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Something Old, Something New, Something Classic: Top 15 Tips to Make an Ideal Web Page Design Template

Web design is a constantly growing industry. Companies are increasingly focusing on creating a spectacular user experience through unique sites. It has resulted in significant developments in web design and development patterns over the last several years. We have seen a persistent trend of web designers playing over with designs. They managed to overcome the monotonous limits of previous times of huge websites packed with stuff in boring colors. However, it is still possible to come across some online projects that look scarier than horror movies. There is no need to make people feel like they are celebrating Halloween every time they view your site. For this reason, we have prepared a list of aspects that will make your web page design template up-to-date.

5 Web Page Design Template Standards To Keep in Mind

Clear and Smooth Navigation

It is critical to plan out logical navigation on your web page design template to assist users in finding what they are looking for. A reader should be able to land on your site without having to think too hard about where to click subsequently. The journey from location A to location B should be as smooth as feasible.

Here are some suggestions for improving your site’s navigation:

  1. Maintain a straightforward structure for your major navigation.
  2. Add navigation to your site’s footer.
  3. Consider including breadcrumbs on every page (excluding your homepage) to help users recall their path.
  4. Include a search bar towards the top of your site so that users can do keyword searches.
  5. Provide a limited number of navigation choices on each page. Make it obvious where these links will take people.


Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/build-sitemap-website

Fully-Responsive Design

To deliver a fantastic user experience, your website must be accessible through a wide range of devices that your visitors utilize. In other words, it needs to be fully-responsive. It dynamically resizes and reshuffles content to match the dimensions of whatever device a visitor is using. Finally, providing a fantastic experience across diverse devices is more essential than looking similar across those devices.

Along with mobile-friendliness, it is essential to assess your web page design templates’ cross-browser compatibility. So, make sure to test the online project in each of modern-day browsers to see how your components look. In theory, there should not be much of a change in appearance. However, you will not know exactly before you see everything for yourself.

Source: https://kinsta.com/blog/responsive-web-design/


Whitespace is the negative space in any composition. It gives viewers visual breaks while they analyze the content by making it more aesthetically pleasing. Whitespace makes it straightforward for people to focus, digest info, and grasp what is essential by reducing clutter. So, you may utilize whitespace to minimize sensory overload or analysis paralysis. It also allows highlighting crucial components. This may convince consumers to do a certain action, such as signing up for a subscription or shopping for your current collection.

As an example, a yoga studio takes advantage of whitespace to direct customers to a particular initiative. It is signing up for two weeks of courses. It is critical to note that whitespace does not imply a lack of color or images. Instead, it implies that each feature on the site is carefully placed, with plenty of space between them. As a result, they prevent dazzling or misleading users.

Source: http://www.ebandflowyoga.com/

Easy-to-Read Typography

Typography is the arrangement and presentation of letters and characters on a page. Website typography influences not only how we see but also how we perceive the content. In other words, it is always crucial to choose wisely. You should ideally use a typeface that is

easy to read and skim. Furthermore, it needs to be readable across numerous sorts of devices and accessible to all individuals.

Feel free to get familiar with an example where the same font is used throughout the major body of the material. However, it blends the outlined fonts and black-and-white styles. The end effect is straightforward but captivating.

Source: https://jurajmolnar.com/

Hierarchy of Visuals

Visual hierarchy is closely related to the idea of minimalism. It refers to the arrangement and organization of elements such that users gradually move toward the most essential pieces first. Remember that the purpose of usability and UX optimization is to inspire visitors to accomplish the desired activity in a way that happens naturally. As a result, readers will be drawn to specific components first by modifying their location, color, or size.

Spotify can be an incredible example to look through. The biggest text dominates the visual hierarchy due to its size and page position. It focuses your attention on their purpose before anything else.

Source: https://www.spotify.com/

5 Outdated Web Page Design Template Concepts to Forget

Aggressive and Annoying Pop-Ups

Sadly, pop-up messages are still employed on different resources. Many people attempt to establish a worthwhile email list by using pop-up forms to gather email addresses from web users. Pop-up forms may be distracting and bothersome, particularly on mobile devices. You have undoubtedly seen this on a website when a pop-up opens before you identified what you had required from the site. Moreover, they can overfill the site, making it difficult for visitors to decide what to concentrate on.

By the way, you cannot undervalue the importance of close buttons in pop-ups. Never employ small, invisible, difficult-to-click “X”s that annoy visitors and drive them to leave your resource.

Source: https://instapage.com/blog/pop-up-ads

Overdose of Animations and Other Effects

Things quickly spin out of control when you decide to have much movement on a web page design template. It distracts users, harming user engagement and sales. Before adding some effects, consider their function and how it relates to your mission and identity. It is preferable to employ micro-animations. Thanks to them, you can reinforce the information and actions you want the online visitor to perform.

Balance is crucial when it comes to animation. It is extremely critical that you refrain from overloading the interface with animation.

Source: https://www.wix.com/blog/2018/09/animation-website-design/

Too Much Content (Text, Text, and Text Once Again)

When online users could see a website only on a desktop screen, they did not mind scrolling through a lot of material. Resources had a large number of pages and rich sections of material on each one. Nowadays, people are so accustomed to scrolling on mobile devices that it has become a standard activity. Web users skim material. So, they might leave a page if they have to go through a lot of text to discover what they want. People will keep coming back to your site if you provide easy-to-read and high-quality content.

The World’s Worst Website is the name of a side project of designers who wanted to highlight the most common design flaws to website owners and developers. It seems to us that there is no need to explain what is wrong with it.

Source: https://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/

Sliders and Carousels

Image sliders and carousels were popular many years ago. These days, sliders tend to generate a bad user experience.  Automatically rotating image carousels are likewise terrible practice for online accessibility since certain site users require extra time to read the material. For all of these reasons, web designers have been directing customers away from sliders. However, many older sites are still using this format.

In this case, a slider lacks functioning buttons and is solely used for “beauty”.

Source: https://blinkee.com/

Cliché Stock Images

Using dull generic stock photos may bring down even the most skilled site designer and may provide an inaccurate idea of your company. When viewing a website, a visitor will decide whether to remain or depart in a matter of seconds. Therefore your design must be intriguing and support your company’s messaging.

Top 5 Web Page Design Template Trends Worth Following in 2022

Vivid Backgrounds Mixed With Large Fonts

These days, web designers admire distinguishing their web page design template by employing larger, brighter, and more dynamic fonts. In addition to this, they decide to combine them with vivid backgrounds. Grays and dreary colors are out. As a result, websites are getting bolder, edgier, and more inventive. Vibrant colors are being employed to make the intended impression on the key audience. It undoubtedly differentiates the site from the competition and piques user attention.

As an example, the firm called Boost which provides immunity gummy vitamins does its best with the elements outlined above. It seems to us that their online project catches the eye immediately. The vibrant orange color, loud text, and innovative artwork make it appealing.

Source: https://takeboost.com/

One-Page Web Resources

In 2022, web designers rediscovered the joy of minimalism. More companies and individuals are opting for a one-page web page design template since they provide them with an exquisite and artistic vibe. They are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses and people continue to embrace this approach. In general, the design is clean and easy, so the page has all of the essential info to keep the viewers involved. To be honest, constructing one-page websites is also a great way to stimulate web designers’ creativity. They need to develop something innovative that sets the most key components on top but does not make them appear to be too cluttered.

Joshua Kaplan’s portfolio website is a wonderful example of a one-page design. The text is well-structured and straightforwardly arranged. He has utilized large texts and organized his professional portfolio in a manner that provides smooth navigation.

Source: https://www.joshuakaplan.com/

Minimalist-Looking Design

We have already uttered the word “minimalism”, so it would be better not to leave you without this tidbit. Websites with little text, no hero images, and a minimum of visuals are becoming increasingly common for a decent reason. Minimalism, often known as “flat design,” has previously been utilized by businesses to express more with less. However, the style is now drawing inspiration from the past, and we can see more color play expressing minimalism.

You can get familiar with a resource of Outlab, a development and design company. It employs eye-catching colors to draw attention to and exhibit its expertise. Browsing other web pages is also a joy, thanks to a zooming effect that reflects the creator’s inventiveness.

Source: https://outlab.digital/

Storytelling + Scrolling = Scrollytelling

As you can understand, scrollytelling is the combination of scrolling with storytelling. It is quickly getting momentum in the online design industry. To cut a long story short, it is a fresh approach to engrossing potential customers with an engaging tale using a virtual platform. Scrollytelling is sometimes referred to as “narrative visualization”. It implies that web designers blend many visual components in chronological order. So, they can provide material that resonates with the viewer and shows the intended message creatively.

Infrared Mind Body is a one-of-a-kind example of this method. Its site has large graphics and expressive text in vibrant colors with smooth transitions.

Source: https://infraredmindbody.com/

Abstract Visuals

Graphics are necessary for making web pages or any material visually attractive. Recently, web designers have been exploring abstract art since it allows them to combine numerous aspects to generate effective results. The use of scribbles, hand-drawn designs, solid textures, and a variety of forms and colors allow the creation of fascinating opposites in the digital realm.

A creative outlet called WeLoveNoise made the site look really stunning. Due to their creative intricacies, which include the delicate usage of lines and forms, you can view an eye-catching design.

Source: https://www.welovenoise.com/

A Few Words in Conclusion

The fundamentals of web design have not changed. We are still into ease of navigation, readability, and high-quality visuals. However, in order to stay at the top of search engine results, you must continuously refresh your site with new material and style. You may do so by adopting some of the web design trends that are making web designers engaged across the world. Remember that you can always access website design templates free to experiment. If you have an interest in preparing the site all by yourself, make sure to turn to various web page design template choices. By the way, our promo code “webdesigninspiration” gives 7% OFF on every digital product on TemplateMonster. Thanks for reading!

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