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Top 5 Tips To Succeed As An Amazon FBA Seller


Every year, the Amazon marketplace only continues to grow and evolve. What was once a dedicated online bookstore now dominates the online retail world. So, it’s no wonder that new sellers are joining the ranks of Amazon. 

So, how do you succeed as an Amazon FBA (short for Fulfillment by Amazon) seller in an ever-competitive landscape?

Invest In Yourself

The first thing you need to do to succeed is to invest in yourself—knowledge and skills. Being an Amazon FBA seller can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Thus, it’s helpful to do your homework before you fully jump into the Amazon bandwagon. 

A simple Google search will return hundreds of results on the basics of being an Amazon FBA seller and how to succeed. It’s better if you can get a comprehensive learning course like FBA Masterclass, which teaches you everything you need to know about building and running your own brand on Amazon.

With this, you can also benefit from the expertise of its owner, Tom Wang, who’s a successful Amazon FBA seller. If you’re interested, go now and learn more about this full-packed Amazon course. 

Choose Your Keyword Carefully

Getting your products to rank on top of Amazon’s search results is the key to achieving success on the platform. To do this, it’s crucial to do keyword research and use it in your listings effectively. Hence, you want to start finding a high-volume search term that applies to your product listing. 

You can do your keyword research in the following ways:

  • Use Amazon Search Bar’s Autocomplete Function

The search bar suggests a full search term as soon as you’ve entered a few characters. These search suggestions are based on the number of searches that people use when searching for a product on Amazon. This user-generated data can be useful in creating a list of keywords to use. 

  • Check On Competitors

You can easily find who your competitors are on Amazon. So, consider visiting their shop and checking their listings that rank on the first page of search results. 

  • Take Advantage Of A Keyword Research Tool

There are software tools designed to help you find the ideal keywords for your product listing. This is easily one of the most efficient ways to do keyword research as it provides a comprehensive list of potential keywords and keyword variations based on actual user search behavior. 

Use High-Quality Images And Videos

For an Amazon FBA seller who only has a few seconds to capture a user’s attention, dynamic product images can help keep a user captivated and click on your product. So, it’s worth dedicating effort and time to optimizing your products’ visuals. Consider adding at least seven to eight high-quality photos that send the right message to your customers. 

In addition, it’s beneficial to have at least one video for your product listing. You can also use video for your Amazon ad campaigns and other marketing strategies. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional photographer or videographer to get your product images right. 

Master The Art Of Pricing

As an Amazon FBA seller, you have much more control in terms of pricing your items, but you should take this step lightly. Pricing is key to increasing exposure and sales. So, you want to spend some time analyzing your niche and your competition to find the right price that won’t just keep you relevant in Amazon’s rankings but allow you to gain profit at the end of the day. 

Besides, coupons and seasonal sales are always a good idea. Holiday retail sales can increase your profits by over 4% every year. That said, you don’t want to go overboard and underprice your products. It’s all about the timing; you may even slightly increase your product price before big sales. This way, you can offer great deals on your items when the holiday or sale season comes.  

Encourage Reviews

People are more likely to buy goods when they see credible proof from a third party. In the business world, this is known as social proof, which isn’t limited to recommendations from people you know. Statistics show that online shoppers trust reviews they read online as much as the recommendations of their family and friends. 

Fortunately, Amazon offers a comprehensive star-rating system and reviews on seller products. They also offer customers the option to write detailed reviews of the product and allow them to upload photos and videos to support their comments. 

As a seller, you want to motivate and encourage your customers to provide reviews of your products, and there are several ways to go about this. 

For one, you can use the ‘Request a Review’ button from your Order reports section. This prompts a customer to leave a review for your product. You can also include a physical card inside the package to connect directly with the customer and ask for a review. There’s also the Early Reviewer Program, which is valuable for new products on Amazon that only have fewer than five ratings or reviews. It allows Amazon to choose a customer and offer them a gift card in exchange for a review of your product. 


With new sellers flocking to get a piece of the pie, Amazon only becomes an even more competitive landscape.

While achieving traction and visibility on Amazon may seem challenging, following the strategies discussed in this article can help you see an improvement in your sales and succeed as an Amazon FBA seller.

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