Top 7 Design Ideas for Students to Decorate a Room for Studying

After high school or 8th grade, you might go to another district or state to continue with your high school or college education. You may also continue staying with your parents or relatives at home and commute to school daily.

Whatever the case, your study room ought to look beautiful and spacious no matter how big or small it is. Your room’s décor will make a big difference if you choose the right material. The following simple ideas will help you decorate your room in the most beautiful yet simple way.

Use artistic wallpapers

Your room’s walls might not be bright enough or have the right ambiance that you would love. But simple wallpapers can spruce up the room and brighten it up. Go online and browse for beautiful wallpapers for a study room.

You will have several thousands of wallpapers displayed. Choose just the right taste for you and print large ones in portrait or landscape. An A3 or A2 will be good enough. Use double-sided tape and stick several wallpapers on strategic points.

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Get organized

Study apps help you get organized for study. You, too, need to get organized and leave your study room nicely arranged each morning. Getting organized is part of room design. Follow your taste and leave the room well-kept each morning. The table could be in the center, on one corner, by the window, etc., but let it be stationed at places you feel most comfortable with.

Add the lighting 

Your study room’s lighting doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, especially if it’s rented. Simple lighting arrangements can make a whole difference. Let not the lights be high up, but let them hung low at different lengths. Three or four lights will be enough for a study room and look for those unique shapes.

A few live plants will add natural taste

If you love nature and its beauty, order a few pots or vases and fill them with soil. Go for the beautiful, tiny, indoor pots and buy a few dwarf plants or indoor plants like ferns. Some varieties of live flowers will also grow well indoors, but you need first to know which ones.

If you are not fond of live plants, go for factory-made. They are cheaper, beautiful, and will never require watering. You can have two on the table, a few on the shelves, and possibly another two on stools.

Make the floor worm 

It’s easy to get bored while always sitting at your table during study time. Changing position might help lengthen concentration. The floor is a perfect place to fold your legs and study or even meditate for half an hour and feel refreshed.

Floors can get really cold at times and you don’t want to catch a cold and interrupt your studies. Throw in a brightly colored rug or floor mat. Simple is beautiful and you don’t need to dig deep into your upkeep money.

Bring in a few and simple furniture

You do not need to fill your study room with the latest and most expensive furniture. The most the room needs is a desk with some drawers to store your books and laptop. You might have a library of books that will require storage. A file cabinet will be helpful, but it should not be too big. And, for you, a good study chair will be essential.

Buy some accessories

A walk around to the stationary shops will give you bright ideas. A few but gorgeous pen and pencil holders and some decorative souvenirs will make your table and cabinet look beautiful. Remember, a paper bin goes a long way in taking care of the trash.


Many college students do not pay attention to their study room’s décor, especially if they live in a student’s neighborhood. They feel the room is rented and will no longer need it after they graduate. The notion is wrong because the study room can be beautiful, starting with the bed, floor, walls, curtains, and lighting.

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