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15 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important for your Business

Social media use is no longer an alternative for the futuristic business but an integral part of every marketing plan centered on reaching out and influencing the modern client. Consequently, you must be invested in competitively utilizing these digital platforms to attain a competitive edge in any niche industry or market. Here are 15 reasons why social media is important for your business.

Build brand awareness

The latest figures show that there are over 4.2 billion active social media users globally, and this number is growing by the day. As a result, these platforms offer you an opportunity to get your business in front of over 53% of the world’s population. These impacts have been compounded as modern and savvy consumers strictly buy from brands they recognize, a good reason to prioritize using social media services such as Famoid to help build your organic growth for a stronger online presence.

Customer support and engagement

Consumers today expect businesses to respond to their inquiries, complaints, and concerns promptly. Social media enables you to efficiently achieve this by making it easier to engage with your followers in real-time. It gets better as there are no limits to how you can offer support and interact with customers on these platforms, from answering their private questions via direct messages to responding to posts you have been tagged in. However, you will first need to create a sound social media engagement strategy to guide you on how best to manage these interactions.

Establish market trust

Building trust in today’s ever-changing market takes more than the basics, and social media offers a foolproof channel for achieving this. By gaining and maintaining a loyal following on leading platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, you get to build an authentic brand with higher reception. This will make it easier to win over new clients while making your business more resilient to sudden consumer shifts.

Become a thought leader

Harness the power of thought leadership and position your business as an industry leader by posting high-value content that will boost your authority. This demands taking a step away from the traditional approach to marketing and focusing on offering valuable insights to your followers. This will open a pathway for better engagement with your customers while attracting the interest of audiences interested in your niche.  

Understand your customer’s interest

A great way to gauge consumer interest is through social listening, where you monitor conversations around topics related to your areas of interest. This way, you will know how best to address your customer’s pain points and meet their expectations.

Keep up with your competitors

Your competitors are on social media, and you can leverage this to monitor their activities and better understand how they are winning over their customers. There are many tools for online competitor analysis that you can use to gain insight into your competitors, allowing you to develop better marketing and brand strategies. Monitoring your competitors on social media will also keep you in touch with their latest actions, such as new product launches, latest promotions, and partnerships.

Attract quality traffic to your website

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by sharing content with links to your web pages or blog on social media. This will help generate more interest in your business, as more people will have the opportunity to discover your products and services. 

Generate more sales

As a business keen on making more sales, building an effective social media sales funnel will help capture and convert your leads into customers. Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook allow you to directly sell products on your page by providing a “Shop Now” button that directs clients to a specific product page.

Reputation management

Good public relations is the cornerstone to building a reputable brand. Social media plays a primary role in offering you a platform for addressing negatives while highlighting your positives. Always make a priority of resolving customer frustrations with your products or services, countering false accusations, and appreciating those positive comments.

Create conversations about your brand, products, or services

Nothing is better than receiving first-hand customer reviews about your products and services, a great advantage that social media provides. Step up your game by seeking creative ways to create conversations about your brand, products, and services such as:

  • Conducting social media surveys
  • Hosting live sessions to talk about your products and answer questions from your followers
  • Soliciting feedback about your products through your posts
  • Using influencers to stir conversations about your products and services

Showcase your humane side

The secret to winning over the modern consumer lies in establishing a deep connection with them, which calls for humanizing your business. You can leverage social media to connect with your customers beyond providing them with products and services. There are many ways to accomplish this, including participating in fun challenges, showing behind-the-scenes of your business, introducing your employees to your followers, and supporting popular events or charities. These activities will go a long way in creating real human connections with your audience.

Run targeted advertisements

Social media advertising is a powerful channel for reaching out to a specific audience thanks to targeted advertisements. This option makes it easier to craft specific messages for different groups of target clients while reducing your budget. These advertisements are useful when running retargeting campaigns, especially if you run an ecommerce store and prime potential clients abandon their carts.  

Improve your SEO

The ease of creating clear links between your website and social profile has made social media marketing an integral part of your SEO efforts. Prioritize using your profile to make your web content attract more views and acquire more positive mentions, which will significantly enhance your online visibility.

Most importantly, an outstanding social media profile will appear in search engine results, which will be a major boost to your brand. Here are other ways you can use social media to improve your SEO results: 

  • Publish high-quality content 
  • Make it easy for users to share your content
  • Optimize your social media profiles. Optimizing your social media profiles allows your target to find you online. Be sure to maintain consistency across channels, though. This implies that your social media profiles must align with your website and brand message
  • Optimize your images to enhance your content popularity on search results and social media. Be sure to use the right image format, ensure the images are responsive, minimize the file size to make it load faster, and include your keywords in title text and alt text
  • Build relationships via active conversations
  • Craft captivating social media captions

Share important news and updates

Keep your customers informed by using social media to share important news and updates about your business. For example, a press release published on social media will arouse more interest and be deemed credible by your customers and journalists. The platforms also offer an exciting channel for creating hype over your new products or services by building, anticipating and stirring conversations even before the launch dates.

Low marketing costs

Social media is a cost-effective marketing channel that can be used by your business, regardless of its size or financial strength. Even when running ads on these platforms, you can easily keep your budget at a minimum while still achieving your long-term goals.


Social media marketing is the future, and the earlier you start using these platforms to connect with your audience, the quicker and better you will make the most of it.


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