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Top Tips for Building Your Business’ Website

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One of the first tools you will likely turn to when thinking about promoting your new business is setting up a website.

A website allows your potential customers to browse your products and learn about you and your business all in one location.

Therefore, it is important that when you start setting up your website, you get it right the first time and ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of success.

So, here are our top tips for building your website for your business.

Leverage Intent SEO

If you’ve done any research into website building or marketing already, then it’s likely that you will have come across search engine optimization.

But why is it so important?

Well, SEO can be the difference between your website getting lost in the sea of competition or standing out above the rest and being the one that new customers turn to and visit.

However, for those who are unfamiliar with it, it can be difficult to get your head around. If you find yourself lacking the necessary time to invest into learning this tool, then we recommend hiring an SEO freelancer, or another individual who works with companies as an independent contractor, to assist you.

In doing this, you will ensure that you do not waste your money on this resource.

Focus on Branding

Your website will be a great place to showcase who you are and what your company is about.

Therefore, it is important to focus on ensuring that your brand is visible and obvious on every single page of your site.

This could be as simple as sticking to a pre-established color scheme, rather than using any color you find in a pre-built template.

Also, if you have a company logo, ensure you include it at the top of the pages so that it is easily visible at every turn. Doing so will solidify your branding with your customers and continuously establish exactly who you are.

Implement Calls to Action


So, you have managed to get a potential customer to your site. Now what? Well, you need to be thinking about calls to action. These are powerful tools when it comes to promoting engagement with your brand and website, and they are incredibly easy to utilize once you understand them.

For example, if you have written an information article about a particular product or an article that explains a frequently asked question about something, why not include a section at the bottom that points the reader to where they could buy something from your site which would help them further?

Or perhaps you could point them in the direction of your social media/mailing list to get frequent, helpful updates about the industry you are talking about? These are great ways to promote engagement, so it is crucial that you think about what you would like your readers to do once they have finished engaging with a certain page of your website and include a step on how they can get there.

Include Navigation Tools

For customers, as is the case with you as a business owner, time is precious, which means there is nothing more frustrating than a website which is difficult to navigate. Therefore, ensure that you put the necessary tools in place to solve this problem for them.

For example, when a customer lands on your home page, are they able to click one button to take them to a particular product category or are they required to navigate a series of different pages in order to find it?

We recommend taking the time to test this feature yourself once you have implemented it. Write down a random page of your site that you think customers will frequently visit and time how long it takes you to get there from the home page.

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