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 Top Automation Software For Freelancers In 2022

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If you want to maximize your freelance ventures, it’s essential to find the best ways to manage various business processes. This is where automation software can save the day and streamline business operations for greater success. Whether you’re in marketing, software development, illustration, web design, or anything in-between, automated tools can take your craft to greater heights and allow you to navigate every element of your business.

Since the technological landscape is forever changing, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse regarding the latest innovations in automation software. Here we explore three top picks for 2022 that are bound to improve the daily schedules of freelancers across the globe.


It doesn’t matter what field you’re in (from IT and the creative arts to accounting and science); if you’re a freelancer, you suddenly have to become a Jack of all Trades. No longer are you solely responsible for one role within a broader team, but you must manage every element of the business, from finances and invoicing to project proposals and client contracts.

This is where a freelancer management tool like Indy can offer invaluable support. This one-shop-stop solution provides freelancers and small business owners a full suite of tools to manage every element of the business, and top features include:

  • An online calendar (synced to Google) to manage clients, collaborators, and all-important deadlines
  • Invoice, proposal, and contract templates and generators
  • An online chat hub for real-time communication
  • Storage space for essential files and forms
  • Time tracker and task tracker to monitor and mark every step of the project

Indy can be easily accessed via laptops, desktops, and mobile applications, and each feature is accessible via a centralized dashboard, making it the perfect platform to manage every element of your business. Whether you’re on the road traveling for work, spending time with family during your vacation, or at the office pitching new projects, Indy is accessible for all.


While some of us are natural-born designers with that much sought-after artistic flare, many of us need an extra hand when it comes to the arts: Enter Canva – the free online graphics tool for every freelancer. Any freelancer can utilize Canva to generate an entire range of visual content, including posters, logos, Instagram posts, videos, resumes, invitations, infographics, and more.

This app allows you to develop your brand and create visually enticing content for prospective clients. Canva offers some fantastic features to bolster your visual brand and grow your audience. This is particularly beneficial if you’re in a creative field where your social media accounts gain traction and subsequent client interaction.

Zoho Invoice

Freelancers have to navigate the treacherous waters of invoicing and accounts, and this is where Zoho can shine. Zoho Invoice has some fantastic perks for freelancers, offering them a super organized and streamlined system through which to get paid. Zoho allows you to create clear templates with all your details, and you can set specific prices and amounts for popular tasks to save you time. Zoho allows you to bill your clients in numerous languages, offers an array of professional templates, and is easily integrated with over ten payment gateways for easy transactions and payment across the globe.

The Takeaway

Automation software can save freelancers a great deal of time and streamline every element of the business, from finances and proposals to invoicing and content creation. These automation tools offer solopreneurs and small businesses more opportunities to hone their crafts and focus on building their brand.

What are some of your best automation tools? We would love to know!

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