Seven Basic Web Design Things Every First-Year Student Need to Know

Web design is a great career choice for all budding artists and graphic enthusiasts. It involves a perfect mix of design, technique, and tactical knowledge for execution.

A web design student must note a few things that will help them excel in the domain and deliver high-quality design solutions for the next college assignment, internship assignment, or practice every day. Practice and knowledge are critical for a good web designer, and the sooner you start, the better it comes along.

Plan in advance

It is always good to plan for things ahead, and the same lies in web design. Start with the correct planning on your strategy and execution tactics. Research about the client, the brand, and the vision. This understanding will help you land a design concept ahead, and that is a great head start.

Gather all critical data, brand guidelines, and briefs before you initiate work on web designing. Now that you have all you need, you know where and how to start. Planning keeps you ahead of your performance and helps with saving the efforts of designing without a brief.

Years in college are about a healthy balance between academics and your interests. During your education, you will be faced with assignments and projects. As a student, I wanted to learn web design and used to think about who can do my university assignment for me, and then I came across AssignmentBro. I got my homework done, and I learned design lessons in the meantime.

Learn about different designs

As a student in web design, you must start learning from when you are young, as the years of research and learning set you a solid foundation for future learning. It is always vital to know the basics of design before choosing a specialty or design domain at work.

Read about the designs and how they influence people’s lives. Attaching an emotion with the design gives you a deeper understanding of the ideas and brilliant thoughts behind what you see. Learn product designing and illustration if that’s what interests you.

Learn new skills

Technology keeps moving ahead, and that has a direct relation to web design. A design student must be open to taking web design courses, learning new software, skills and tools. This continuous upgrading in learning tools will make you a smart designer with good knowledge and a vast skill set.

Market your work

To work is one thing, and to gain value in the market is another. As a student in web design, you must learn how to network and communicate with people. Your industry is full of artists and art enthusiasts who love to talk, conceptualize and collaborate. The network you create will last you a long time and help pave your web design career.

Time management 

It is essential to manage the time that you spend on every design. As you prepare for a full-time career in web design, time management will help you stay productive. Start timing the hours of work you put in creating one design. Make a note of your progress, look for solutions that save time. All of these will help when you become a busy web designer working on multiple clients at a given time.

Content must be ready 

Working with final content makes the design results come out rather seamlessly. Always understand the role the other departments in an agency play. You must know that you work as a team, and any delay or miss will hinder the process of sound design results. Ready content is easy to place and saves time making revisions after the design is final as the given text does not fit right in frames.

Accept feedback and suggestions

A good web designer will always be open to constructive feedback and suggestions. A good way to learn that when you are a student is to take guidance from people around you. Approach your professors, seniors, and peers to gather their thoughts, feedback on your design.


Web design is a representation of your thoughts and ideas. Passion, a quest for learning, and performance are all that a student needs to become a good designer. The design world is creative, dynamic, and interesting. With the basic concepts and imagination in place, there is every chance of success for aspiring web designers. Choose your niche, build a portfolio and get going on your exciting design journey of the future.

Author’s Bio:

Brandon Kryeger works for a media company as a senior writer and his work is centered around writing landing pages, video scripts and blogging. Besides his core work, he helps students on a part-time basis in writing their thesis, essays, dissertations and term papers. His free time is for cooking Thai delicacies and watching heist moves and web shows.




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