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7 Unique Ways to Boost Instagram User Engagement

Brands have become increasingly dependent on Instagram as a platform for marketing.

Instagram engagement is an essential part of any growing business’s social media marketing plan because it correlates with a greater reach to their target customers.

The engagement factor is a vital part of Instagram’s algorithm, prioritizing posts based on engagement.

Therefore, if you engage your followers consistently, your posts are more likely to appear at the top of their newsfeeds – where they’ll see them.

Several metrics, including comments, determine your Instagram engagement, saves, shares, likes, time spent viewing, and others. And when viewing each of these metrics, it will give you a much better idea on what your audience is looking for, and how you can create more of it to bring in more IG followers to your profile.

This is true for both individual, brand and company accounts. The better the content creation and value that is offered through your social media channel, the more likely you are to see improved growth and engagement across the board. Your company’s social media strategy should engage your Instagram business account, while also representing what your brand and business is all about.

Listed below are seven ways to improve engagement and reach a larger audience.

Build a thoughtful content calendar.

Instagram content isn’t buried deep in one’s profile like other social media platforms. It is relatively easy to see every post going back several months or even years as an alternative.

Instagram profiles should present a cohesive narrative that puts forth a comprehensible brand narrative, as marketers should be mindful of this.

This is a process that starts from day one of your IG account. Going live with a new profile page isn’t enough, it also needs to have a powerful bio, call to action and photo that leaves a great first impression — which are all considered evergreen content for your IG account and efforts.

Invest in a powerful Instagram analytics solution.

If you don’t have the analytics to prove that your Instagram strategy is working, you won’t know if it is.

Instagram Business accounts provide information, but third-party analytics platforms provide much more.

Whether you’re trying to optimize your Instagram profile and strategy, track the performance of your Instagram bio link, or figure out which posts resonate best with your followers, third-party analytics tools can help.

Use a profile tracking link.

Social media marketers can only share one live URL on Instagram, so the link in an account profile is crucial.

Many marketers still use non-tracking links in their Instagram profiles. It’s impossible to tell how many customers or website visitors are coming from Instagram if the link can’t be tracked.

Understand the Algorithm

You can control where, when, and for how long you want your posts to appear in the feed based on your relationship with your viewers.

Your posts are useful to them if they interact with your posts often, what other people are saying about it, how long it’s been up, how many people your viewers follow, the less likely they will see your post, besides their usage on the app. Users will be shown the best-performing posts and highlights if they log on once a day.

Be Authentic

Instagram users aren’t interested in sterile marketing campaigns. Their main concern is feeling like an insider at your company. Make them feel like they are part of the company.

Honesty and authenticity are the keys to connecting with your followers and gaining a wider audience over time.

Collaborate with Influencers

People who trust their friends’/family’s recommendations are more influential than those who trust brand content.

Influencers can affect purchase decisions, so working with them is a great way to get your name out in an already-established community. Influencer marketing is becoming more competitive as marketers realize its power.

Not only does content creation play a big role in user reach on Instagram, it’s also about influence as well. This is also why big brands love influencers on Instagram, as it can immediately give them exposure to millions of users, without needing to rely on the growth and reach for just their own account.

Activate Instagram Reels.

Using Instagram Reels is a powerful video marketing tool. Have you tried it yet? Since last year, this video feature has been available on Instagram and has generated considerable interest.

Using this app, you can play with creative tools and add effects and music to make your videos look simply amazing on Instagram. Activate your Instagram reals to demonstrate the authenticity of your brand.

Growing a Successful Brand through Instagram

Instagram’s engagement rate is declining, so managing your business account will require a lot more time and effort.

Stories that are engaging will help you gain more followers and remain top-of-mind. Use the Explore Page to increase Instagram engagement. By doing this, even those who don’t follow you on Instagram can still view your activities.

There is indeed no single method for boosting engagement on Instagram, so you should experiment to discover what works for you.

If you are currently focused on growing your brand and reach through social media, be sure to implement each of the recommended tips above. The sooner you have each of these elements in place, the more likely you are to see results and improve user growth and engagement.



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