware of what constant pinging on your smartphone does as you want to check the messages. A similar thing may happen on Macbook if you do not adjust the setup in the Notification Center. Disable the notifications or switch to the Do Not Disturb mode. Working will become easier.

Tip #3 – Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a good way to improve efficiency while you are working on a computer. By now, you should be aware of keystroke sequences like Control + C or Control + V, but that is not enough for Macbook users.

All the shortcuts for macOS are available on the official Apple support page. Look at their list and determine which ones you need to memorize first. It is recommended to start with shortcuts for capturing screenshots. Shift + Command + 3 takes a photo of the whole screen, whereas Shift + Command + 4 allows you to capture a portion of the screen.

Knowing the keys helps if you want to send a quick question to a customer with a visual aid and ask whether they are happy with the web design.

Tip #4 – Use Split Screen Mode

Switching between two tabs all the time becomes annoying quite fast. Thankfully, you can enable the Split View mode and have two applications side by side on the same screen.

There are three buttons at the left top corner of the Macbook. Click the green dot and hold until the window decreases and release the dot. The window will move to the left side of the monitor.

You will then see other windows on the right side of the screen. Select an app that you want to include next to the one you launched before, and you can now work with the two side by side.

Tip #5 – Optimize Web Browser

A lackluster internet browser causes headaches when you encounter freezes or crashes constantly. Safari is the default browser for Macs, but not all users stick to it. Some install Chrome or Firefox. It usually comes down to personal preference.

However, what you want to focus on is the browser’s performance. For optimal use, remove caches regularly, limit the number of open browser tabs, run the latest version, and avoid adding unnecessary extensions because those consume system resources.

Tip #6 – Install OS Updates

Do not miss the operating system updates. In addition to the latest features, you will also benefit from security patches and performance upgrades. Having the latest OS version is necessary, even if it takes a while to download and install it.

Tip #7 – Use iCloud to Backup Data

Backing up data is a good piece of advice even if you are not a website designer. WIth Macbooks, you have a couple of methods. Cloud storage is one of the most popular options, and iCloud is the service that happens to be the default choice. Or, if you want, you can use Time Machine and backup data to an external hard drive.

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