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How To Increase Your Dating Site Traffic With 7 Web Design Tips


Just like architecture, web designing is not solely about choosing fonts and palettes. Web designers have a bigger business to ensure all the features and experiences make users’ lives easier. You know how colors, layout, and fonts have a lot to do with branding. And a good branding strategy builds trust.

Many people already had their online dating websites built but are unsure how to drive traffic and lessen bounce rate. These 7 web design tips are successful in turning lookers into subscribers.

Registration Landing Page Should Only Take a Couple of Clicks to Fill

People are hooked by a straightforward sign-up form that is usually a dating site offer. Why? Because the registration for new users should be straight to the point and take minutes to complete, not half an hour. People like it because it saves time. And time is money. A lot of users are held back in doubt by complicated questionnaires that take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

How many times have you bounced off the wall when discovering a new online dating site only to realize that the sign-up form is ridiculously long, and you close the tab 5 seconds later? Getting someone to sign up for your dating website is the hardest part when it comes to designing a dating site that sells, because the first impression speaks the loudest.

When it comes to casual dating online, it’s better to let dating seekers do things quickly on a dating website as they believe online dating should be easy and convenient. Life is already hard, so a sign-up page that digs into too many sensitive details they are trying to cover won’t work.

An email address, username and password are enough to get started. Or even better, they can sign up using their existing account on Facebook or Google. This step will make life a lot easier because their dating journey is only one click away. And when a person already gains access to the site and is interested in viewing profiles, they will be ready to answer more detailed questions for matchmaking and finding a partner.

Professional web designs know that a long sign-up form that looks like a work application fails. Other must-have information such as profile picture, body traits, career, and dating preferences can be filled out later.

Video Feed and Call Help Fool-Proof User’s Insecurity

Images speak louder than words, but videos speak the loudest.

When people start dating online, they hate scams and robots. This is especially important when looking for casual dating and quick meetups when there is not much time to get to know each other. A successful web designer avoids stirring a gust of doubt in users’ minds about whether or not the girl they are talking to is real. Therefore, they will give them a tool. And that’s how video feed and video calls come into play.

While your competitors are burning time and money in showing flash or animated images, you take the lead in the market by letting users show videos on their feed and video call each other.

Loyal fans, fertile subscriptions.

Bliss Point – Make Them Crave for More

We call it a bliss point. This means web developers will give users a free membership at first, but just enough to keep them asking for more.

For example, a free user can sneak a peek of other members’ pictures like a profile photo plus one or two more. If they want more than just that, they can upgrade their membership to Premium for full access to features, videos, and benefits.

Mobile-Friendly Design Wins

Today, it seems like everyone on the street glues their eyes to the little screen. That’s why the best way is to shape the dating web design in favor of phone users because it is convenient to look for casual dates on the go, using any free minute.

Modern CMS allows web developers to play around with different fonts and sizes to make their websites more accessible and viewable across different devices.

Responsive web design is the apple of Google’s eyes. It automatically pushes mobile-first indexing to agree with Google Search Console. Those people who score higher on Google see traffic flush into their dating websites.

Your Dating Site Should Be Decluttered Because People Hate Waiting

Speeding load time is a survival tip to increase traffic and bounce rate. If users wait over 3 seconds for a page to appear, they will spend money elsewhere.

Decluttering a website is easy. You can do it yourself and don’t have to pay top dollars for it.

There are tools to truncate image files. These tools optimize your images to a smaller size but still appear with high resolution. This will make more space on the bandwidth, and your website will load faster.

Sweep away unused plugins. These are like hard rocks that pull your website to the ground. Every time a user loads something on your website, it has to load all of your plugins. A great website will get rid of these things.

Testing your web host is another great way. This can take time, but if the host is untrustworthy, there are other ways to switch to something new that agrees with faster load times.

Dating Blog’s Traffic Will Drive Traffic

A dating blog is a great way to increase traffic from Google search to your landing pages. It also increases brand awareness and directs users’ attention.

When your users search for some tips to impress your partner on the first date, they stumble on your blog article, and they like it. That’s how they are impressed, and these users will develop a certain level of trust in your brand.

All of your blog posts should be SEO-friendly and reader-centered. Traffic will flush into landing pages if you know how to map all links back to high conversion pages.

Social Share Buttons Will Increase Bounce Rate

Social share buttons on your dating website are essential. They are usually displayed alongside dating blog posts. This is where users and readers can spread the word without leaving your site. This means the website receives more time on and page and less bounce rate from readers.

You can also choose to use some directory buttons to App Store or Google Play if you have developed a dating app to redirect users to the dating ecosystem that you created.

The Bottom Line

These 7 web design tips help you stay in line with your branding strategy and impress users. They are easy to tackle and essential to help you map out a greater marketing strategy.

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