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Top 6 Tips For Outsourcing Web Design

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Among the things that are outsourced the most by a company, web design should be at the top of the list. Most companies that outsource do so because they don’t feel the need to keep a dedicated group of designers on the payroll. In fact, it’s much more economical to find either a reputable company or a freelancer to do all the design work for you.

There are notable differences in choosing to work with a company or a freelancer. You’re guaranteed a certain level of trust and quality when dealing with a company. The cost is, however, quite pricey compared with a freelancer.

Web design is comprised of two components: web design and web development. Web design refers to the way a website or application looks. It’s the aesthetic of the site. On the other hand, web development refers to all gears that make the website or application functional.

You can hire a well-established company, such as one of the best design agencies in London, to take charge of the site’s web design. Keep reading to learn about some top tips for outsourcing web design and why outsourcing will be a good idea for your business.

Find The Right Company

When setting out to outsource your web design, you need to do so with a clear goal in mind. Knowing what kind of work you specifically want done will determine your choice in company.

Once you’ve determined this, you can then begin to assess the company and see if it’s the right fit for the work you want taken care of. Some companies specialize in mobile application development while others do well in their general web design. Check a company’s portfolio to determine their strengths.

Another thing to look at is their design. You need to ensure their design is compatible with your business model and the style with which you want to portray your business.


When outsourcing, you need to ensure your communication channels are effective. The possibility of differing time zones, work schedules, and general availability are all factors that need to be considered.

In most situations, web design projects are a collaborative effort. There’s a need for continuous input from both ends. You need to ensure you’re on the same page at all times because no matter how talented the company’s staff is, they might fail to capture the essence of what you need done, which will be a waste of time, efforts, and money.

Therefore, it’d be wise to have a project manager by your side at the table. The project manager is responsible for all communication with the outsourced agency, and they’re given the power to sign off on most, if not all, decisions. This makes the development and design process more streamlined and saves a lot of time that could have been spent on other things like choosing the right font size in the meta descriptions.

Reduce Costs

As mentioned earlier, it’s significantly cheaper to outsource your work as opposed to assigning the work to an in-house team. For a majority of companies, there is not a lot of web design or development done throughout the year. It’s mostly dealt with at the beginning stages of a company’s growth or during a rebranding phase.

So, it doesn’t make sense to keep web designers and developers on board 365 days a year when you can just outsource at a fraction of the cost.

Be Flexible

Outsourcing web design allows some flexibility. Your staff will have more time to complete important tasks that aren’t related to web design.

Encourage Professional Input

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is the availability of professionals who have a trained eye to create the best look for your website or application.

Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective is needed to give a fresh look to your site or application. Without it, you might miss some flaws in the web design. It’s always a plus to have a professional’s input that will help identify and resolve issues in the web design.

Decide The Scope Of The Project

It’s important to understand the management style of the web development agency you’re going to collaborate with. Their management style usually determines how fast they work.

Some questions you’ll need to ask the agency include the following:

  • How long will the overall project take?
  • What sort of information do you require during the web design process and at what point do you need this information?
  • Are there parts of the website or application that can be operational while other sections are being worked on? Or will there be a complete shutdown of the site or application until completion?

You can find more questions to ask here. Asking the right questions will ensure that you outsource your project to the best web designers.


There’s good reason why many businesses are choosing to outsource their web design: quality work. But before you make this decision too, you’ll have to choose the best service for your business, and this can be pretty daunting. However, if you follow all these useful tips, outsourcing web design won’t have to be a difficult task..

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