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OUI LIT LTD designs, models and develops tools to help companies.

Are you looking for an IT solutions company to help you with your online business? Perhaps you’re looking for a company that provides marketing management tools as well as advertising services. Have no fear; Oui lit ltd has you covered!

What is OUI LIT LTD?

OUI LIT LTD is an IT Solutions Company that currently provides its services to over 10,000 customers across ten countries in 50 + different industries. It is utilizing data science to drive the ongoing digital transformation. The simplified and automated online company management tools can help you save time while boosting productivity.

A short backstory of how the company was established.

Although OUI LIT LTD is a young firm on paper, the idea has been in the pipeline for more than four years!

A discussion between a specialist in business records and papers who works as a professional bank consultant and a specialist in software development and automation led to the conception of this project. The concept was straightforward: in the company’s role as professional advisors, OUI LIT LTD is required to continually compile various files, for which they call for a specific number of documents and pieces of information. These are pieces of information that the clients either do not have in their possession at the appropriate time or do not know where or how to locate.

As a result, they sought out an interface that was both user-friendly and uncomplicated so that they could either collect the documents for their customers on their behalf or speed up the processing of their cases. The company could do it together with the customers in real-time while maintaining a record of the activity and scheduling an automatic update of the data every three months, all without having to key in any detailed information. As a result of this assessment, they devised a strategy for research and development. Because of this, they could create a first version, which was refined until the company had a final version, which was a huge success!

OUI LIT was officially established following this initial achievement, and its primary objective is to automate as many microtasks as possible for businesses that operate according to the same philosophy!

What is OUI LIT LTD’s philosophy?

The key to effective implementation is providing substantial innovations and a satisfying client experience. The company has brilliant minds that actively listen to the requirements of their customers. Better. Best. Amazing outcomes. Keeping things simple and directly to the point is key!

What is OUI LIT LTD’s mission?

To maintain a tight connection with the demands that businesses have for tailor-made solutions. To produce remarkable outcomes, advance further with them, and keep an eye out for opportunities to be in the concrete.

What does OUI LIT LTD do?

The company makes life easier for workers inside a company, using digital and technological resources to create a customized response to the company’s requirements.

The company analyses your given data and creates and develops them, in addition to facilitating them, all while ensuring maximum efficiency!

What services does OUI LIT LTD offer?

Simples Applications 

A simple and functional design increases efficiency and saves time through smooth operation and an uncomplicated interaction with the user.

Accessible solutions

Regardless of the company’s size, the standing of the agency, or the industry, the online solutions are made accessible to as many experts as possible, whenever they need them, regardless of where they are located.

Time-saving and productivity

The entire line of work is founded on minimizing businesses’ time on operations that cannot be valued in the short term through implementing technologically complex yet straightforward automation.

Customized solutions

In addition to the open access and online platforms that the company provides, they also provide customized solutions for their clients and partners, including tools that are tailored to their requirements and available in white label format.

Research and development

The teams prioritize staying on the leading edge of technology and invest 20% of their income in the research, development, and testing of new technologies.

Analysis and improvement

In addition to developing interfaces and automation, the company also constructs back-offices solely devoted to the products’ analysis and enhancement. This allows us to post a new version of their product online every month, which is then tested on a variety of panels.

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