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E-Commerce Web Design Tips to Improve Sales

In the digital advertising world, a website is a powerful marketing tool for generating leads and sales. The modern client is interested in the quality of what you sell and their experience on your website, and having a good quality website is as essential as having a high-quality product. In this article, you’ll find web design tips that will help you boost your sales for fast business growth.

Contract a professional web designer

Whether you want your brand presence across the web, tell people what your business does, or beat your competition, expert web designers like Logic Design can help you create a web design that will grow you and your business.

Whatever your needs or requirements, industry or purpose, an innovative website design gets you many benefits such as boosting revenue, keeping up with the competition, improving search rankings, and reduced bounce rates.

Optimize page speed

People don’t like wasting time, and if your site visitors have to wait for more than two or three seconds for your page to load, they’ll leave your site, leading to high bounce rates. Use speed testing tools such as google page speed insights and Pingdom Speed test to keep track of your page speed to maximize the benefits of page speed optimization.

Think like your target users

You want to create a website that your users will love and keep coming back to, so imagine what they would love to see and base your website on that. For example, if you’re targeting middle-aged men, use color schemes and images with darker hues to impress this demographic.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

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Most people navigate the web on the go, and hence the need to make your site responsive to mobile devices. Doing so enables more people to access your site, thus increasing traffic, leads, sales, and high ranking.

Simple is better

Choose a simple eCommerce design that will make it easy for your visitors to navigate your website. Please take advantage of colors and make sure they coordinate to bring out the theme and aim of your business.

Use high-quality images

Images are powerful, but when incorporated with words, they become more powerful. Images improve recall to 65%, while people remember 10% of information three days after hearing it. This makes images an excellent marketing tool for any business, hence the need for high-quality pictorials.

Make your pages easy to scan

Most web visitors don’t read up to 30% of the content on your website. They quickly skim the pages to find the information they’re looking for. Keeping your site clutter-free and well organized will ease your reader’s stay, and they will become repeat visitors. That helps lower bounce rates and increase leads.

Have a clear CTA

Using colors that contrast your site’s theme and design on the call-to-action button will grab the reader’s attention. Wisely choose the wording on the CTA as it may lead to your visitors converting or quietly leaving your site.


Embracing these web design tips will help you boost sales and meet other marketing needs.

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