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How To And Why Include Chatbots In Web Design

Web design is an incredibly complex process as it consists of numerous elements that each take up a lot of time to deal with. These may include aspects like encryption, speed, and navigation. As a result, not many people can spend time on features that aren’t commonly seen on a website but are otherwise helpful in web design. Chatbots are the perfect example of this.

What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is a program designed to help the users of a platform or application by simulating conversations with the user and answering their queries, hence the name.

The idea has been around for a long time, although it’s becoming a lot more prevalent on the internet these days. And as you may imagine, the concept is pretty clever as it helps your visitors have a better experience on your platform. However, it’s worth noting that implementing chatbots can be tricky as they make use of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML).

Nevertheless, it’s a feature that you’d certainly want in your web design plans. If you intend to do just that, you may want to look into a software development company in Dallas like Ideas2IT.

Potential Benefits Of Chatbots To A Website

With the definition alone, it’s easy to deduce that chatbots have a massive potential for web design and can be highly advantageous when paired with the right strategy. So what exactly are their benefits?

Users Can Send Their Queries Anytime

One of the most apparent benefits of chatbots is that your users can send their queries on your platform anytime as the chatbot is available around the clock. Apart from that, it’s known to respond instantaneously. Both of those factors can go a long way in improving user experience, which is crucial if you want to retain your user base.

Answers Are Often Consistent

One problem with virtual human assistants is that their answers may be inconsistent, leading to confusion for users. Responses from chatbots, however, are consistent.

Interactions Are Recordable

Although it’s not always the case, you have the option to record the interactions between the chatbot and the user. With this recording, you can gather a considerable amount of information, which can come in handy in the right circumstances. For example, it allows you to use the recording as evidence in case someone files a lawsuit against you.

E-Commerce Websites Can Drastically Increase Sales

Chatbots can drastically increase sales—such is the testimony of numerous business leaders. To be more specific, business leaders claim that their sales have increased by an average of 67%. If you’re running an e-commerce website, a chatbot is a must-have in your web design blueprints.

Human Agents Are No Longer As Necessary

While it’s still advisable to have human agents in certain circumstances, having a chatbot on your website significantly reduces the need to hire them. This can potentially reduce your expenses as well, which you can then spend on other important matters such as the site’s cybersecurity, aesthetics, or programming.

With these benefits, you’d assume that webmasters would be eager to include chatbots in their web design, but that’s often not the case. Much like how they have their benefits, chatbots also carry downsides, which prevent webmasters from utilizing their potential to the fullest. One particular drawback is that not many people can program or develop an AI suitable for chatbots.

But as you may already know, the internet has already developed at a rapid pace. Hence, technologies that can help you take advantage of chatbots now exist, and you can use them accordingly.

Best Practices For Chatbot Implementation

Many people believe that chatbot implementation is nearly impossible for small websites, but you don’t have to own a large company and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.

With the right strategy, you can carry out the implementation, too, and this section will focus on that aspect of chatbots. Here are some pointers if you want to include chatbots in your web design blueprint:

Install The Chatbot In Your Existing Live Chat Software

Certain software should have built-in bot languages, which would allow you to develop the bot more easily.

Look For A Chatbot Widget On Your Web Hosting Platform

Due to the prevalent of chatbots, you’ll find web hosting platforms with built-in chatbot plugins available to their users. Simply use this widget so you don’t have to develop the bot from scratch.

Hire Skilled Individuals For The Project

If you plan on building it from scratch, consider hiring programmers online as they’re likely to have more experience than the ones you can find by printing out and putting up job ad posters.

Final Words

While it does make sense to include chatbots in web design, take note that not all websites need a chatbot. For example, if your website doesn’t provide goods or services and is purely for information, a FAQs page should be enough to answer your users’ queries. But if that’s not the case, then a chatbot would certainly be of some use to your customers.

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