Where to Study to Become a Professional Web Designer?

Modern business can no longer be imagined without the Internet. For the successful promotion of any company – from a local dairy producer to a distributor of world-famous brands – a network presence is a vital prerequisite. The success of the brand and the loyalty of consumers to it largely depend on how convenient, functional, understandable, and stylistically consistent the company’s website and web applications are. 

What Does a Web Designer Do and What Skills Should a Specialist Have?

A web designer is a specialist who is responsible for the creation of user-friendly websites. Some people mistakenly think that a web designer is a person who just looks for nice pics on the web. It’s a professional who takes responsibility for the development of the website’s interface and logical structure. A web designer is engaged in planning on how to present the information the best way so that the target audience finds it understandable. 

A modern web designer should be able to work with innovative web technologies to turn creative ideas into reality. Besides the great taste and the knowledge of Internet technologies, a web designer should have analytical skills and the ability to work with graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, etc. It’s a must to know the basic web programming languages. 

Do you want to become a professional web designer? Then, you should become an artist and a programmer to be able to create unique websites that have their own style. Also, you need to follow the latest trends to be in high demand. So, where can you get all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a pro in the web design industry? There are many courses, online webinars, and software that can help you achieve your goal. 

Online Resources for Learning Web Design that Are Worth Your Attention

Web design is a popular industry that is developing daily. You will find many courses, masterclasses, webinars, and software for studying web design from the comfort of your home. It’s very convenient as you can enroll in an online masterclass or webinar and record it using high-quality webcam software. Choose the best screen recorder to be able to refer to the webinar once again after the broadcast is over. Here are the effective resources to study web design. Check them and select the option that fits you best.

Udemy online video courses on web design

If you want to learn web design from scratch, get an Udemy video course. It contains over 20 useful articles, resources for download, over 40 hours of video content on web design. The course is aimed at providing you with all the knowledge you need for designing great sites. All the topics are explained in detail. They cover HTML, Javascript, Photoshop, creating animated sliders, and many other pieces of information.

You can access video courses online from any mobile device. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate that you have completed the course successfully.

Code College

You will definitely enjoy over 80 hours of video training when using the project of Brad Hussey – Code College. The main idea of the course is to provide students with all the necessary skills on how to design and code sites in a fun and enjoyable way.
There are various tutorials and courses for you to get a clear idea of what web design is and what skills you need to gain to succeed in the web design industry. Some of the courses are free, while some are paid. You can pay for the monthly membership and get a free trial period for a month.


You will find over 1000 video courses and many e-books on web design. There are videos that give general knowledge, as well as videos that are aimed at the development of more specific skills. You can pay an affordable price for the Tuts+ membership and get access to many templates and other useful web design resources.


Coursera is a platform that partners with the best universities and provides an opportunity to enroll in online courses on web design and many other topics. The good news is that many of them are free of charge. Besides, you can find educational establishments that offer distance learning opportunities. You can study web design at one of the leading colleges online and get a degree when you complete the course successfully.

The Webflow Masterclass

You have a great chance to learn how to build impressive sites from scratch with the help of 12 hours of video content. At the end of the masterclass, you will be able to create interactive sites using Webflow software. Also, you will get feedback from Flux Academy professionals when you create your own site as a part of the learning process. 

Use the resources listed above, and you’ll gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a pro web designer.


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