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Pros and Cons of a Highly Detailed Website Design

Today, many people look for information about products and services online before they actually make a purchase. The development and growing availability of the Internet have only reinforced this trend.

Try to remember when you have bought something which cost over $20 without surfing the web first. We bet you’ll have to think before you’ll find something.

Companies, in their turn, understand the importance of their web presence and invest in it a lot. Web development, online advertising, social media marketing – all of it is done to ensure customers can easily find them online. For example, an essay writing service that provides help with essay is obliged to enhance their web design regularly to meet the growing needs of their clients.

Therefore, the question of website design and development is quite common for any company involved in sales. But, as you know, it’s far from being an easy one. With many different design requirements, standards, and criteria, companies often find it hard to make up their mind what design they really need to draw visitors’ attention and convert them into customers.

Some of them bet on highly detailed website design and really benefit from this choice. Others claim that detailed designs do more harm than good. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of highly detailed website design so that business owners could make an informed decision.


Unlike many other reviews on this topic, we decided to focus on drawbacks first. This will allow companies to calculate the costs and determine whether the pros of having a highly detailed website design prevail over cons in their particular case.

So, a highly detailed website design loses to regular designs because it:

Fits Specific Audiences

The more detailed the website design is, the more it is tailored to the needs of a specific targeted audience. In other words, while some people will find these details amazing, others are likely to feel that their needs were ignored.

Therefore, small companies targeting large demographics may find a highly detailed website more of a drawback rather than a minimalistic one. At the same time, businesses specializing in B2B or luxury market sales may actually win by providing customized, highly detailed website designs to their key accounts.

The decision of whether to add more details or not is always tricky. Analyze your target audience to conclude what kind of website they really expect to see.

Requires Thorough Market Research

Any web design requires market research and competitor analysis. However, in the case of a highly detailed one, you have to do major work. Placing an emphasis on details will always showcase you as a professional. Whether it is a web design or anything else, should you make a mistake, this can damage your reputation.

Thus, before creating a highly detailed web design with lots of extra features, make sure to study those who’ll use it. Try to understand their moods and needs before you go into specifics. Detailed web designs should not seem overwhelming in any way. If it’s so detailed that it’s no longer appealing, this might be a bad choice.

Needs More Funds

You should be getting into highly detailed website design creation only if you know exactly why you need it and if you are ready to invest in it. Careful research and analytics that precede the hard work of web designers and developers are usually paid high.

There is nothing cheap about designing a website. It’s often the first thing millions of visitors face before they find out more about a company. Creating a highly detailed web design, obviously, is quite costly as well.

Again, for some companies, this step is justified. Others can do without detailed designs.


If you are here, it means that your decision to create a highly detailed design for your company’s website is solid. So, a highly detailed website design offers the following benefits:

Be Informative

If you offer products that meet the needs of certain groups of customers, detailed websites may actually help them interact with your business. They usually look for more information and specific features, and you can offer them starting from your website.

In case it’s two different audiences that you target, lots of web development platforms offer a feature called a child theme. It allows you to change the way your website appears to different visitors. Such a trick can help you shift between detailed and fancy website designs to target the right audience.

Ensures Greater Quality

For professionals and specialists who’ll visit your website, the details you include in it help judge your business and its professionalism. How you present the information, how you help visitors navigate, and how they feel using your website – all of it influences clients’ decisions concerning your business.

Thus, detailed websites, if done by professionals, usually mean greater quality. It draws people and appeals to them, helping you grow the customer base.

Automatically Switches Intuitive Design On

Obviously, a detailed website design should not, in any case, be vague or hard-to-use. If it’s quality that we talk about here, UI/UX design must be as intuitive as possible. Quite often, when it comes to user experience and interface, a high-quality, detailed design strives to perfect it to the highest degree.

Offers Unique Layout and Visual Treatment

The less detailed websites are, the more alike they become. Today, however, customers look for something unique and appealing. They all expect customized options, ease of use, and other features that will make a website stand out. All of it is only possible if you choose to proceed with a highly detailed website design.

Finally, Great Designs Help Build Brands

Having said all of that, detailed website designs usually help businesses gain their face. Its icons, features, and navigation combined with colors, fonts, and style make clients remember the website they visited. If you pay attention to details, high chances are that you’ll get more clients.

Websites with their unique designs help build brands and grow brand awareness. Depending on what stage your business is now and how much money you have to invest in website design, you should make a decision whether it’s the right time to go into details.

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