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4 Essential Features Of A Winning Law Firm Website

As a practicing attorney, having a website for your law firm is vital to communicating with your potential clients. Your website tells your target audience who you are and what you specialize in as a digital marketing tool. This can help you get more clients and grow your presence on the digital platform.

However, every other law firm has a website. This means that your website would need to stand out to enable you to realize the growth in internet traffic that can translate to clients.

To achieve this, you need to follow a winning website guideline. You can borrow a leaf from existing website designs. For example, if you’re an injury attorney, the internet can give you a little injury attorney web design inspiration on the essentials that make a good website. However, your final design should be unique to you and attractive.

The following are some of the essential features of your law firm’s website that needs to make it outstanding.

Factor In Its Readability

Once visitors are on your website, the content structure should enable them to consume with ease and not too many distractions. For example, you can choose a font type and size  unique to your brand. However, apart from being easy to read, it should be consistent throughout your website. This makes it easy for the readers’ eyes.

Additionally, you should use headers and sub-headers to provide easy navigation between various sections and topics. This allows the visitors to quickly and easily get to areas of interest, thus increasing their time on your website.

Even though you may have mastered the legal jargon, your visitors are probably looking for legal representation and not a lesson in legal language. Therefore, it’s essential to use a language that the visitors can easily grasp and understand.

If you have to use legal terms, it’s necessary to provide a brief meaning or description that makes it easily relatable. Sometimes, using too much legalese can seem intimidating and scare away your potential clients.

Make It Multi-Platform Friendly

Over the recent years, there has been a growth in smartphones-use in accessing the internet. This means that your potential clients are more likely to be using smartphones and tablets than desktops or laptops. Research also shows that most internet searches from a mobile device are likely to be local-based. Thus, the client you target on your website could be around the corner.

Therefore, optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly to increase your penetration is essential. Additionally, most search engines use mobile-friendliness to rank websites. Thus, you can improve your ranking by having a mobile-friendly website.  You’ll get more website traffic with a higher ranking, earning you more potential clients.

Make Your Homepage Sell Your Brand

As the landing page for most visitors to your website, your homepage should quickly say who you are, what you do, and where you are. Additionally, it should inform the client what you specialize in and what makes you stand out from your competition.

With an easy navigational panel, all these can help you spoon-feed your visitors and make your website welcoming. Given that majority of the visitors are looking to find help, your homepage should enable you to give them directions easily.

Provide Ease Of Contact And Clear Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

It wouldn’t be prudent if you’ve made an effort to get visitors to your website and then make them work hard to contact you. That effort would have gone to waste if it didn’t translate to new clients. Thus, it would help to prominently display your contact info that allows potential clients to take the next step in this process.

You can have a reachable telephone number displayed on the header of every page. However, you should also provide other methods for potential clients to contact you. These methods can be by email or lead-capture forms. With the increase in smartphone use, you should also make the contact numbers click-to-call links. These links make it simpler for users to tap and tap and call.

With other users requiring quick clarifications, you should also provide online chat options. You can use chatbots to achieve this or have a live chat function. Adding a comments section also allows you to be reachable and respond to visitor views creating a connection with your audience.

For every contact option, ensure that you have clear and short CTAs. This directs the readers on what to do and expect. For example, call us for consultation, click here to chat, or send us an email.


Your website gives your law firm a representation on the internet. However, its presence doesn’t naturally mean it will get you the necessary online traffic. It’s essential to make it readable and mobile-friendly to make it a winning website and increase its traffic. Additionally, give precise details of your firm on the homepage while also making it easy to navigate.


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