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What kind of content performs well on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most popular and used social media platforms globally. As of 2022, the platform had over 700 million users worldwide.

The platform hosts a broad spectrum of content enabled by its features from posting videos and images, Instagram live, messenger, and other features. Business brands utilize the platform’s visibility to market their products and reach new customers daily. The best social media managers know often use well-defined Instagram post templates.

Despite the capabilities available on Instagram, different content will perform differently depending on various factors.

Content that performs well on Instagram

Post featuring influencers

Content that features an influencer who might be directly related to the type of business you are promoting on Instagram will affect how the content performers. Choose influencers who have a large command of followers. The influencers will generate traffic to the content and make it have a wider reach. Some influencers might not be directly related to the brand you are promoting, but they impact the barns they endorse.

Timely content

Share content according to the trending stories or topics. Try as much to relate it to the most prominent topics on Instagram. People tend to follow up on the latest events, and framing your content with what is trending most will reach many users. Use the latest hashtags that the audience is more likely to be searching during that particular time. Outdated hashtags will leave the content in the dark, performing poorly.


Tutorials are one of the best performing content on Instagram. A video of how to get the best results out of your product will attract many users out of curiosity. People will tend to follow tutorials as they seem to be an easier way of understanding the features and uses of a particular product.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories feature on the platform, with almost a third of the users utilizing the feature. Instagram stories enable you to create content that creates an instant engagement between you and your followers. With the stories feature, you can add stickers such as emoji slider, chat stickers, quiz stickers, or poll stickers for user interaction. Posting stories content on a business account will allow you to include links that help users reach your business websites for prices or product viewing. After 24 hours, Instagram stories disappear but have prominence over appearing to your followers. Keep them detailed and direct to the point.

Plenty of Background

Content such as videos and images should include plenty and attractive background. This type of content performs well as it tends to catch the users’ attention. A good background can improve the likes a post gets. Make the background more organized and relevant to the type of content you intend to promote.

Photo uploads

A photo is worth a thousand words. Uploading a photo that communicates what you intended for your followers to see can effectively promote a product. Photo content performs well as users can view it quickly and move on to other posts. It is also essential to ensure your photos are eye-catching and easily capture attention.

Best performing video content on Instagram


Reels content was added to Instagram in 2020. They are 15 seconds clips or videos. These short clips tend to perform well as they are easy and fast to view by users. Reels content gives you an option to include music, video effects, and other features that can easily attract users’ attention.

Instagram live content

The Instagram live feature provides a platform where you can directly engage with your followers in real-time through a video mode. It creates a semi face to face interaction that can be used for businesses to be able to convince customers about their products. The user can view the content later after the live session is over. Users can also engage you by asking questions through a comment section during the live session.

IGTV content

Content shared through IGTV has been performing well since the feature was introduced in 2018. You can upload pre-recorded videos, whether long or without the need to be live on Instagram. You can utilize this feature as a business by creating videos aimed at promoting your product and sharing it easily.

In-feed video posts

In-feed video posts perform well due to the ability of videos to create engagement and capture the attention of users. Videos uploaded to your Instagram account regularly can help your followers and other users quickly identify the type of products you are promoting.

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