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How to Design a Travel-Oriented Matchmaking Site

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Nowadays the whole world is ours to explore, so many people spend vacations traveling. Some even turn traveling into a way of living. In both cases, people like traveling with a romantic partner. It makes all the experiences better. Those preferring to stay single seek dates while traveling. That led to the birth of a new niche in online dating – traveling. Not long ago, travel-oriented matchmaking sites weren’t a thing because young people didn’t travel as much as today. Designing and leading a matchmaking site for travelers is still a great business idea. However, there are some big fish in the pond, so new sites have to grow fast. This article will include tips on marketing too. Read carefully; it’ll save you time later.

Why Focus on Traveling in Website Design?

Sometimes designers and website owners can’t decide what the focus of the site should be. If it’s a matchmaking site, logically, dating should be the main focus. But that’s not true in practice. And it’s also a mistake from a marketing viewpoint. Instead of making it salesy about meeting new people and getting dates, the site’s design should focus on traveling. After all, it’s a site for travelers. They want to be sure everybody they meet on the site is into traveling. When they see the site full of travel-related articles, texts, and photos, it becomes clear they’ll feel at home there. Travelers want to exchange stories from their journeys. And plan new ones with potential partners they meet online. This is why a well-established travel dating site isn’t focus solely on connecting single travelers. It also provides useful information to its visitors in a clear way because of the elegant design. Designers made sure visitors knew they’re on the travel-oriented dating site from the first second. That filters potential members before they decide to register, which creates a healthy, like-minded community on the site. Attracting only the target audience is great for marketing, but more details about that are below.

How to Target a Dating Site to a Travel Topic

Most successful business websites fail for the same reasons. One of the reasons is missing the target audience. Having a dating site for travelers without any travelers is the same as having an aquarium without fish. Raising awareness about the site among travelers is the way to attract them. They may not join on the same day. Some won’t join at all. But many will. And they’ll tell their friends about it. If a site does a good job, it will have the best marketing team any business can get. An army of satisfied clients. However, to get there, the site has to offer real value and be simple to use. Here are 5 tips for creating such a site.

Don’t Let the Members Guess About Anything

The bounce rate on sites that don’t let visitors know what to expect from the moment they enter is usually very high. One way around showing what the site is about from the start is sparking curiosity, but that’s not advisable on matchmaking sites for travelers. They want to be sure they’re in the right place. And they want to feel like it’s not their first time there. Achieving that is difficult but possible by choosing romantic traveling website templates and having a clear design. Everybody should know how to use the site without guessing where features or important pages are.

Don’t Confuse Potential Clients

Details are the difference between great and bad UX. The style of navigation on the site plays an important role there. Without intuitive navigation, it isn’t easy to gather many satisfied members. They’ll go away and seek sites where finding chat isn’t a quest for Indiana Jones. But the worst part of bad UX is confusing buttons and copy. If a person can’t be sure how the matchmaking on the site works, they won’t become premium members. But even worse are sites with seemingly modern features but awful designs. Singles get confused while playing matchmaking games or visiting profiles of other members. Providing clear and short instructions is the first step. The second step is features that work as described in those instructions. Instructions don’t have to pop up in the middle of the site. Interlinking them somewhere on the page or having a “Help” button somewhere is enough. Chatbots are next level for most new services, so we’ll leave them out for now.

Have Beautiful UI Design

We all like to say that looks don’t matter. Yet the most beautiful countries get the most tourists. The most beautiful girls on online dating sites get the most messages. We order the most visually appealing dishes in restaurants. Appearance matters. But designers know that already. Every decent designer knows he has only a couple of seconds to make the first impression. Design of the site is the first thing potential clients notice after entering. If it looks outdated, cheap, or suspicious, travelers won’t stay on the site long.

Create a Responsive Site if There Won’t Be an App

When was the last time you stayed on the site that made you scroll left and right on the mobile phone? For most people, that moment happened years ago because responsive sites exist for years. And of course, for the category of people, like travelers, who are often on the road, it is more convenient to use mobile devices to access sites. The best design and features won’t pay off if the site is practically useless on smartphones.

Include Travel-Related Matchmaking Feature

A matchmaking algorithm that can connect members based on their favorite destinations is a niche trick that brings results. Someone from the USA planning to visit Brazil has to check the filter and see only those local members who’d like to visit Brazil. Or to see only singles living at the destination in Brazil. Use that to speed up the matchmaking process on the dating site.

Ways of Marketing a Travel Matchmaking Site

Here are some more tips for the end. Design without marketing doesn’t mean much, so we’ll list tips for gaining members on travel matchmaking sites:

  • writing blog posts to rank for relevant keywords;
  • getting high-quality backlinks (guest posts on traveling portals, guides, etc.);
  • working with traveling influencers;
  • investing in PPC and SMM;
  • gifting free premium membership through lottery on social media or newsletter.

Armed with these few essential tips for creating a travel dating site, you can plan the milestones for developing your website and move towards that goal.


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